Throughout the Big Brother 19 game, Jason Dent has shown signs that he may not be as clueless as the other houseguests. However, every time he starts to speak logically, and develop some game strategy, his Big Brother partner Alex Ow shuts him down. Jason seemed like Alex’s loyal minion, just as much as she is Paul Abrahamian’s loyal follower. This weekend, Jason shocked the Big Brother 19 fan community by not caving into Paul or Alex’s demands.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent annd Paul Abrahamian

Jason and Kevin Schlehuber have had a close relationship all Big Brother season. Their bond only began to break when Paul planted seeds that Kevin couldn’t be trusted. At first, Jason refused to believe Paul’s claims, especially his claims that Kevin won the $25,000 and only told Paul and Josh Martinez about it.

Eventually, Jason began to believe Paul, but he still didn’t want to betray Kevin. Alex and Paul devised a plan to convince Raven Walton and Matt Clines that Kevin was Jason’s real target this week, and they would just go up as pawns. According to Paul, Kevin needed to be backdoored, despite his lack of competition wins. Alex and Paul also thought it was a good idea to put up Kevin as a replace nominee, no matter who won Veto, so that the house could keep Matt and Raven calm until eviction night.

When Jason won this week’s Power of Veto competition, Paul immediately changed his goal from evicting Matt to evicting Kevin. He proposed this plan to the others, and they agreed. However, when Paul tried to present his plan to Jason, it didn’t go over as well.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton, Matt clines, and Paul Abrahamian

Jason refused to nominate Kevin. His refusal angered both Paul and Alex, who claimed Kevin was sketchy and that Jason’s decision was hurting their games. It lead to a major disagreement between Alex and Jason on Saturday night. Despite their best efforts, Jason refused to nominate Kevin.

Yesterday, houseguests once again tried to make Jason remove Raven from the block and put up Kevin. He stuck by his decision to keep nominations the same. We know Paul will not be happy about Jason going against his wishes.

This will make him an even bigger target for Paul. Additionally, Paul may not even get his way between evicting Matt or Raven. Clearly he wants Raven to stay over her showmance partner, but the house is starting to get really aggravated by her. So much so, they want her out more than Matt this week.

Last night, he swiftly shifted the target back to Matt. However, if Raven continues to bug houseguests, Paul may completely lose control of this week’s votes.

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