Welcome to Big Brother Winners and Losers Week 3. Here is a quick recap of what happened since my last list. Victor Arroyo was unsurprisingly evicted on Thursday night. Bridgette Dunning won the Head of Household competition.

Big Brother Live Feeds Frank and Bridgette

*Frank Eudy made the nominees of Paul Abrahamian and Tiffany Rousso, Frank won the Road Kill again and nominated Bronte D’Aquisto. I put a star next to Frank’s name because even though Bridgette was HoH, he has made all of the decisions for her.

Here are my picks for Winners and Losers Week 3:


1. Frank Eudy: This will be a controversial pick for many fans. He is pretty much doing whatever he wants and wins competitions to go with it. He has his eyes set on Tiffany this week and I am hoping that she goes home as well.

Big Brother Live Feeds Frank

2. Zakiyah Everette: This girl continues to run under the radar. She is friends with all the right people. She placed herself inside the Eight Pack alliance has made zero enemies. I do need to see her win some competitions and a HoH.


3. Paul Abrahamian: This is another controversial pick but who cares. I don’t think he will go home this week. He distanced himself from Victor last week which is what he needed to do. I think he sticks around for a while and surviving last week helped him a lot.

Big Brother Live Feeds Paul


1. Frank Eudy: yes he is already on the list but beyond this week he is in a ton of trouble. His only chance of surviving long in this house is; a) team security sticking around b) paulie doesnt go anywhere and c) frank continues to win competitions. He got in trouble with Da’Vonne this week and is really making the women angry.


2. James Huling: I loved James at the beginning of this season even though he is a returner. Even though he is in the Eight Pack Alliance he doesn’t seem to have many friends beyond Natalie and a showmance with her will be his downfall. He is probably an early Jury member.

Big Brother James Huling

Bridgette and Michelle: Floaters grab a life vest. Yes floaters can also be HoH and Bridgette is one of the worst. She is allowing Frank to run everything this week and she truly has zero game play. Michelle has been completely invisible this season and sometimes I forget she is on the show. Another Victoria like player that will probably make it very far because she is zero threat to anybody.

Big Brother Episode Sunday

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