Yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds was a big day indeed as the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests scrambled to figure how the votes were going to fall in the first live evictions results show. Right up until just before the Big Brother 14 eviction results last night, it was still kind of of a guessing game who exactly would be going home. Read on for all the Big Brother 2012 spoilers from the live feeds to find out exactly how the vote in last night’s eviction came about.


This post contains Big Brother 2012 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Thursday, July 19. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:15 AM BBT

Veteran Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest and coach Mike ‘Boogie” Malin is up early again, talking to the cameras about how crazy the Big Brother live feeds have been the first week. He thinks his team player Ian Terry is about to find himself in the spotlight because of his photographic memory. He keeps talking to the camera about various game stuff for quite some time. He thinks about talking to everyone about nominated houseguest Kara Monaco living in the Playboy mansion. He says she’s always evading questions about herself.

10:15 AM BBT

Frank Eudy apologies to Jenn Arroyo for farting on her in bed the day before, causing her to declare — quite seriously it seemed — that she was going to vote against him at eviction. She accepts the apology but says it was disrespectful. Mike Boogie also comes in to apologize for missing several of the clues during the ‘burglar’ wake-ups the previous night when he slept right through them.

Jenn said it kind of sucked because the other coaches were helping their players study, and she thought he bailed because Ian was there memorizing things. Mike leaves and Frank apologizes again… on his knees. Man, he’s really worried about that eviction…

10:40 AM BBT

Kara corners Ashley Iocco in the storage room and again begs for her vote, saying Ashley promised she would vote to keep her from eviction. Kara is upset Wil won’t vote to keep her even though he is her friend. Kara starts crying because she thinks she is going home. Ashley says she just doesn’t know and she is going to talk to Wil.

10:45 AM BBT

Now Willie, Kara, and JoJo Spatafora are in the Storage Room. Kara says Ashley still doesn’t know who she is voting for even though last night she promised to vote against Frank. Willie says Wil hugged Ashley all day yesterday.

10:55 AM BBT

Willie talks to Ashley in the shoe room. Ashley again says she doesn’t know who she is voting for. She says Frank told her Willie said she was eating out of the palm of his hand. Willie says he is going to knock someone the f**k out and he is lying. Ashley says she was also told Willie is going to take JoJo to the final two, which Willie says is a lie too.

Ashley is angry Willie leaked they were working together. Willie says if Ashley doesn’t vote out Frank, it is over for her and there is no way she can win. Ashley said that is a really sh**ty thing to say. (Willie might just have screwed the pooch with this confrontation.) They go around some more and Ashley leaves after Kara comes in. Willie says people are lying wh**es in the house and he should piss in Frank’s bed.

11:10 AM BBT

Willie tells his team coach, Britney Haynes, that everyone is still lying about him. Willie is pissed off and he curses and acts like an ass. Britney tells him to chill the hell down, be quiet and stop being so hostile and angry. He says he is going to be the first person to knock someone out in the house.

11:25 AM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin talks to Kara in the Arcade Room, bitching about why he wants Willie out. Joe tells her he thinks she is safe at this point, but Kara doesn’t think so. Joe says the vote will be a tie and Willie will come in as the tiebreaker and vote Frank out. Kara thinks Ashley is going to vote against her. Joe says Wil told him he will vote with the majority because that’s how you stay in the game for the first month. Joe says Willie is a bully.

Next Joe talks to JoJo. Joe talks about how he doesn’t trust Joe at all and no one wants to play by Willie’s rules. JoJo says keeping Frank is the wrong movie. Joe asks JoJo if she is going to vote out Frank. She says she doesn’t know, but keeping Frank is a mistake. Joe says he is going to vote out Kara. JoJo says she hopes that comes back to bite him later. JoJo tells him team coach Janelle Pierzina is playing them all and he shouldn’t let her screw up his game. JoJo and Willie insult Janelle and call her and Ashley Iocco nasty names. Willie says he isn’t saying he is going to do it, but he “really hopes they get hit by a car” when they get out of the house. Man, he’s such a dickwad!

11:50 AM BBT

JoJo goes up to the Head of Household room and tells Willie and Shane Meaney everything about her conversation with Chef Joe. You have to admit the girl is loyal to a fault. Could be good for her, could be very bad.

1:40 PM BBT

Janelle and Joe talk in the Arcade Room about where the votes are. Joe tried to persuade team coach Dan Gheesling to get Danielle to vote against Kara. He wants Willie to think one of his alliance people voted against him. Over in the shoe room, Dan tells Mike Boogie he hopes Danielle will win Head of Household. Mike hopes so too and if she does, he is going to go after Willie, JoJo and Shane.

1:50 PM BBT

Danielle and Dan talk in the Arcade Room. Dan says she cannot vote against Kara, they will be totally screwed if she does. He also tells her she absolutely must not win Head of Household. He says Mike Boogie is going after Willie, Shane and JoJo and Danielle does NOT want to be in the position of picking who will go up on the eviction block next. Danielle says she will throw the HoH competition on a question that is easy to mess up so it doesn’t look suspicious. Dan tells to stay away from people and don’t tell anyone who she is voting for.

2:10 PM BBT

The houseguests prep for the live eviction show and Head of Household competition. Frank talks to Joe while he is packing. Joe tells Frank he is trying to get Danielle to vote against Kara. Frank tells him that would be awesome.

2:30 PM BBT

Britney talks to Frank and says she likes his positive attitude. Willie comes in and bitches about not being able to shave and starts cussing again, saying f**k the Diary Room and f**k people in the house. Britney tells him to relax and get it together!

2:39 PM BBT

Feeds cut out to trivia and then to Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen briefly. Nothing interesting.

3:00 PM BBT

Wil tells Kara she is going to be evicted. Wil says he won’t vote for her to stay because it would make him a target. He says he would be f**ked if he voted to keep her. Dan comes in and says if Wil voted for Kara to stay no one would know. Wil says he cannot go against his team and Kara can hold it against him, but he can’t change his vote. Kara says Frank is going to win the whole game. Kara is totally upset and says they should just let her go home now. WIl says he feels he can trust Joe and Jenn, it’s not about trusting Frank. He says he is really sorry. Kara says she thought he was her friend. Wil says he can’t be blinded by friendship like he is in the real world, he came in here to play the game.

3:15 PM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds switch to trivia.

The Big Brother live eviction and Head of Household competition take place. Kara is voted out. Frank wins the Head of Household. The coaches learn in the next coaches’ competition, the winner will either get to keep one of their players safe… or trade one of their players for any of the other new players except the Head of Household. It’s going to be a crazy week ahead…

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