Are you a rabid Big Brother fan? Love watching the Big Brother Live Feeds every season for all the behind-the-scenes action and drama you don’t get to see on TV? Do you have your Twitter feed primed and ready to be flooded with #BB18 updates? One last question… Do you love to write or post on Twitter and would be totally hyped to be part of the Big Brother Access team this summer?

Join our Big Brother 18 team!

We are currently recruiting for active Big Brother 18 tweeters and bloggers for the 2016 season. All contributors chosen for the team will have 3 months of their CBS All Access/Big Brother Live Feeds subscription covered. We ask that you please sign up through our link here or one of our banners to help support the site if you do not already have a subscription. Thank you!

Plus, we will be providing small bonuses to the most active and dedicated contributors throughout the summer! You invest your precious time in helping out the Big Brother Access team, and we’ll work to have your back with a bit of extra moolah. (Bonuses will be awarded by the editor each month based on contributions during the previous month, and will depend entirely on what the site makes this summer beyond operating costs.)

Many Big Brother fan sites use volunteers shamelessly without giving them anything at all in return. We don’t like that one bit!

In addition to Live Feeds reimbursement and bonuses to our most active contributors, all Big Brother Access Team members:

  • will be featured on our staff page as contributing writers or social media ambassadors
  • can promote their own personal social media accounts and/or blogs in their posts and on Twitter
  • gain valuable experience in entertainment writing and/or social media
  • can use their contributions to BBA as resume builders
  • can request professional recommendations from the editor via email or for their page

If you are interested in writing about Big Brother 18 on our site, or Tweeting about #BB18 this summer, please check out our requirements below and send in your name, contact info and Twitter feed handle (if applicable) to

Big Brother Access Team Requirements:

  • Writers and Tweeters must be at least 18 and live in the United States.
  • Must have or be willing to sign up for CBS All Access Pass for June 23rd through the finale of Big Brother 18. (Cost for your 3 months of Live Feeds will be reimbursed at the end of the season.)
  • Must watch Big Brother 18 on CBS consistently to be aware of what is going on during the show.
  • Must have a PayPal account in order to receive payment for Live Feeds and any earned monthly bonuses.
  • Tweeters must have a history of tweeting about Big Brother on their personal Twitter feed, or be willing to post example tweets on their feed as demonstration.
  • Tweeters must be willing to sign on for at least four hours per week of Big Brother Live Feeds or CBS TV show coverage. (But we understand Real Life is priority and sometimes you might miss your shift/s.) The more you tweet, however, the more likely you may earn bonuses.
  • Writers must be willing to submit a sample post of at least 300 words assigned to them about Big Brother 18.
  • Writers must be willing to submit at least one post or daily Live Feeds recap each week. Deadlines will be important please!
  • Writers do not need to have experience posting in WordPress, but it would be very helpful.

** Special Note: We strive to keep our coverage on Twitter and in our posts unbiased and family friendly. No foul language, derogatory comments about Houseguests or fans, or blatant favoritism for any contestant will be tolerated. Any personal issues with fans or other team members should be handled by email to the editor ONLY. We have a one warning policy. Two strikes, and you’re out!

Ready to join the team? Contact us right now at!