All the Big Brother 19 houseguests are still trying to figure out what exactly to do this week. With Elena Davies and Jessica Graf both remaining on the Big Brother 19 block, it makes it even more conflicting for the houseguests to pick between two major targets. Josh Martinez started the week firmly on team ‘get Elena out.’ He had already started to garner support for that perspective as well.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez

However, as we get closer to eviction, Josh and others start to see Jessica as too tempting of an option not to eliminate this Big Brother 19 week. We expect to see a lot of flip flopping before someone walks out those Big Brother 19 doors on Thursday.

Early Morning Chats

Big Brother Kevin Schlehuber and Alex Ow

Kevin Schlehuber made another attempt to get Cody Nickson on his side. He once again brought up the idea of him protecting Cody once Jessica leaves. Cody asked him if there was a way to keep Jessica in the house this week. Kevin said that he didn’t know if that’s possible, but he won’t vote out her this week.

Cody needed to secure two or three other votes to keep Jessica safe.

Later, Jessica and Cody discussed nomination options if Cody wins Head of Household. She encouraged him to wreck havoc by going Evel Dick style in the Big Brother 19 house. Jessica warned Cody about not making it personal, only to use strategic warfare on the houseguests.

Jason Dent and Kevin discussed using Cody to go after Raven Walton, Matt Clines, and Mark Jansen. They wanted to see those players as the next few targets.

Gathering Votes

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Despite the fact that Christmas Abbott hurt Jessica’s chances of winning the Power of Veto, she still seems to want Elena out the house more than her. Josh and Christmas worked simultaneously on Alex Ow and Jason. They tried to convince them both that taking out Elena was the best option.

Of course, Alex and Jason both offered reasons why Jessica needed to go first, especially with jury starting next week.

Meanwhile, Christmas and Josh have figured out that Paul Abrahamian is playing all sides of the Big Brother 19 house. Christmas mentioned not caring as long as he protects her in the Big Brother game.

The pair also spoke about only keeping Jessica if they make a deal with her and Cody to keep them safe next week. By the end of the day, Josh ended up flipping to getting Jessica out the house instead of Elena this week.

Josh also settled on using Raven as a pawn when Mark uses the Veto on himself today.

A Rat in the House

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Elena Davies

The night took a crazy turn when Elena and Paul decided to do really dramatic makeup. Raven also saw a rat, a literal one.

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