tumblr_mq5vxbiHti1sayon7o1_500The Big Brother 15 spoilers for the week 4 eviction nominations are in! The nomination ceremony just went down on the Big Brother Live Feeds and new Head of Household Judd has announced his two picks to go up on the block! Plus, we have the spoilers on which HouseGuests lost out in the Have-Not Competition and will be living on slop this week. Mmmmm, slop… gotta love it.

We are a tiny bit surprised at Judd’s final choices on who to put up from the Big Brother 2013 cast this week. From what we saw earlier on the feeds, we thought we had a lock on who he would choose but it seems he had a change of heart right before the nominations. We were also kind of bummed about who ended up as a Have-Not this week since we were gunning for a certain few to have to sleep in those terrible airplane chairs again.

That’s how it goes on Big Brother though, sometimes the people you like suffer and the people you don’t live high on the hog. Until they get smacked upside the head, blindsided (Nick) or brilliantly backdoored (Jeremy) right on home! (Speaking of which, have you exercised your Most Valuable Player power and voted for the third nominee to face eviction this week?)

So who are the two Big Brother 15 cast members nominated by Judd for the eviction in week 4? Which of our favorite hamsters will be eating slop, macaroni and mangoes this week and trying to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions imaginable? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Big Brother 15 Week 4 Eviction Nominations”]

Welcome to the new Head of Household, pretty much the same as the hold Head of Household.

Although he seemed very solid on the idea of putting up Kaitlin and GinaMarie earlier today on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Judd decided to switch things up at the last minute. After having long talks with both Kaitlin and GinaMarie, Judd apparently rethought his choices and went with putting Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block instead. Yep, the same exact nominees Helen initially put up last time around.

Why did Judd change his mind? Well, he told Aaryn that she is just a pawn and he will have more control over what happens to her if he nominates her up front. He also apparently thinks GinaMarie is not really a threat to him right now.

Judd also told Kaitlin she is just a pawn as well because he seems to believe the “twist” host Julie Chen warned him about may be a Coup D’Etat. If it was, he wouldn’t want any of the nominees to be pissed at him. Of course, he could be telling the truth to both girls and have a backdoor plan in his head. We don’t think he is going to go with Amanda’s desperate need to evict Howard though that she won’t STOP harping about. She has quite a thing against that guy…

What he doesn’t know is that the twist is that America is the new Big Brother Most Valuable Player and his allies will not be having control over that third eviction nomination. We’ll find out who that will be on Saturday. We’re still curious to know if production plans to inform the HouseGuests that person was chosen by America, or let them think a HouseGuest picked them (making everyone pretty much assume Elissa did it).

As for the Have Not Competition, the losers this week were Candice, Jessie, Andy and Spencer. At least they are all friendly enough that there shouldn’t be any drama about who sleeps where in the Have Not room like there has been in the Have bedrooms! Sadly, this means that ‘Mean Girls’ Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Aaryn STILL have not had to eat slop and sleep in the airplane seats. We really, really want Aaryn and GinaMarie especially to have to experience that for a week before they goes home…


What do you think of Judd’s eviction nominations for this week? Do you think he should have chosen someone else to go up or are you on board with the HouseGuests he put up on the block?


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