The first Big Brother 16 eviction results show is here! Who went home on Big Brother 2014 tonight? Which two Houseguests will be the next Heads of Household? We’ll have all the Big Brother spoilers from the week one eviction show for you right here in our live Big Brother recap!

Big Brother 16 Hosueguest Frankie Grande (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Hosueguest Frankie Grande (CBS)

Tonight on Big Brother 2014, we will have our first live eviction of the season and either Paola Shea or Joey Van Pelt will be headed out the door. From the Big Brother spoilers we’ve seen on the Live Feeds, it seems pretty obvious which Houseguest will get the boot. But while the person who got evicted on Big Brother tonight may be predictable, the Heads of Household Competition is anything but.

We are guessing that CBS Big Brother will do a combo HoH challenge of some sort that will give the two winning spots to the last two standing in the game, or the first two to finish the competition. Depending on what kind of challenge it is, of course. We don’t really think they are going to do two separate comps again because it would just be too time consuming and much more expensive.

Who was kicked off Big Brother tonight and won’t even get the chance to be in the Jury? Join us for our live Big Brother 16 recap below starting at 9PM ET/PT and watch all the action with us!

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Here we go! Welcome to Big Brother! It’s been a crazy week of twists and turns on the show, but in the end, it all comes down to this. Someone has to go home.

We kick off with a review of the events leading up to tonight’s eviction, including Joey’s bad idea confession that she tried to start an all-girls alliance, and Donny’s unexpected win at the Power of Veto Competition.

Joey may have gotten our vote, but with the clock ticking, can she save herself? Joey tells Caleb he made a big mistake in putting her up on the block. In Diary Room, Caleb says Joey is going home this week and her bags should have been packed for days.

Paola talks to Caleb and he reassures her that she is safe this week. She says in Diary Room that she is just going to lay low and hope that Joey will indeed go home. Joey campaigns Brittany and Nicole for their votes. Brittany says in Diary Room that she trusts Joey more, but Nicole isn’t feeling it.

Devin talks to Amber, Victoria, Zach, and everyone he can get to about who they are voting for. He is pushing everyone that it needs to be a unanimous vote to get out Joey. Frankie says in Diary Room that it does not matter, as long as they get out who they want to.

Joey continues to campaign, talking to Christine, who says it may be too early for her to go against the house. It’s just scary. Joey then goes to talk to Zach and tries to convince him to vote for her. He says he is going to vote with the house. She hugs him even so. We find it interesting that they don’t show the part where she tells him that she has a ‘secret power’ and has been voted ‘America’s Favorite’.

In Diary Room, Joey says Devin and Caleb are controlling the vote and the whole house is voting her out because they are scared. She says she needs to do something big and crazy to get the votes she needs to stay in the house.

So she dresses in Hayden’s clothes as her angry alter-ego ‘Alex’ because she is a ‘feminist’ and starts yelling at everyone that if they don’t vote for her, they are voting because they are afraid. And they are going to continue to be afraid if they vote her out. We note that they don’t show ‘Alex’ shoving her giant stuffed balls into Nicole’s face repeatedly. We think it is hilarious how Devin hides behind a door to avoid her.

Some of the girls talk in Diary Room about how yeah, everyone should be voting how they want to vote and not how they are told. But on the Big Brother Live Feeds, no one was really talking about this at all. Everyone pretty much wanted Joey out. Sometimes it is a very different game behind the scenes than what they show on the CBS Big Brother show.

Now we move on to the Caleb and Amber ‘showmance’ that isn’t. Caleb says he has had a crush on Amber since he walked into the house and saw her. He talks about her endlessly. He says she is the kind of girl he wants to marry and that she avoids him so no one will think there is something going on between them.

Source: @earthdogBB

Source: @earthdogBB


Finally, Caleb confesses to her that he thinks she is crazy gorgeous and he feels there is this vibe between them. He says there is a certain way she looks at him throughout the day… and asks is he wrong? She says this is news to her. Awkward and uncomfortable silence. She scoots off the bed and runs away… In Diary Room, Amber says she honestly does not feel the same and probably never will.

7-3-2014 06-18-37 PM

In Diary Room, Caleb says he doesn’t know if he pushed her away or if she’s just afraid. But he isn’t going to give up.

Now its time for the first live eviction of the summer! Joey and Paola are on the block and they each get a chance to make a brief statement.

Joey says she is physically and mentally stronger when it comes to Big Brother and she is a good pick to keep in the house. She loves everyone and there you go. Paola says thanks Joey for saying she sucks at competitions. She thanks everyone for being her friend and they are all awesome. She might suck at comps but she has a big heart and she has a lot of fight left in her.

7-3-2014 06-20-36 PM

Here are the live vote results:

  • Devin votes to evict Joey
  • Derrick votes to evict Joey
  • Frankie votes to evict Joey
  • Cody votes to evict Joey
  • Zach votes to evict Joey
  • Brittany votes to evict Joey
  • Nicole votes to evict Joey (that’s enough to evict)
  • Christine votes to evict Joey
  • Victoria votes to evict Joey
  • Jocasta votes to evict Joey
  • Hayden votes to evict Joey
  • Amber votes to evict Joey
  • Donny votes to evict Joey

In a unanimous vote, Joey has been evicted from the Big Brother 2014 house.

Joey gives hugs out all around before she heads out the door for her exit interview with host Julie Chen. Brittany cries and Paola tears up a bit as well while they wait for Joey’s picture to fade to black and white.

Julie asks if Joey is surprised with a unanimous vote. Joey says she thought she had rallied up an all-girls alliance but guesses it maybe was too early in the game. Also she wasn’t very down low about it. She thinks there were some interested people they just didn’t want to talk about it yet. (No there weren’t.)

Joey says it was hard to be evicted but it was really hard to be in the house too. People start getting quiet, secretive… it’s like going back to seventh grade. She says play the game, but have some gonads about it. Julie wants to know why Joey confessed about the all girls alliance? She says she thought everyone knew about it and she was just like, why not, and maybe it would be comedic? She says ‘Alex’ was a new thing and she thought it was funny.

7-3-2014 06-33-03 PM

Frankie calls Joey his fellow little pony and they are of the same spirit, but she wasn’t cut out for the game. Paola says she will miss Joey but she won’t miss Alex. Nicole thought Alex was funny but she wasn’t going to laugh because the rest of the house didn’t think it was funny. Caleb reveals The Bomb Squad alliance of six guys and two girls dropped the bomb on her.

Joey says you can smell an alliance on Caleb a mile away. She thinks the two girls were Amber and Jocasta. Julie says no, it was Christine. Julie also reveals one is an undercover cop and another is the brother of a famous pop star.

Since Joey has been evicted, she is not a part of Team America any more, but it is still in effect. One of the new members will be revealed, and then the viewers will vote on two more.

Julie then reveals that the men and women will compete SEPARATELY for Head of Household, so we will get one male and one female HoH.

Welcome to Greek Week inside the Big Brother house and the BB Rager Competition. The sorority sisters will compete first and the winner will become the first HoH. The fraternity brothers will compete in the second, identical competition and the winner will become the second HoH. The Houseguests have to transport beer kegs across a balance beam while the non-competing HGs throw frisbees at them. The first one to transport all their kegs win.

Amber gains an early lead. Brittany drops her keg and eliminates herself from the competition. Speedy Amber beats the rest of the girls handily and is this week’s first HoH.

In the guys’ competition, Derrick eliminates himself quickly by messing up. Hayden and Cody end up in the lead and it looks like Hayden may win… but then he messes up to. That leaves the way open for Cody and he takes the win.

Amber and Cody are now the Heads of Household for week two. So it looks like The Bomb Squad is in total control of the house… if they don’t implode.

But wait, host Julie Chen says they have to “review the tape” because a foul may have happened. So we cut away to watch Donny find out he has been voted as the new Team America secret alliance player.

7-3-2014 06-53-14 PM

Oh no! Cody apparently had a foul. His foot hit the floor before he hit his button, which means that Devin is now the new HoH. Well, that is interesting considering it looked like he was probably going to be the next target — even of his own alliance!

That’s a wrap!

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