Before our live Big Brother 16 recap for the week 3 Power of Veto show starts, we can already tell you Donny is going to steal the show. Yes, we can tell you from Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that this is the week of Donny inside the house and we are loving it!

Donny on Big Brother 16 (CBS)

Donny on Big Brother 16 (CBS)

We don’t want to give you too much in the way of Big Brother 16 spoilers before our recap kicks off, but let’s just say Donny truly proved himself to be a wizard this week all the way around! Our Team America secret alliance member is kicking butt and taking names — all while seeming to be just the nicest, sweetest, most non-threatening guy ever.

We loved watching Donny on the Big Brother Live Feeds this week, especially since he really is playing the honest and integrity-driven game Devin claims he wanted to when he screwed over his alliance with Donny. Bet Devin is really wishing he hadn’t done that now he is in the doghouse, and little ole Donny is the belle of the ball inside the BB16 house!

In addition to squeeing with joy over some of the things we’ll see Donny doing on the show tonight, we also have an absolutely crazy week of alliances forming and falling apart. We don’t know how much of that will end up on the show tonight, but this web of deals and schemes is so tangled, it makes our head spin.

Hopefully we’ll also get some showmance love on CBS tonight as well. We are still put out by how little of the Zankie fun they have featured and just putting a video up on their YouTube doesn’t count.

If not Zankie (or Zrankie if you prefer), we might at least get some Hayden trying to cozy up more to Nicole, or possibly some Cody getting hot over Amber while Caleb gives them evil stares. We know it’s early on in the season, but we are ready for some real action going on in the house!

So get your popcorn ready and join us for our live Big Brother recap of the week 3 Power of Veto show!

We kick off this evening with a brief recap of the events leading up to tonight’s show, including the big plan to get rid of Devin this week. Then it’s on to tonight’s show! Wait, where is host Julie Chen? No Julie… very strange.

When the Houseguests come back inside from the Battle of the Block competition, they find losing HoH Nicole in her new ‘punishment’ costume. She has to stay dressed up in a horrible frog outfit for an entire week!

Not only does she have to endure a frog suit punishment for a whole week, but Nicole is not safe this week either now that Donny has taken himself off the block. Derrick is pleased as heck that not only did he stay Head of Household, but he avoided that frog costume! Now he just hopes Devin will not be picked to play the Power of Veto so the backdoor plan can go forward.

In Diary Room, Devin says after the Nomination Ceremony it is clear he is the target this week. He says he is the “lone wolf” and the house has turned on him. He knows the ultimate goal for Derrick is to backdoor him, but he says he may be down but he is not out.

Frankie tells Donny he is so proud of him. Amber says it was so close out there. Frankie says they were a really good team and Amber says they were communicating. Donny says in Diary Room that it is great that he and Amber are now safe for the week. He says it is amazing what you can accomplish when you put a model with a country boy. He jokes that he even got a little kiss out of it, but no one should get the wrong idea, they are just friends.

Jocasta is very sick after the Battle of the Block Competition. She leans on Caleb to get to the bathroom and starts throwing up. She says in Diary Room that before the competition she was already feeling sick and then it was so hot during the challenge and she hadn’t had enough to drink. She’s very dehydrated and ill.

Caleb feels horrible about Jocasta and that he tried her hardest, but he had to throw the competition to save Amber and make sure she would be safe.

Caleb tells Amber that he threw the competition and she says she didn’t want him to do that. She says she was good. She says in Diary Room that she actually told Caleb NOT to throw the competition for her. Now she feels like he thinks she owes him something. Caleb teases her that she could be his date for the finale. She says “nope” and he says, what else do I have to do? He says if it takes more than $500,000 and a chance for him to go home to get her to say yes to a date, there’s nothing else he can do.

Amber says in Diary Room that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but if he thinks throwing the Battle of the Block competition is going to change her mind — it’s not going to. Caleb tells her he is going to be mad if she is not his date to the finale and then laughs kind of creepy.

Nicole is commiserating with some of the other Houseguests about wearing the frog suit. They joke about dressing her up with ribbons and such. Hayden says that normally the princess has to kiss the frog, but with her like that maybe he will be the prince and make a move.

Now we have Cody and Amber flirting, although she swears in Diary Room they are “just friends and nothing more.” Cody gives Amber a backrub, including a pretty low big of rubbing in there, while she makes happy noises and melts at his feet. But they are just friends, of course. In Diary Room, Amber says everyone in the house knows Caleb has a crush on her. Cody tells her that he feels like he is getting death stares from Caleb just for talking to her.

Amber says well, she’s sorry but she can have friends in her. It drives her crazy because she doesn’t like Caleb like that and it makes things harder on her. She says she hasn’t given Caleb any reason to like her that way. Caleb walks by and gives them the evil eye. Cody says Caleb just like lays there and waits to hear stuff. In Diary Room, Cody says he is worried they might have a big problem.

Amber jokes that she wishes she had come into the house weighing like 300 lbs so she didn’t have this problem. Cody jokes that he wants to date her for her personality. She laughs and rolls her eyes.

Caleb goes up to the Head of Household room to talk to Derrick. Cody comes in. Caleb says in Diary Room, “Check this out homeskillet, if you’re trying to move in on my queen, the king beast mode cowboy is gonna have to step up and find out what the heck is going on.” Caleb and Cody go out to the chessboard and Caleb questions Cody about hanging out with Amber. Cody says like, come on man, no.

Cody says he wouldn’t step on any toes like that. Caleb says he just wants to know what’s up and he doesn’t care as long as he knows. (Liar!) Cody says in Diary Room that he thinks he might well be Caleb’s next target.

Derrick tells Caleb he needs to get his head in the game and no one needs to know he threw that Battle of the Block competition for Amber, especially with all the sympathy for Jocasta being sick. Cody comes in and Derrick says they gotta get Caleb off the block. Caleb leaves and Derrick is like, whew, now we can really talk!

Derrick asks Cody what he thinks if Devin should somehow win the Power of Veto and Caleb is left on the block. Cody says he wants to get Caleb out. In Diary Room, Cody says the second Caleb gets a chance, he thinks he will come after him over the Amber thing. Derrick says if Devin wins the PoV and Caleb doesn’t get off the block, he will go home.

Donny is working on the Team America mission to get three Houseguests to spread the rumor that one of the current cast is related to a former Big Brother player. Donny, Frankie, and Derrick have decided to try to convince people that Zach is related to Amanda Zuckerman of BB15 and that Paola told Donny this right before she was evicted.

In his part of the mission, Donny pulls Nicole the Frog aside to pass along the rumor to her. He suggests that she should maybe mention it to Christine when they are ALONE and see what she thinks. Nicole totally falls for it and shares the rumor with Christine, saying that Zach totally looks like Amanda and hey, they are both from South Florida. So it must be true, right?

Derrick, meanwhile, tells Caleb that Pao told Donny that Zach is Amanda’s cousin. Caleb is like, yeah, that could have happened. Derrick knows that Caleb tells Amber everything. And sure enough, Caleb passes the rumor right along to her.

Derrick and Donny go right to Zach to tell him about the rumor because they know he has a big mouth and will tell everyone. Zach plays it up for a few minutes and then says, no of course not. Then Zach tells pretty much everyone that Pao told Donny he is Amanda’s cousin. Zach actually plays on it that he might actually be. Frankie is so pleased that the rumor has gone everywhere now and they have obviously completed their secret mission.

Victoria seems really actually convinced that he is Amanda’s cousin. Zach is having too much fun and is enjoying all of it.

Jocasta, meanwhile, is not enjoying much of anything. She is still throwing up and looks absolutely horrible. She won’t be able to play in the Power of Veto Competition. Derrick is just hoping Devin does not get picked so the backdoor plan to evict him can go ahead. Caleb really doesn’t want to have to go up against Devin. Devin knows it is life or death him.

Derrick draws first and picks Christine. Caleb draws second and picks… Devin. Well there goes that backdoor plan. Derrick draws and picks Donny. Devin says he is just going to go out and “animal it” and fight for his life.

Caleb says in Diary Room that Devin better bring his A game if he wants to win. Derrick talks to Donny in the storage room to find out what he will do if he wins the Power of Veto. Derrick tells Donny that the plan is to backdoor Devin. Donny says this is the third week that he has been out of the loop. In Diary Room, Donny says he isn’t going to tell Derrick anything because Derrick doesn’t share with him and he can “go take a hike.” Derrick says some people still think Donny is in the Double D alliance with Devin. Donny refuses to say anything about what he is going to do.

Team America needs a new mission! Will it be someone they believe is a floater, or someone they believe is a physical threat? Go to to vote.

Time for the Veto Competition and the Houseguests are getting ready to go. Derrick says he is “going into beast mode and throwing the warpaint on.” Devin says he is “Rocky” in the house this week, as he slaps his own ass and stretches.

Here we go and Cody is looking mighty sexy in this casino-themed competition. Devin breaks the handle off the door as he enters. Cody explains the game to the Houseguests and basically it is a giant craps game. The Houseguests have to get in giant dice cubes and roll around and get the right numbers to solve the puzzle of how to get the right number and get around the board back to the starting point.

Devin wins the first round against Christine. In Diary Room he says “stick that in your backdoor!” Derrick chooses to go up against Devin in the next round. Derrick is trying to visualize to get the right roll and he is making silly robot gestures. He takes so long, and misses the obvious move, and Devin wins the round.

Frankie is feeling sick because now the fate of everyone in the house rests on Donny. Zach says if Devin stays in the house another week, he is going to punch himself in the face with his own fist.

Donny chooses Devin to go up against in the next round. Donny says he wants to win every competition he is in and be as smart as he can be. He wants to make his family proud. Devin says in Diary Room that he still thinks Donny is lying about who he is. Caleb doesn’t care who Donny is, he just hopes he does some kind of crazy ninja Navy seal moves and beats Devin.

Donny is nervous because Devin is a lot faster than him. Devin gets his first try wrong though and Donny sweeps in for the win! Everyone is screaming, Frankie is crying and he says he is going to throw up. Caleb says he knew Donny wasn’t a janitor. Donny says he was Kellie Pickler’s janitor! Devin has been eliminated.

Devin says it was the saddest moment of the game for him, all due respect to Donny, who beat him fair and square.

The last round is down to Caleb versus Donny. Caleb wants to win because he has no idea where Donny’s head is out. Donny says in Diary Room that he took out one big boy, now he wants to take out two big boys. Caleb says he has no idea about puzzles, but his momma always said he might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but at least he’s in the box.

Donny says yes, he won the veto and that was #oldmanbeatdown! Caleb hopes things will be okay and that his alliance will keep him safe. Derrick worries about Donny and whether or not he will use the veto to save Jocasta, so they can put Devin up on the block.

Putting everyone’s fears to rest, Donny runs in to the Fire Bedroom with Frankie and Brittany to tell her that she is safe. He says Jocasta is not going home this week! She starts crying and buries her head in Donny’s chest. It’s so sweet it just makes us tear right up! Frankie and Brittany are tearing up watching the emotional moment. Poor Jocasta. Donny says in Diary Room that winning the Veto for her today meant a lot to him and he hopes that now she can really rest and get well.

Jocasta says in Diary Room, still looking terrible, that it is bad enough being on the block, but Donny just made her feel so much better.

Cody comes in and does a little half-striptease and climbs on top of Jocasta to give her a big hug. Meanwhile, Devin doesn’t want anyone to see him getting emotional. He says every time he puts his head down and sees his daughter’s name on his wrist, he feels like he let her down.

Time now for the Power of Veto Ceremony. Donny says everyone should know what he is going to do, but they are so paranoid, they run with every little thing. At the Veto Meeting, Donny announces that he is going to use the PoV to save Jocasta. She was too sick to compete and all he wants is for her to get better. She starts crying again after being saved.

Derrick now has to name a replacement nominee. He says there has been someone who has proven to be a strong competitor but has not played the best social game. He tells Devin to take a seat as the replacement nominee.

Caleb hopes he doesn’t end up being a target. Devin says he would not be surprised if he survived Thursday’s eviction. Jocasta cries in Diary Room and says she is so used to giving and now she gets to receive and it is so special to her.

And still no Julie Chen in the whole episode, what’s up with that?

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