Big Brother 20-Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Clark, 30

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.

Current City: Tempe, Ariz.

Occupation: Pro Football Player

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, positive and athletic.

Favorite Activities: Playing sports, working out and personal development.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? I would have to say learning to trust strangers and maybe knowing the fact that you will have people talking behind your back and try to be shady. Other than that, I adapt pretty well wherever I am.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? I liked Cody, just because he was different and such a bad ass. He went against the grain when everyone else in the house wanted to follow Paul because he was a previous cast member. Cody was a competition beast. I mean the only thing I would say is he could have had a better social game.

Do you have a strategy for winning the game? My strategy to win the game is to use my social skills to my advantage. I am a big time people person. I also want to be as honest as possible in the game. I am a loyal person in real life and I want to stick to that as much as i can. I also don’t want to seem too much of a threat from the very beginning where then I become an immediate target. I’m also looking to align with some people where I feel the vibes are right and legit.

My life’s motto is… Think outside the box, take risks and never give up.

What would you take into the house and why?
• Pictures of my family (which I already know is not allowed) because they are my motivation.
• My Jordan sandals, because I don’t like to walk around the house barefoot or with just socks on.
• Pre-workout supplement so I can have that extra boost if needed!

Fun facts about yourself:
• My mother is Filipino and met my father in the Philippines while he was traveling in the NAVY.
• Was fiercely loyal to my first job in High School and worked at Smart & Final for 11 years.
• Moved to Scottsdale for a girl, then broke up after a few months living there, but ended up staying there and made a new life for myself!
Big Brother is the only TV show I watch and it’s my tradition with my dad.