The Big Brother 14 premiere is on! We’re here with you bringing you a live Big Brother 14 recap of the premiere episode of the new Big Brother 2012 season. After weeks of anticipation, wild rumors, awesome Big Brother spoilers, crazy leaks and more… we’re finally read to get on with our first Big Brother 14 recap. Are you with us? Let’s go!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about the premiere episode of Big Brother 2012. Please stop reading right now if you do not want to know what happened. You have been warned!

Twelve new Big Brother 14 cast houseguests moved into the new Big Brother 2012 house this past week to start the most drama-filled game on reality TV. Joining them this year in the Big Brother 14 cast will be four returning veteran players from previous seasons. They won’t however, be competing against the newbies like last year in Big Brother 13. Instead, CBS Big Brother says they will have their own game to play with their own separate prize.

This year, Big Brother 14 will air three nights a week on CBS as usual, with additional programming on Showtime and the Big Brother live feeds. Here’s a full schedule for your reference before we launch into tonight’s Big Brother 14 recap of the premiere episode.

Sundays: Big Brother on CBS (Nominations) – 8PM ET/PT
Wednesdays: Big Brother on CBS (Veto Competition & Veto Ceremony) – 8PM ET/PT
Thursdays: Big Brother on CBS (Live Eviction) – 9PM ET/PT
Nightly: Big Brother After Dark on Showtime – 12AM to 3AM ET/PT
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Now, on to our live Big Brother 14 premiere recap!

We have our first new big news from tonight’s episode! We have confirmation that one of the Big Brother 14 houseguests will be leaving the show tonight! Rumors have been that it will be Jodi Rollins, who was not seen on recently leaked Big Brother 14 live feed images. Bummer! No fair to have a houseguest gone before the show even gets going!

Ashley Iocco, Jodi Rollins, Frank Eudy and Wil Heuser are the first houseguests to enter the Big Brother 14 house. Ian Terry, Shane Meaney, Jenn Arroyo and Danielle Murphree are the second group to enter the house. Willie Hantz, Joe Arvin, Kara Monaco and JoJo Spatafora are the last houseguests to enter.

First up, of course, we have the usual ‘meet the houseguests’, which I will shorten for you here, but you can read full in-depth profiles on all of them here.

  • Ashley Iocco — 26, owner of a mobile spray tan company from Pittsburgh, Pa (living in West Hollywood, CA).
  • Danielle Murphree — 23, a nurse/model/aspiring actress from Grant, Ala (living in Tuscaloosa, Ala).
  • Frank Eudy — 28, unemployed from Marion, Ark (living in Naples, Fla). Son of wrestler Sid Vicious.
  • Ian Terry — 21, an engineering student from Pittsburgh, Pa (living in New Orleans, La).
  • Jenn Arroyo — 37, a musician from Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Jodi Rollins — 42, a restaurant server from Englewood, Colo (living in Calipatria, Calif).
  • Joe Arvin — 41, a chef/aspiring Reality TV god from Lexington, KY.
  • Jojo Spatafora –  26, a bartender/model/aspiring actress from Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Kara Monaco — 29, a model (and former Playboy Playmate) from Orlando, Fla (living in Los Angeles, Ca).
  • Shane Meaney — 26, a house flipper/fitness model/personal trainer from Bennington, Vt.
  • Wil Heuser — 24, a marketing consultant/entertainer & YouTube star from Louisville, KY .
  • Willie Hantz — 34, a tankerman/reality TV god wannabe and brother to Survivor’s Russell Hantz from Vinton, La (living in Dayton, Texas) .

The new Big Brother 14 cast are all in the house! The screaming is deafening. Wil thinks he and Frank can take over the game with their mutal combined hair. Danielle becomes the first BB14 houseguest of the new season to blatantly lie about her profession, saying she is a kindergarten teacher. Since her real profession (other than being a wannabe model) is a nurse, I have no idea WHY she would lie about that.

In a showmance possibility I had not even considered, Ashley actually thinks brainiac Ian is really cute. He, however, is all about Kara, who is so out of his league it isn’t even funny. Danielle, meanwhile, is all about Shane, which is a showmance in the making I did kind of see coming if he feels the same way.

The returning players are now entering the Big Brother 14 house! Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling, Big Brother 6 and 7 third place finalist Janelle Pierzina, Big Brother 12 fourth place finalist Britney Haynes, and Big Brother All-Stars winner Mike “Boogie” Malin. Woot woot!

At first the new houseguests are freaked out, but they are highly thrilled to find out the returning veterans will NOT be playing against them like last year on Big Brother 13. Each of the returning veterans will serve as coach mentors for a team of newbies and battle it out for their own prize. Whoever ends up as the Big Brother 14 winner, their mentor/coach will win $100,000.

Ian is a Survivor superfan and he has already pegged that Willie Hantz is related to Survivor villain Russell Hantz. Ian asks Willie if he is, but Willie denies it.

Apparently the veteran houseguests did not know who else would be returning for the new season – fun! Now they will each go around like they are playing kickball and select teams of newbies to coach for the reason of the summer. Mike Boogie and Janelle also notice that Willie Hantz might be related to THAT Hantz and they do not want him on their teams.

  • Britney’s Team: Shane, Willie & JoJo
  • Mike’s Team: Frank, Ian & Jenn
  • Janelle’s Team: Wil, Ashley, Joe
  • Dan’s Team: Kara, Danielle & Jodi

Host Julie Chen reminds all the Big Brother 14 houseguests that they did NOT receive keys to the Big Brother house this year, they received invitations. She announces there will be only eleven keys handed out and one of the players will be leaving tonight. One coach will then be at an immediate disadvantage with only two players.

We have the first Head of Household competition of the year and it is team against team. Each team will have to hop across a giant bed to collect teddy bears and it isn’t easy because the bed is twisting and turning the whole time.

Mike Boogie’s team scores their first bear. I feel for these people ever having to watch themselves doing this ridiculous stunt. So appropriate foreshadowing for the humiliation to come. Birtney’s team now has two bears. Dan’s team is just doing so badly they are totally out of the game.

JoJo finally pulls home the win for Britney’s team! Woohoo! Mike and Janell’s teams follow, and Dan’s team just ends up falling flat on their faces. Britney will pick the first Head of Household from her team and it will be…

Willie Hantz!

Britney understands that Willie is going to have to scheme and plot, get an alliance going and make some serious deals if he is going to get the bit “Hantz Family” target off his back. So good move there for Britney and Britney’s team.

Now Dan is going to have to pick someone from his team to go home. Dan thought Kara could be a strong player and she’s not in danger. Jodi argued that Danielle would be someone who would give up early. Danielle countered that Jodi would be a pot full of drama. Dan is making his decision and it looks like the Big Brother spoilers and rumors have been true… it will be…

Jodi Rollins leaving the Big Brother 14 house!

Damn, I was kind of looking forward to seeing how Jodi would play the game. How frustrating and terrible to go through the whole casting process, shut down your life in anticipation of spending the summer away from home, go all the way to Los Angeles, get sequestered, and then finally just end up being evicted before the game even really starts. Rotten luck for Jodi.

Stay tuned on the Big Brother 14 live feeds over the weekend to find out spoilers on the nominations, the alliances and more. Then on Sunday’s CBS episode, we’ll find out who the nominations are and there will be a new competition that gives someone a “new power.” Oooooo. We’ll be bringing you the latest dish right here on!


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