Paul Abrahamian has controlled every aspect of Big Brother 19 this season, but is there a houseguest that can finally see that Paul’s choices aren’t necessarily the best for everyone? Josh Martinez, often viewed as the dunce of the Big Brother house, is in a position to finally stir some things up inside the game. The question remains…will any houseguest, Josh included, step out from underneath the shadow of Paul and make a gameplay against his Big Brother 19 wishes?

big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

We start out just after Christmas Abbott nominates Alex Ow and Jason Dent to the block for eviction. Although Jalex (Jason and Alex) have been told that they are merely pawns in the plan to backdoor Kevin Schlehuber this week, Jason is still quite leary about his position in the Big Brother 19 house. Jason suspects that he is the target, and Paul is merely playing stupid and pretending he has no idea what’s going on inside the Big Brother 19 house. True, true, and true.

Paul has been such a solid mastermind this season that he is even convincing houseguests that he is possibly the backdoor plan for the week. Was Alex really gullible enough to believe that story?

Alex is proving trustworthy to a fault. She has repeatedly claimed that she fully trusts Christmas this week. Christmas is doing her fair share of playing “pretty” this week with both Alex and Jason. She was able to completely convince Alex that Kevin was still the backdoor plan, but Jason still seems to have that gut feeling that something inside the Big Brother 19 house isn’t quite right.

Josh is 100 percent onto Paul’s gameplay: he is trying to do all that he can to wake up Christmas to the predicament that they are in right now. Ironically, when Josh tried to explain to Christmas that Paul’s plan will put blood on both of their hands, she dismissed him immediately. Josh has even compared Paul’s mastermind gameplay this season to Derrick Levasseur and Vanessa Rousso. Both played exceptional games within the past few seasons.

Bobby Moynihan vists Big Brother 19

At the Power of Veto player selection ceremony, all of the current houseguests will compete with the exception of Josh.  Now that the house is down to seven houseguests, only one has to sit out of this competition.  Other than the HOH and two block nominees, two players were randomly selected, and the final player was picked by Jason which was Paul.

Bobby Moynihan, Saturday Night Live veteran and star of the new CBS fall 2017 series Me, Myself, and I, visited the Big Brother 19 house. In addition to promoting his new CBS sitcom, Bobby hosted the POV competition this week titled ‘Slap, Punch, Kick.’

This POV competition pits the houseguests against one another in a memory sequence game. After six rounds, the houseguest with the highest score will be crowned with this week’s POV.  The comp goes down to the wire between Alex and Paul, who are tied. After a few tiebreaker rounds, Paul is victorious as the POV winner.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

After Paul wins the POV, Josh attempts to convince Paul and Christmas one last time not to use the POV this week. His argument is that if the POV is used, Paul will come out looking like the hero by pulling Alex off the block for eviction. On the contrary, Christmas and Josh will come out looking like the bad guys when Christmas replaces Alex’s spot on the block with Kevin.

At the POV meeting, as expected Paul used the power to take Alex off the block. Against Josh’s wishes, Christmas renominated Kevin to the block for eviction. She played the angle that he was the only person in the Big Brother 19 house that has not been on the block yet.

Did she forget about her buddy Paul has also never seen the block yet in Big Brother 19 ?

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin was immediately suspicious as to why he was put on the block for eviction, even though he is not the target. Josh made a diary room remark that he could possibly change things up this week.

Would the he goes as far as to vote out Kevin instead of Jason? We will have to wait and see.

Tune in tonight for the latest Big Brother 19 live eviction results with a live double eviction twist. Then join us again tomorrow morning for a recap of all the exciting and dramatic moments.

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