Big Brother 2013 Cast Helen KimBig Brother 15 Cast Bio: Helen Kim
Age: 37
Hometown: Falls Church, Virginia
Living: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Political Consultant
Marital Status: Married Mom

Nickname: “MRSA Mom”
Status & Alliances: Click here

*Racism and Homophobia Controversy*: CBS Reponds to Big Brother 15 Racist, Homophobic Comments

Big Brother 15 cast member Helen Kim is one of the few ‘not single’ HouseGuests for 2013. This married mom and political consultant is so hardcore going in, she’s even willing to shave her head if she has to in order to win a Big Brother 2013 cast competition. We sort of like her, despite her tendency to never look in the same direction for more than two seconds and shake her head around like a bobble-head doll.

Helen is a MRSA survivor and if you don’t know what that is, take an anti-nausea pill and click here. So not only is Helen smart, but she’s also tough and has survived a disease that kills and maims a lot of people. She’s gone through terrible pain and knows what it is like to be bored out of your mind for weeks on end — since she was on bed rest for three months with her second pregnancy. Plus, we love her strategy statement the best out of all the Big Brother 2013 cast.

We agree with her that Helen seems like a pretty tough cookie and could be major competition… if she can get people to like her.The problem is that she doesn’t really come across as very likeable… and that could be a fatal flaw. We’re going to call Helen “MRSA Mom,” because, well, we like all the Mmmms.

Helen’s Strategy:
“I plan to start out slow, throw a couple of competitions and then build as I go. No one ever said winning a half million dollars was easy, and I believe you have to play this game like you’re not afraid of the block.”

Will you be voting for Helen as the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player?

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