The Big Brother 16 cast has been bringing us plenty of drama and fun all week on the Live Feeds. So we are looking forward to an action-packed Power of Veto show on Wednesday night. When the Big Brother 2014 cast looks back at this week after the show is over, we thinks some of them are going to be stunned at how clueless they really were about everything going on around them.

Big Brother 2014 Cast - Caleb (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 Cast – Caleb (CBS)

The most oblivious of all the Big Brother 16 cast to all the lies and manipulation going on behind his back? Well, that would be Caleb Reynolds. This week he has basically been a chew toy tossed back and forth between Amber, the object of his obsession, and Frankie, his supposed ally and secret enemy.

While we know from the Big Brother Live Feeds that Caleb is finally starting to actually see through some of the wool thrown over his eyes, that wasn’t so true this past weekend. Caleb was basically a big blog of play-dough in the hands of Frankie, Zach, Cody, and Derrick from before the PoV Competition right through the PoV Meeting and beyond.

We’ve heard a lot about what happened at that Power of Veto Competition and the drama-filled PoV Meeting that followed. We can’t wait to actually see exactly what went down for ourselves. We’re also dying with curiosity to see how CBS Big Brother edits this week of chaos in the house. What you see on TV sometimes comes out very different than what we watch on the Big Brother Live Feeds!

Join us right here below for our Big Brother recap of the week 5 Power of Veto show!

We kick off after the Battle of the Block with Frankie being happy to get on with his plan to backdoor Amber, but now they have to get Caleb on board. Zach is happy that his best bro Frankie is still up in the HoH and the backdoor plan is on track so far, depending on what happens next with the Power of Veto. Zach goes to take a shower and Frankie teases that he is coming in there, so he better get ready.

Meanwhile, Hayden, Nicole, and Christine are thrilled over the results of the Battle of the Block. Nicole is so excited that her and Christine won so they are out of danger for the week. Christine says thank God that Zach has the HoH room. Nicole says she wishes Zach had gotten hit in the face gain. Hayden says Zach is an idiot and Christine says she hates his guts.

Victoria is in tears again (that happens a lot on the Big Brother Live Feeds) because she is afraid she is going to go home. In Diary Room, she says it sucks that they just lost the Battle of the Block and totally blames Jocasta. In Diary Room, Jocasta, meanwhile, says being stuck with Victoria is like being partnered with a toddler. She says they just have to put on their big girl panties leave the past in the past.

Up in the Head of Household room, Zach teases with Cody and Frankie that they should start a new alliance. Cody says no way, there are already too many alliances. (Seriously!) Zach jokes that if Cody isn’t with him, then he is against them. He says them three and Hayden can be ‘The Bros’. Cody just laughs and puts his head in his hands.

Zach watches Christine and Nicole in the HoH monitor and says maybe he should go down and sit with them. Not talk to them, just sit there and make them uncomfortable. In Diary Room, Zach says Christine and Nicole are Have-Nots this week and he is feeling like he hasn’t agitated enough people today and he needs his daily fix.

Back in the HoH room, he tells Frankie and Cody he is just going to go and eat a bunch of food in front of their faces. He grabs a bunch of snacks to take downstairs and tease them by eating beef jerky and star-bursts. In Diary Room, Cody says Zach is always trying to stir the pot, but who does he decide he is going to do it with today? The Have-Nots who can’t eat real food and have to sleep in an ice cold room. Oh, and they also happen to be the people he just put up on the block. He says Zach is just going way overboard.

Zach goes downstairs with his snacks and sits beside Hayden in front of Nicole and Christine. He asks oh so not innocently if anyone wants some star-bursts or beef jerky. ( Nicole gives Zach a face like he is Satan and says she’s just trying to eat some slop. Christine leans back with her eyes closed and a look like she wants to choke Zach with his beef jerky. Hayden shakes his head while Zach tells them well, that’s what you get for being lazy. Nicole gets up and stomps off.

(We promise, there was way more fun stuff on the Big Brother Live Feeds this week they could have been featuring than this ridiculous crap.)

In Diary Room, Chistine says Zach is crazy lunatic and wonders why she is still in an alliance with this guy. Up in the HoH room where Cody and Frankie are watching, Cody says Zach is a mess. Frankie calls him a lunatic. Frankie asks Cody honestly where he is with Zach. Cody says he started a five-person alliance and straight up afterwards Zach put one of them up on the block. Cody says he’s basically like Devin.

Frankie says he is worried about public opinion with Zach. Cody says if Frankie gets the chance, everyone is going to want him to put Zach on the block. Frankie says absolutely. If everyone in the house wants Zach gone, Frankie tells Cody, they will have to have that conversation. In Diary Room, Frankie says that if Zach doesn’t stop terrorizing the villagers, they are going to revolt. Cody thinks if Frankie put Zach on the block, Zach would blow everything up.

Frankie tries to convince Zach he needs to lay low. Mostly, of course, Frankie is worried about his own game. Zach promises that he will not open his mouth. However, in Diary Room, Frankie says he needs to use Zach as a tool to accomplish the Team America mission at the Power of Veto Meeting. So he needs Zach to “explode” but it has to be at the right time.

Frankie tells Zach that he could do another speech at the Veto Meeting. Zach says oh my god yeah, yeah, yeah. He gets a light of fun in his eyes just thinking about it. He says he will do it for him, for Frankie, for them.

When it comes time for Nicole to finally be free of her Germatard punishment costume, she does a little striptease in the backyard and hands her weiner to Hayden while she wiggles out of it. Oh my! Hayden says in Diary Room that Nicole is a “terrible stripper” but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He jokes after that he’s a little bit turned on.

Hayden talks in Diary Room about keeping Victoria close to get her vote. He cozies up with her in the backyard and asks if she wins Houseguest choice at the Power of Veto Meeting, would she pick him to play? She says she will and he says he will take her off the block if he wins. Meanwhile, Nicole is watching this from afar and wonders what is going on and if they are flirting. She thinks it looks ‘sketchy’.

Back inside, Hayden tells Nicole he talked to Victoria and told her to stop complaining and crying. He jokes that he was making out with her. Nicole is like, did you? He says no, he would never do that!

Derrick gets called to the Diary Room and gets a sad letter from home that his grandfather died. He breaks down reading the letter and then takes it in and hands it to the Houseguests so they can read it if they want. He goes into the Have Not and takes a few minutes alone to mourn. He says in Diary Room that his family told him to stay in the game and not to come home for the funeral. He says he has to used this grief in a positive way to motivate him.

Caleb tries to talk to Amber in the kitchen and she just ignores him. He says in Diary Room that the two of them had this really good date he thought and now she’s avoiding him. He has no idea why she is acting this way. (Seriously clueless Caleb!) Caleb says no one knows where Amber’s head is at and he’s not going to try to force her to talk to him because he really doesn’t care anymore. But then he can’t stop talking about her, like to Derrick. And to Frankie. And Cody. And Zach.

Speaking of showmances, we finally have a nice Zankie cuddle moment on camera. Zach swears he is straight but if he was gay, he would totally go there. Frankie says actions speak louder than words and Zach pets him to sleep every night. They tell each other I love you and talk about Team Zankie. It’s super cute and we are glad CBS is giving #Zankie some love.

Then it’s time for the Veto Competition. Frankie doesn’t want Caleb or Amber to play so they can go forward with backdooring Amber. Jocasta is hoping Donny will get picked and take her off the block again. For the random veto players, Frankie pulls Donny’s name. Victoria gets Houseguest choice and keeps her promise to pick Hayden. Jocasta pulls Christine’s name.

Zach and Frankie talk and they think the draw couldn’t have been better. Frankie says it is perfect and it is going to be a showdown. Amber says in Diary Room that she wants Nominations to stay the same. She is totally clueless that she is a target of her own alliance members. She tells Frankie there is just no one else to put up except Donny and she doesn’t think that should happen. Frankie basically just talks around her.

Caleb says he can’t even look at Amber right now. She doesn’t want to play and talk to the king of the house right now, then why is she here. Frankie tells Caleb she is not good news for him. He is not good for his game, his soul, or his life. Caleb says in Diary Room that he is going to play his own game. No more romantic cowboy. Frankie is too delighted and says in Diary Room that Caleb is playing right into his hands.

Time for the Veto Competition and it’s a Wild West themed competition. Caleb says it’s perfect for ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ but wait, he’s not in it. In the challenge, they have to rock their horses and then stack gold bars on a horseshoe. If they run out of time between the horse and the blocks, they can agree to eat slop for a week to get back in the game. As Hayden is humping his horse, he shouts over to Nicole and asks if she is busy later and she blushes.

Zach says his nether regions are on fire and it hurts. Donny, meanwhile, is just trotting along at Sunday ride speed. He says in Diary Room he just wanted someone to be done so it could be over with. Frankie is way ahead of everyone and he thinks he can win it. Jocasta’s timer runs out and she chooses a week of slop to get back in the game. But then all of Frankie’s bars fall down and he’s back at the beginning.

Jocasta keeps talking in Diary Room about God and Satan but she’s not going to quit. Hayden, however, is kicking butt. But then Christine comes galloping into the lead. She thinks she has it and goes to run hit the buzzer. But then she sees that she has missed some of her gold bars. Hayden passes by her and hits his buzzer and takes the win. Frankie is not displeased with this result. He hopes Hayden will use it on someone and then he can backdoor Amber.

Frankie, Zach, Hayden, and Cody talk and Frankie says he is only comfortable with backdooring Amber. Hayden says he will use the Power of Veto to take Victoria down. Frankie says he needs to have a long conversation about Amber and tell him the truth about everything. Hayden is happy to go with the plan and gain an ally with Victoria.

Zach says it is obvious that the showmance that never was between Caleb and Amber is on the rocks and that they need to get beast mode cowboy in with the plan to backdoor her. He says he smells blood in the water. Cody and Zach ask Amber what’s going on with them. Zach asks her why they broke up and Amber is like aaahhhhgggghhh. Amber says she is not going to go out of her way to take to him. Zach baits her to say Caleb is just blowing things out of proportion.

Zach goes to stir Caleb’s pot and tell him about talking to Amber and makes it look like she doesn’t give a shit about talking to him. In Diary Room, Caleb says he feels like it is time to put Amber in line. He tells Zach for a man to put all his trust in a person and tell them everything he doesn’t tell anyone else, and then get treated like that. Well, it’s ridiculous. In Diary Room, Zach says it is just too easy.

Caleb talks to Frankie about how Amber is flying off the hinges and Frankie is like yes… yes… yes… Caleb tells Frankie that Hayden should take Jocasta off the block and they should scare Amber by putting her up on the block. Frankie acts like this is all Caleb’s idea. Caleb thinks Amber will go running to him and he gets to be her savior. Frankie says in Diary Room that he doesn’t know who is more clueless, Amber or Caleb.

Time for America’s vote for the next Team America mission. Check out the two options below and go to to voice your choice.

Big Brother 16 Power of Veto Show 6

Team America gathers to discuss their secret mission. They have to get two Houseguests to get into a heated argument for twenty seconds. Frankie says the plan is to have Zach go after Amber at the Veto Meeting. Frankie says Amber will go up on the block and then we’ll have a Zack attack. Donny says he can’t wait to see what happens and he doesn’t want to know what Zach is going to do because he wants to be surprised!

Time for the Veto Meeting and Hayden gives the nominees a chance to plead for themselves. Jocasta says she is very trustworthy and loyal. She says Hayden is not a target of hers and she would love it if he used it on her. Victoria says she thinks she has proven to the house she is a true competitor. She reminds Hayden that she chose him to play on her behalf.

Hayden says he wishes he could take both of them off but he cannot. So he is going to use the PoV to take Victoria off the block. This is not what was expected. Jocasta was supposed to be the person who came down. Frankie says there are only so many times he can ask this person if he can trust them anymore. So he has to nominate Amber for eviction. But before Hayden can close the Veto Box, Zach leaps up.

He gives a totally silly speech about how Amber has totally treated beast mode cowboy like crap. Caleb has done everything for her, risked winning the game for her and even eaten a pickle to go on a date with him! Unfortunately for Team America, however, Amber does not fight back and they do not complete their mission. We are glad CBS decided to stick with the original rules for the task after all, when it looked like earlier this week they were going to bend them so Team America could win another $5,000 each.

That’s a wrap!

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