Recently booted Big Brother 16 cast member Amber Borzotra sat down for a live chat with Jeff Schroeder after her eviction to answer fan questions. Amber said she was actually “relieved” to be off the show in some ways. In particular, she was happy to get away from Caleb’s overwhelming presence.

Big Brother 16 - Amber & Jeff (CBS)

Big Brother 16 – Amber & Jeff (CBS)

Amber told Jeff at the beginning of her live chat that she though Caleb should be sitting there instead of her. Jeff said that she “left classy” but he probably would have taken a shot at the Houseguests who betrayed her while she was walking out the door.

Despite all the clues that were floating around that she was in serious trouble, Amber said she was shocked at the unanimous vote against her. “I was very shocked,” Amber said. “I was shocked just because I was told by all the people that were in this alliance to begin with… that I had their votes. Especially people that I felt very close to in the house, Cody, Christine, Derrick… it was very jaw-dropping.”

Watch the rest of what Amber had to stay about her eviction and her answers to fan questions in the video below:

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