After months of anticipation, the CBS Big Brother 16 premiere is finally here! We have all the Big Brother 2014 premiere action in our full recap from Wednesday night’s show. Join us to find out how the big twists of the season are going to play out in an epic, two-night move-in event!

Big Brother 16 cast (CBS)

Big Brother 16 cast (CBS)

For the first time ever, the Big Brother 16 premiere will be in HD at last, as will the Big Brother Live Feeds. We got a glimpse of how awesome those cameras are during a preview on The Talk with Julie Chen on Wednesday morning. Let’s just say, it is looking spectacular!

Before we get to our recap of part one of the season 16 premiere, have you met our new Big Brother 2014 cast? We think we have a really strong batch of players on our hands for season 16 and can’t wait to see them in action!

Amber Borzotra, 26, Esthetician (and model)
Brittany Martinez, 29, Event Coordinator
Caleb Reynolds, 26, Adventure Hunting Guide
Christine Brecht, 23, Barista
Cody Calafiore, 23, Sales Account Executive (and model)
Derrick Levasseur, 30, Police Officer
Devin Shepherd, 26, Former Baseball Player, Motorcycle Sales Manager
Donny Thompson, 42, School Groundskeeper
Frankie Grande, 31, YouTube Personality
Hayden Voss, 21, Pedicab Driver
Jocasta Odom, 33, Minister/Spiritual Life Coach
Joey Van Pelt, 27, Makeup Artist / Hairstylist
Nicole Franzel, 21, Nursing Graduate
Paola Shea, 27, DJ (and model)
Victoria Rafaeli, 22, Photographer
Zach Rance, 23, College Graduate in Economics

Ready to see the new Big Brother 2014 cast in action and find out how the double Heads of Household, four eviction nominees, and two-night move-in event is going to work? Well, let’s dive right in to our Big Brother 16 recap of the premiere and watch what happens!

Welcome to Big Brother 16!

And here we go! Hello again to Big Brother host Julie Chen as she intros the show. She shows off a bit of the house before talking about how ‘twisted’ this summer is going to be. Then it’s on to meeting the first of the Houseguests and see them get their keys to the house! First up we have Paola, Donny, and Cory.

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We get a bit of an intro to New York DJ Paola, who plans to manipulate all the guys in the house, “even the ugly ones.” Can we say total diva who thinks she is the hottest thing known to man? Next up is Donny, a groundskeeper, who seems like a down-to-earth, fun country guy with an impossibly awesome accent. He reminds us of Kenny from 30 Rock. A lot. Then it’s on to former pro soccer player Cory, who seems to have a lot of trouble keeping his shirt on and is “very flirtatious” and can’t wait to meet the cute girls in the house.

Next up we have Frankie and Amber.

Frankie is brother to pop star Ariana Grande, although he doesn’t plan on telling anyone that. He is a Broadway performer who now teaches dance to kids, and he’s also the ‘Queen of YouTube’ with 1.2 million followers. Amber is a “country girl” who loves doing anything athletic and warns that guys shouldn’t be afraid of her dad with a gun, they should be afraid of her with a gun.

Moving on, we have Christine, Devin and Joey.

Christine is from a very, very small town named Ubly who has an odd accent and proclaims she is a superfan who is “obsessed” with Big Brother. Devin used to be a professional baseball player, but now he is a full-time dad (and Harley Davidson sales manager). He talks about how people think he looks like The Rock, but he thinks he looks  better. Joey is a makeup artist who says that “my way is the highway” and “left wing is the only way to be” — and she wouldn’t mind finding a “hot liberal” man in the house.

The new Houseguests only have an hour to pack and be on their way and from what we can see, it looks like Paola is definitely going to be the high maintenance female of the house. Some of the Houseguests talk about hooking up in the house, Christine says she needs a cuddle buddy because she’s scared of the dark, and Frankie Grande mentions his famous sister… again.

The first eight Houseguests are now in the studio and meet with host Julie Chen, who tells them it will be the “most twisted” season ever. She says it will be revealed later why there are only eight of them going into the house right now.

The first four to enter the house are Cody, Amber, Donny, and Joey. The girls immediately sprint to secure beds in the Wind Bedroom. Cody snags a bed in the Earth Bedroom, and Donny grabs a bunk in the Fire Bedroom.

Next we have introductions all around and the new Big Brother 16 cast members head up the stairs to check out the second level. We had a glitch in our TV feed, but I swear it sounded like Cody said in Diary Room that he’d like to “hit that” in reference to Amber.

Time for the next four Houseguests to enter and Frankie, Nicole, Devin, and Paola run into the house with screams and OMGs! Nicole says she is a Big Brother superfan and she’s in the house, and all she can think is “don’t pee your pants” — which she apparently does when she’s super excited or nervous? Frankie and Joey immediately bond over their pink and blue hair dye jobs. Frankie says he is the “pink pony” and she is the “blue pony” and now all they need is a “camo” pony… and the camera cuts to Donny.

The Houseguests count each other up and there are only eight of them, but sixteen plates, etc. So they know more cast members will be coming. All that is momentarily forgotten, however, while they pop some champagne and introduce themselves to each other. Cody is liking Pao-Pao’s hot body. Frankie is worried that she might figure out who Frankie is and who he is related to. Nicole really likes Donny and wonders if they might end up teaming up.

Frankie and Paola both have super crushes on Cody and talk in the Diary Room about how hot he is. Frankie introduces himself to the others as a Broadway chorus boy. Joey thinks she and and Frankie are meant to be buddies because they are both different and peacocks. Devin talks about how he used to play baseball, but retired to be with his daughter.

Amber loves “tall, dark, and handsome” Devin and thinks he is totally her type. She reveals to the others that she is a model, not an Esthetician as her CBS profile lists her profession. Joey says she is a makeup artists and Frankie freaks out over that. Devin actually thinks Joey is totally his type and says she is a 10.

The first house meeting is called and a plot is in the works to get the original eight to work together in an alliance. Joey is feeling a little freaked out by this happening so soon. They have no idea what is going to happen, but Frankie thinks if they all stick together, they have a better chance. They decide to call each other the Crazy 8s.

After a mention of working hard at the comps, all the guys take off their shirts and start doing situps on the floor of the Fire Bedroom for the girls. Well, everyone except Donny, who just sits on a bed and stares at the crazy while the women clap.

After this testosterone driven showing, we cut forward a bit to Devin and Donny talking by themselves. Donny reveals he has watched every single episode of Big Brother. They both talk about trusting each other 100 percent and put together their own little side alliance. Donny says in Diary Room he feels like he just “won the best beard contest at the county fair”. They decide to call each other the Double D’s.

Paola sees Cody and Frankie playing chess and she comes over to interrupt. She says in Diary Room that she doesn’t want the guys forming some kind of Brigade this season. She wants a girl power faction going on. So she goes off to find the ladies to make a four girl side alliance. Paola tells them she thinks Cody and Frankie are already working on a side alliance. Several of the girls say they wanted an all girl alliance and it looks like everyone is down for it. El Cautro seems to be the name of this alliance, chosen by Paola.

The Houseguests are called to gather in the Living Room by host Julie Chen. She tells them the house is going to get very crowded very soon. Then she tells them that one of them in the house will get to be the first Head of Household of the season and they will get the HoH room, get to make nominations, and they will be safe for the week. But wait, scratch that. No, they won’t be safe. For the first time in the history of the game, the person who wins HoH will not be guaranteed safe. No one is liking this twist at all.

Frankie says the whole point of being HoH is having power but being safe to use it. The Houseguests are all throwing around wild theories but know one knows exactly what is going to happen.

Cody and Paola are wearing only half their clothes and kind of flirting in the Fire Bedroom. She says in Diary Room that she is kind of crushing on him. She tells him that he is like a “baby” at 23. She admits she is 27. Paola wants to know what his type is. He says a nice body and into her body, likes to workout, can’t be a dud. Paola says in Diary Room that she totally wants him.

Julie calls the Houseguests out and tells them to put on their swimsuits for the first Head of Household Competition. Out in the backyard is a giant fake beach for a “Go Fly a Kite” competition. The Houseguests have to hold on to kites while standing on a rotating beam. If they drop their kite, it will destroy their sandcastle and they are out. Amber really wants the girls to win. Nicole isn’t sure if it is a good idea with the new twist. Donny wants to win to prove he can be competitive.

The first person out is Paola, who takes a huge dive. Joey struggles hard and says in Diary Room that her balance is not good. Devin says he works out every day, but this competition was just seriously painful.

Joey is the second Houseguest to fall, right before the cast is doused from above by slippery suntan lotion. Nicole is shortly the third person to fall and now there is only one girl left in the competition, Amber. Paola can’t stop starting at Cody’s delicious abs. He says she could lick him up and down any time.

Now the beam they are standing on changes direction and they have to walk in reverse. Donny and Devin are now both down and Amber, Frankie, and Cody are the only ones left. Then Cody is down and it’s just Amber and Frankie. Then Amber goes down… on purpose. She says in Diary Room that she thought about what Julie said about the new HoH twist and decided to throw it.

Now Frankie is the “most nervous” Head of Household in the show’s history. He begs everyone to have his back no matter what happens next. They all promise they will keep with their Crazy 8s alliance.

Back with host Julie Chen and she’s going to reveal a little more about the new HoH twist to the Houseguests. She tells Frankie to take one of the two orange chairs in the Living Room. He will soon be nominating two people for eviction, but not quite yet.

She reveals that a second group of eight Houseguests will join them soon and one person from that group will also become Head of Household. There will be two HoHs. But by the end of the week, only one HoH will be left standing. Everyone is totally freaking out, especially Frankie.

To the audience, Julie Chen tells viewers more about the #TeamAmerica twist. She says that America will be voting to put together a secret three person alliance controlled by the fans. They will be sent on secret missions that will change the nature of the game throughout the season. The first person America voted for will be revealed tomorrow night.

We get a brief glimpse of the rest of the 16 Houseguests we’ll meet tomorrow night and that’s a wrap!

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