On Big Brother tonight, an evicted player returns to shake up the game but how long will they stick around? How much of a chance does a HouseGuest already voted off Big Brother 15 once have to make it to the finale? Well, a lot of it depends on which Jury member it is that returns to the game. In our live Big Brother 15 recap for the week 8 eviction show, we’ll find out who was evicted this week and which BB15 player will get another chance to win a half million dollars!


Only one thing is relatively certain about tonight on Big Brother 15 and that is who is going home. Or, in this case, going to the Jury House. Although there was serious talk as late as this afternoon about a potential vote flip in the house, that plan crashed and burned when Aaryn Gries refused to jump on board. We really do not get this girl. She seems determined to make sure that Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson make it to the final two and evict her along the way as soon as her usefulness to them is over.

Far more interesting than who was evicted on Big Brother tonight was the question of which eliminated player would come back into the house from the Jury. The HouseGuests speculated all week about this possibility. We always wonder when the HGs start talking about something so much right before it happens if perhaps production is leading them into thinking about it. You know, like asking someone which of the previously evicted players would they most hate to come back in the house and crap like that.

While we still have a tiny, tiny shred of hope that the failed vote flipping plan somehow came back from the dead during the down time on the Big Brother Live Feeds this afternoon, we doubt it. So Helen Kim will likely be headed out the door shortly. After that will be the competition between her, Jessie Kowalski, Judd Daughtery and Candice Stewart to see which one will go back into the game tonight.

We may see the beginning of the Big Brother Head of Household Competition tonight as well but it is very possible we won’t find out who won the challenge on the CBS show. So be sure to have your Live Feeds set and ready to go to watch who wins the HoH Comp after the CBS show ends. If you don’t have your Feeds on yet, now is a great time to take advantage of that two-day free trial and watch the aftermath of the returning player twist and Head of Household Competition inside the house.

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