7-2-2013 09-30-13 AMThe Big Brother 15 spoilers for the week 3 eviction nominations are in! Who did new Head of Household Helen pick to go up on the block this week? Did she go straight for the throat of her major opponents or is she planning a backdoor initiative? Read on for the Big Brother spoilers on this week’s nominations from the Big Brother Live Feeds!

We predicted earlier today that the four people most in danger of being nominated by Helen were Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer and Jeremy. Although we think Helen is deeply suspicious of Howard at this point as well, we didn’t think he would be in danger because he’s allied with Candice and Helen doesn’t know for sure who threw the rogue vote against Elissa at the eviction.

Spencer was an iffy proposition since he did vote with Helen and her allies. However, she doesn’t know for certain he wasn’t the rogue vote and she has a lot of distrust for him. So who was nominated for eviction this week? We have the Big Brother 15 spoilers on the nominations for you below!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 2013 spoilers on the week 3 nominations for eviction by the Head of Household. If you do not want to know this information before it airs on the CBS prime time show, please stop run away now! If you do want to know who was nominated, just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below.

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Earlier today, Helen actually made a deal with Jeremy, so he ended up not being nominated. This is something of a surprise since Jeremy had previously been one of Helen’s primary targets. She could be planning to blindside and backdoor him though, or hoping the Most Valuable Player (probably Elissa again) will do it for her. This is still being discussed with Helen and her allies.

With Jeremy out of the running, Helen was down to Aaryn, Kaitlin and Spencer. We kind of thought she would put up Aaryn and she did — but told Aaryn it was as a pawn. As her second nomination, she put up Aaryn’s “Mean Girls” ally Kaitlin. Interestingly enough, that makes Kaitlin the primary target for the time being. Until, of course, the MVP nomination happens and/or the Power of Veto Competition winner is revealed and a possible backdoor renom goes up. We didn’t really think Helen had it in for Kaitlin that much and we don’t really think she’s Helen actual target this week.

Of course, Helen could just be putting up Aaryn and Kaitlin both as distractions while she works a backstage plan to backdoor Jeremy despite their deal. Or she might really be actually going after Howard and Spencer, since she doesn’t really trust either of them. Hell, she could be trying to convince Aaryn she’s a pawn while secretly contemplating her Big Brother demise. Right now it’s hard to tell exactly what Helen’s ultimate eviction goal is yet with so many cards still up in the air. When the MVP is announced and their nominee goes up, we think the picture will become much clearer.

P.S. The Have Nots for the week appear to be Jessie, Judd, Amanda, and McCrae. So everyone has a snuggle buddy in the Have Not room. America voted for them to have grapefruit and guacamole this week


What do you think of Helen’s eviction nominations? Who do you think is the person she really wants to go home this week?

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