The sixteenth season of Big Brother on CBS continues tonight! This past Thursday, America rejoiced as the Big Brother 16 house unanimously evicted Devin. Julie left the Houseguests in the infamous chicken wire competition. Randomly selected teams of two were battling it out to determine this week’s two Heads of Household.

Big Brother 16 (CBS)

Big Brother 16 (CBS)

Tonight, we learn who won the “Deviled Eggs” Head of Household competition and which four Houseguests landed themselves on the block. Then, we’ll see the fourth Battle of the Block competition of the summer to see who stays and who remains.

The six teams of two competing for Heads of Household included the following: Caleb/Nicole, Victoria/Christine, Amber/Zach, Jocasta/Brittany, Cody/Frankie, and Hayden/Donny. The Houseguests had to work together to transport a total of twelve eggs from one area of a fence to the other in order to both become this week’s Heads of Household.

Brittany and Jocasta pulled out to an early lead by moving two eggs at once. Amber/Zach and Cody/Frankie quickly caught up when they moved to the two-eggs-at-once strategy.

Cody and Frankie, however, pulled out the win and became this week’s Heads of Household!

While everyone was worried that Zankie (Zach and Frankie) was over, they appear to have mended all arguments and are once again working together closely.

Once Frankie entered his new Head of Household, all wondered whether CBS would place a picture of Ariana Grande in the room. They did, albeit one in which she’s unrecognizable as a toddler.

The remnants of the Bomb Squad gathered together in the aftermath of Devin’s eviction. Frankie, Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Christine gathered in the HOH room and formed the Detonators alliance.

Frankie received Team America’s next instructions on behalf of America. Last week, America voted for the secret three-person alliance to try to get a physical threat nominated. Frankie, Derrick, and Donny decided they would push for Amber’s nomination as she is the biggest physical threat among the girls in the house.

After Brittany confides in Frankie about her concerns of being nominated based on her not throwing herself at Cody, Frankie immediately runs to Cody to tell him. Cody is not pleased.

Caleb continued his creepy obsession with Amber by still getting upset with the budding friendship of Amber and Cody. Frankie tested his waters to see if he would be okay with her going on the block as she is Team America’s target.

When it came to nominations, Cody placed his nominees in the box first, followed by Frankie. Cody nominated Brittany and Victoria while Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta.

While most Big Brother fans would disagree that Team America completed their mission by nominating Amber as the physical threat, CBS gave them the green light and each member received $5,000 for another mission complete.

For this week’s Battle of the Block competition, the four nominees were treated to a competition reminiscent of Big Brother 6. They had to maneuver around a massive chess board. Jocasta and Amber won the competition, leaving Brittany and Victoria on the block. Cody remained Head of Household and Frankie was dethroned.


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