Welcome to Big Brother 18 winners and losers Week 4 with Big Brother Dork. Let’s do a quick recap of what’s happened on the CBS show so far this week. Bronte went home, Paulie won HoH again (Bridgette, Frank and Michelle) are all safe this week. Paulie nominated Natalie and Tiffany. Tiffany won the Roadkill and nominated Corey.


A lot more has been going on behind the scenes on the Big Brother Live Feeds if you want to check out the latest spoilers, but for the purposes of our list here, we’ll try not to spoil anything in specific that hasn’t been seen on the show yet.


1. Frank- Frank is saved again. I am 100% Team Frank which is against the norm but completely okay. Paulie should have thrown the competition if he really wanted to evict Frank this week so something fishy is going on. Frank is making new alliances which could help him get out a new enemy this week.

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2. Zakiyah- This girl is floating under everybody’s radar. She has no enemies, no blood on her hands and is part of the Eight Pack if it still exists. She might make all the right moves eventually and could win this game.

2. James- James is playing another great game. I would have loved to see him win last year. This is a real chance at redemption. James and Frank are the 2 returnees I am rooting for.


1. Paulie- this is going to shock some people. Why would the HoH winner this week be a “loser”? He is playing the same game Frank did the first time around. Winning tons of competitions way too early. He is going to be a quick target as soon as a non Eight Pack member wins HoH.

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2. Tiffany- Back on the block this week. Natalie isn’t much of a threat. It is going to be tough for her to stay again. She may have won Roadkill but I’m not sure Cory is a big enough threat to keep her a threat. Crazier things have happened though.

3. Da’Vonne- She is back at making drama in the house again. I didn’t like her in BB16 and I am not a fan once again. I don’t believe she is long for this game. She will probably go home after the returning evictee comes back.

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