Yesterday, the Big Brother 19 live eviction rocked the house. A few players found themselves on the bottom, while others edged closer to the finals. Alex Ow was shocked to see her closest ally, Jason Dent, walk out the Big Brother 19 doors. She comp beasted her way to safety, but then made a fatal error. Alex nominated Raven Walton and Kevin Schlehuber, instead of those who betrayed her.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

This move left Alex with no hope but to win this week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition. Josh Martinez as the current Head of Household plans to try to finally eliminate Alex from the game.

Before Josh can evict Alex, he must decide how he wants to approach nominating her. Alex is a strong force in the game, and she could make or break Josh’s Big Brother 19 legacy. If he evicts her without warning, she will be angry and work to turn the Big Brother jury against him. Alex has basically lost any trust and respect among the current jurors, but she may have enough pull to cause some doubts, at least with Raven and Matthew Clines.

If Josh warns Alex ahead of time, this may spark a fire and cause her to fight hard for this week’s Power of Veto. We already know that this Veto will be the usual BBComics. This means the Big Brother 19 houseguests will have to use both mental and physical strengths to win it.

Of the final five, Alex has the best competitive streak, even better than Paul Abrahamian. She could easily pull off the win, and definitely will fight for it if she knoww that she is in danger.

So who did Josh nominate this Big Brother 19 week?



Josh nominated Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber for eviction. Now one of them needs to win the Power of Veto, or either could go home.

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