Welcome to Big Brother Winners and Losers week two! A lot has happened since my last piece and there’s a ton to talk about. Quick recap; Jozea went home, Paulie became HOH and nominated Paul and Bronte. Victor won the Road Kill competition and nominated Tiffany for eviction. (And a few more spoilers from the Live Feeds not aired on the CBS show yet, if you want to check those out here.)

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds 4

Here are my winners and losers. I want it to be known that I hate the Battle Back twist because I am 100% against returning players. If you get voted out go home and watch on the couch.


1. Paulie: He joined the returners and helped form the Eight Pack. The newbies ran by Paul tried to get him voted out last week which didn’t work and now he has all the power. He is doing good job playing his own game out of the shadows of his brother.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household

2. Da’Vonne: I’m not a fan of hers but she is playing a much better game this time around. She is aligning with all the right people and is moving up the power rankings. I’d like to see her win a couple of competitions coming up.

3. Zakiyah: At first she was at the bottom of my list of people to watch this summer. She snuck into the Eight Pack and is in great shape.


 1. Victor: Not only is he a bad game player but he isn’t acting very smart. He has no clue for the history of Big Brother and doesn’t seem to know how to keep his mouth shut. He’s made himself a big target for eviction this week.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household

2. Tiffany: At the beginning she seemed to align herself with the right people but she isn’t very good at making friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiffany were to go home this week either. Anything can happen.

3. Paul: Paul has found himself on the block twice now. Fortunately for him it has been against bigger targets and a win for him at the Veto competition last week. Eventually he might be the #1 target and find himself talking to Julie on Thursday night soon.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2016 1

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