Big Brother 2013 GinaMarie ZimmermanBig Brother 15 Cast Bio: GinaMarie Zimmerman
Age: 32
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Living: Staten Island, New York
Occupation: Pageant Coordinator
Marital Status: Single

Nickname: “GM”
Status & Alliances: Click here

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Big Brother 2013 cast bottled blonde GinaMarie Zimmerman has quite the accent and proclaims that she is “Italian!” She’s from Staten Island and works as a ‘Pageant Coordinator’ — yes, one of those types. She thinks she made the Big Brother 15 cast liked her because she sent in a wacky video about zombies. We think she probably has a resume and bikini photos on some really second-rate modeling site out there, which is where Big Brother casting seems to find the majority of their ‘attractive’ HouseGuests.

GinaMarie says she can’t call herself a hardcore fan because she’s afraid of those superfans out there, but she is a fan and she’s super happy and very, very, very excited to be in the game. Her favorite part of Big Brother is the competitions and the challenges, which just screams to us that she is probably going to be terrible at them. Because, you know, it’s always the ones who are “so competitive” that seem to fail the worst.

We’re going to call GinaMarie “GM” like General Motors because she’s just too boring at this point to deserve another nickname. We thought about calling her Quido because she does remind us of an Italian drag queen… but thought it might be disrespectful… to drag queens.

GinaMarie’s Strategy:
“Being from New York, I’m a tough competitor with a big personality and I don’t want people to fear that. So it’s going to be important for me to use my personality to make sure the other HouseGuests like me”

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