Finally, after far too many years of fans asking for it to happen, Big Brother 16 will at last be broadcast in HD! Apparently CBS Big Brother has been working on switching over for several years, but they are finally ready to launch the show in High Definition for season 16.



According to a report from, CBS will at last be converting Big Brother to HDTV when the new season premieres on June 25. Big Brother was the last “regularly scheduled primetime program” not yet converted to HD until now.

The long delay in moving Big Brother to High Definition TV wasn’t out of stubbornness to stick to the old methods or even a desire to save funds. The process of moving the show to a fully HD environment was simply overwhelming and took a very long time to implement, according to executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan. Such as rewiring the Big Brother house with “14 miles of HD cables.”

“We’ve all wanted to go digital,” Allison Grodner told Wanting and making it happen, however, are very different things when you have dozens of cameras collectively video-taping a house full of cast members non-stop for months. Plus, of course, there is added element of having all of this streaming continuously on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

“It’s not just about swapping out cameras,” Rich Meehan said. “Everything had to be changed … and we couldn’t do anythign that would jeopardize production of the series.”

Not only will viewers finally get to watch Big Brother 16 in crisp HD on TV and on the Live Feeds, but they’ll also have more cameras capturing all the action, and the positions of some of them have been changed to make fans feel more like they are in the house with the cast.

“We’re making sure there are layers and dimension to the house,” Allison Grodner said.

Now we can just hope that casting director Robyn Kass has been busy making sure the new Big Brother 16 cast will also have a full complement of “layers and dimension” as well.

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