Big Brother 15 - 100 Days of SummerThe Big Brother spoilers rumor mill is in full frenzy as we speed toward the Big Brother 15 premiere on June 26. Separating out fact from fiction isn’t an easy task and CBS producers are keeping Big Brother 2013 spoilers on an especially tight leash this year. Probably because last year we already knew virtually everything there was to know about the whole ‘veterans as coaches’ twist and much more before the season even began.

CBS doesn’t really like the whole Big Brother spoilers thing quite as much as we do…

So what kind of Big Brother 15 spoilers do we have to work with so far? Well, here’s a rundown of what we know officially and what we’ve heard unofficially about the Big Brother 2013 cast, house and twists up to this point.

No Repeats, No Veterans

This is an unofficial official rumor, so to speak, and thus relatively reliable. This Big Brother news comes to us courtesy of an exclusive spoiler from our friends over at Big Brother Network. According to their source, there will be no repeat players in the Big Brother 15 cast. Now, that doesn’t mean we probably won’t have a veteran or two showing up at some point as game hosts, Pandora’s Box visitors or whatever, but they won’t be players and won’t be living in the Big Brother 2013 house. Some Survivor veterans are rumored to possibly be coming for a visit as well.

Biggest Big Brother Cast Ever

Now, we’ve sort of heard this promise before and it hasn’t quite worked out. We were supposed to have the biggest cast ever last season, but it ended up just being a tie for most with a previous season. Plus, one of the cast members ended up going home pretty much before they even moved into the house! While this bit of Big Brother spoilers has pretty much been officially confirmed by host Julie Chen, we won’t totally believe it until we see at least seventeen HouseGuests move into the house this season.

The Big Twist Means No Floaters

Straight from the mouth of host Julie Chen via Twitter, we know that the big twist for Big Brother 2013 will mean there will be “no floaters” in the house this season. If you aren’t familiar with the lingo, that likely means that everyone will be forced to make alliances right from the first day and will not just get to ‘float’ around solo or randomly attaching themselves to whomever is most beneficial from week to week.

Big Brother House Is Not New, But May Have a New Room

Due to an oddly worded phrase in the press release about Big Brother After Dark moving from Showtime to TVGN, there was some vague rumors and speculation that there might be a new Big Brother 15 house. Well, media day has come and gone and it is looking like it’s the same house on the same studio lot according to our spoilers, just with new decorating as always (possibly contemporary Asian). However, there may possibly be an additional room. This room is described in Big Brother spoilers as being all white, with pretty much nothing in it except a television. Now, this room could replace the new coaches’ room they added to the HOH last season. Or it might just be the Have Not room. Or it could have something to do with Pandora’s Box, we’ll just have to wait and see.

 100 Days of Big Brother 15?

This rumor is fueled purely by a Big Brother promo stamped with the tagline “100 Days of Summer”. Now, if you might be aware, that’s a pretty well known phrase to refer to summertime. We do know that this will supposedly be the longest season of Big Brother ever, with the show launching on June 26. However, we don’t know when the Big Brother 15 finale will be yet. If it really does end up being 100 days long, we may pass out from exhaustion before then and need Big Brother rehab to recover.

Family Members or Loved Ones? Big Brother Teams?

One of the most pervasive Big Brother 15 spoilers rumors out there right now is the whole idea that there will be family members or loved ones entering the house together this season. @TheGameSurvivor says during casting, applicants were questioned extensively about their significant others. This would go hand in hand nicely with the whole “no floaters” twist mentioned earlier. According to some usually very reliable sources, there will be people that go into the Big Brother house knowing each other. Rumor has it that this season will be team against team, possibly family team against family team, or split family members and force them to be on opposite teams (the drama!). We just had Project Runway Teams, so okay, why not?

So those are the major official and unofficial Big Brother 2013 spoilers and rumors out there. Here’s a rundown of what else we’ve seen that you can take with your own grain of salt.

* Although the Houseguests will be all new, some applicants may have been recruited from casting for Survivor and The Amazing Race. They may or may not have made it into the actual HouseGuests pool though. (@SpoilBigBrother)

* The ages of the Big Brother cast vary wildly. Although most are in their 20s and early 30s, there is at least one contestant who may be as old as 70+ and one who just turned 18. However, the cast is not very diverse in ethnicity. (various)

* Despite it supposedly being the biggest season ever and allegedly having the biggest cast, @SpoilBigBrother claims there will NOT be more than 16 HouseGuests and the HOH nomination wheel will still only have 13 key slots.

* There may be a way evicted HouseGuests to come back into the game through an Outcast/Banishment twist. (@SpoilBigBrother)

* And for the random mashup of unreliable insanity: A huge vote may take place before the show even begins. We may not know all of the cast members until after the first eviction. The Jury will have nine people. There will be a gay/lesbian couple and a mother/son combo. The finale will be on September 25. (@15CornerOffice)

What do you think about the Big Brother rumors and gossip about this season so far?

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