The Big Brother 16 premiere continues tonight with the continuation of an epic move-in event the likes of which has never been seen before on the show. Eight Big Brother 2014 cast members entered the house on Wednesday night and competed in the first Head of Household competition of the season. Now eight more Houseguests will be joining them and a second HoH will be named for the first time ever!

Big Brother 16 cast Jocasta Odom

Big Brother 16 cast Jocasta Odom (CBS)

By the end of the show last night, eight Houseguests had managed to somehow forge three separate alliances in one of the craziest deal-making scrambles we’ve ever seen in a premiere. Not only that, but we had at least two potential couples already making eyes at each other, and several more hook-up possibilities under consideration. And that was with half the sixteen competitors not even there yet!

We can’t even imagine what kind of wild alliances and possible showmances in the making we’ll see emerge when host Julie Chen throws eight more Big Brother 16 cast members into the mix tonight. On top of all of that, we’ll also find out who will be the second Head of Household for week one and will battle it out with the other HoH for safety in a new competition on Sunday night.

Plus, we will also learn this evening who has been voted by #TeamAmerica as the first member of a secret three-person alliance that will be partially controlled by the viewers. We really are just dizzy with all the “twist after twisted twists” this season on Big Brother 2014. We really like the cast so far and dearly hope all these wacky twists won’t get in the way of the pure enjoyment of just watching them play the game!

Who will win the second Head of Household Competition tonight? What kind of sparks may fly between the 16 Houseguests — good and bad — once they are all together? Join us for our live Big Brother recap of part two of the season premiere below starting at 9PM ET and watch all the drama with us!

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And here we go! First up we have a brief recap of the events from the first part of the BB16 premiere last night. Then it’s on to meeting our next set of Houseguests for season 16: Brittany Martinez, Caleb ReynoldsChristine Brecht, Derrick LavasseurHayden VossJocasta OdomVictoria Rafaeli, and Zach Rance. After, of course, we take a moment to admire host Julie Chen in ravishing purple.

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As the show begins, they have no idea there are already eight Houseguests already in the house. But before Julie springs the surprise, we have a video montage introduction to each of the new cast members and watch them find their Big Brother 16 house keys.

First up we have Victoria, who owns her own photographer business, which is her passion. She was raised in Israel but moved to the U.S. when she was 8. Her family is Orthodox, but they don’t dress like it, “obviously,” she says. Caleb is a “metrosexual country boy” who loves to do a lot of hunting. Brittany is just coming out of a 10 year marriage and hopes the Big Brother house will be a new beginning. She has three kids and they are the most important things in her life.

Now we have barista Christine, who is so excited over getting her key that she almost starts crying and has to kiss it and do a little dance. She is married to the love of her life and she’s a Big Brother fanatic who isn’t afraid to get blood on her hands. Derrick is a police officer who worked undercover in narcotics for three years. He thinks there is nothing in the house that can throw him off his game after that kind of experience.’

Next up we have minister Jocasta, who gives glory to the lord for her Big Brother 16 house key. Zach is an unemployed University graduate who spends most of his time hanging out with his little brother. He says he’ll be “lying every single time I open my mouth” inside the Big Brother house. Jocasta is a minister and motivational speaker as well as a mother of two “awesome” boys. She says she is going to make it all the way because she’s got Jesus. Pedicab driver Hayden Voss (not to be confused with former BB winner Hayden Moss), says everyone is going to like him cause he’s the fun, goofy guy.

Now it’s time for all of them to rush off to Los Angeles to join the Big Brother 2014 cast. Hayden can’t decide how many of his “flower hats” he needs to take because he has so many. Jocasta says “my past is my past, I’ve done a lot of things, I done a lot of people, men, women, but God has transformed me, made me the person I am, and love is love.” Um, she’s done a lot of men and women? Interesting…

Derrick says being undercover, you develop an instinct when people are lying, which he thinks will be very beneficial in the house. Christine says she wishes she were packing nothing, because she loves to be naked all the time!

Hayden says he will not get along with snobby people that look down on others. Zach is just annoyed by everyone. People who talk, people who breathe, people who eat. Christine does not like pretentious women. Victoria loves shoes and dressing up and thinks heels are a girl’s best friend. Victoria, Derrick, and Brittany are already talking about showmances and flirting.

All have now arrived in the Big Brother studio to stand before host Julie Chen, who reminds them that the show’s motto is to “expect the unexpected.” She reveals to them that there are already eight Houseguests inside the house and a Head of Household has already been crowned.

Not to worry, however, because one of them will also have the chance to become the second Head of Household for week one. She says this is the “most twisted summer ever” and only one HoH will be left standing after they battle it out to determine which one will be safe, and which one will not. Now it’s time for them to join the rest of the cast inside the house!

The first four to enter from this group are Caleb, Christine, Hayden, and Jocasta. The HGs already in the house freak out when the doorbell rings and rush to greet the newbies coming in. Christine is crazed with joy as a Big Brother superfan who has seen every single episode and can’t believe she’s there at last. Jocasta is most worried about where she is sleeping and “who the heck” she is sleeping with because she doesn’t want to sleep with a man because she’s married and “god is watching.” Hayden is busy picking out celebrity lookalikes for all the other HGs.

Now Victoria, Zach, Derrick, and Brittany enter the house and everyone is going bananas. Victoria loves Frankie because he has pink hair and that is her favorite color. Frankie gives her a tour around the house and they are already besties. Nicole is worried that the chemistry is already changing and their alliances are going to fall apart. The newbies are already talking about how they feel they are on two separate teams and like it is an us versus them kind of thing.

Time for introductions all around. Pao-Pao thinks Jocasta the minister isn’t ready for what she is getting into coming into the house. Victoria thinks she is the hottest one in the house. Christine says she is just a barista. Joey loves this girl already. Derrick says he is married and lies and says he is in parks and rec and not a police officer. Hayden says he does not surf, despite being from California.

Donny says he doesn’t know how he will remember all these names. Brittany says she is a mother of three but she is single for the first time in her life. Cody cannot believe three kids “came out of that body.” Frankie is not happy about “hunting guide” Caleb and thinks they are going to clash.

Victoria and Frankie are all over each other as new besties. He is hoping that making a friend on the other side of the house will be good for him. Victoria wants to work with Frankie and rally likes him. Pao Pao wants to figure out Caleb and if he might be a guy she can play with. Caleb tells her he will not throw any competitions. Pao Pao thinks Caleb is intense and worries her with his big ego.

Donny shows off his amazing ability to make cricket noises. Donny says in Diary Room that he is distracting people with his little tricks. He doesn’t want people to think Donny is good at the game, he wants them to think he is funny, so he’s less of a target for dominating people. Meanwhile, Derrick and Victoria do some bonding over their kids.

Frankie gets irritated at Zach because he says some stuff about Zach’s high school and how he knows what kids that went to that school are like. (Apparently it was a rich kid school.) Hayden is thinking Zach is being pretty abrasive and maybe pissing off the current Head of Household is not such a good idea.

Time for the second Head of Household Competition. Jocasta takes a minute to pray before they head outside. The competition is not the same as last night. In this “Over the Coals” challenge, the HGs have to hold on with hands and feet to a rolling beam over a pit of fake firepit coals. She warns before they begin, however, that only one HoH will be left standing at the end of the week.

Frankie really wants Victoria to win so he can work with them.  Everyone starts talking about whose butt is hot. The Houseguests are starting to droop and finally Victoria ends up falling off after feeling like she is going to faint. Frankie is like, great.

Now the Houseguests are doused in slippery barbeque sauce and it looks like they are all being murdered. Brittany falls off in short order. Jocasta is calling out the Jesus, but apparently he’s not listening because she slips off next. Christine goes off next and now we only have guys left. Zach decides to take a dive because he doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands being HoH in the first week. Derrick also throws it so he doesn’t have to be an HoH in the first week.

Now we just have Hayden and Caleb left. Just like in the spoilers from earlier today hinted, it is going to be one of them who wins. Caleb is not worried about anyone seeing him as being too strong. He doesn’t care about being a target, he says he is in it to win it. Hayden doesn’t want to throw a competition either so he just keeps holding on. Devin calls Caleb a beast and says he wants to team up with him because he doesn’t want to go against him.

Finally Hayden just can’t do it anymore and falls off. That means Caleb is the second Head of Household for week one. Caleb promises Hayden that he will not put him up on the block. Frankie is desperate to work with Caleb after that performance and says he is a lion and he plans on being his “tamer.” After the Houseguests get all cleaned up, Julie calls them to the living room to reveal the rest of the double HoH twist.

Every week, two HoHs will be crowned and each one will nominate two Houseguests for eviction. There will be four eviction nominees each week. Then, in a Big Brother first, there will be a new competition called the ‘Battle of the Block’ where the Heads of Household’s two nominees will battle the other HoH’s nominees. The winning duo will be safe from the chopping block and they will also dethrone the opposing Head of Household, making him eligible to go on the block. So for the first time ever, you could go from HoH to being evicted.

As Heads of Household, Frankie and Caleb must now think about who they are going to put up as their eviction nominees. Everyone is just shocked over this crazy twist. You can see their little hamster brains starting to run in circles…

To wrap up the night, host Julie Chen reveals the first person voted by #TeamAmerica to be part of the secret three-person alliance this season that will be partially controlled by the viewers. We are actually quite surprised to learn the first person on Team America will be Joey Van Pelt! We were sure Frankie Grande with his big YouTube following and famous sister would win the vote.

For every secret mission the secret alliance succeeds at, the three members will each receive $5000. They can each decide whether or not keeping the alliance a secret is in their best interest. Joey is thrilled to get her special envelope and promises that she will do whatever the voters tell the alliance to do.

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