Are Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds telling us we could possibly have another dramatic vote flip at the eviction this week? Well, we aren’t sure about that. But we do know that the eviction nominee slated to be evicted this week has found a rather unlikely ally in trying to keep themselves from going to Jury just yet.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

We left off in our last Big Brother Live Feeds report with Nicole campaigning hard to flip the vote so she doesn’t get evicted. Although several of those voting against her didn’t really seem to care whether it was her or Donny who gets booted this week, the vote against her still seemed firm. She wasn’t giving up though, and she was willing to take allies wherever she could get them.

12:55 PM – Nicole tells Derrick that Cody wants to vote to keep her in the house and send Donny packing instead. Derrick tells her that he would prefer this too. But he’s going to vote with the house.

1:25 AM – Nicole gives us some camera talk that she knows she is probably going to be evicted, but she’s not going to give up. She says a good player works to get themselves out of a bad situation.

1:30 AM – Derrick tells Christine that Nicole asked him if she should just give up and not even try to campaign. He says he told her he wouldn’t say to give up. But he said it wasn’t looking good.

1:40 AM – Nicole tells Christine that she talked to Cody and Derrick and they would vote for her to stay. Christine says if they said that to her they are lying. Nicole says the guys told her if Christine wants her to stay then she will. Christine says they are putting blame on her when it isn’t her fault and the guys would target her if Nicole didn’t go home. Christine swears there is nothing personal going on and that three guys told her if she didn’t get out Nicole they would come after her. She swears that her and Cody want Nicole to stay. (Liar, liar…)

1:50 AM – The campaign continues as Nicole tries to get Donny to say that he wants Frankie out so she can use it as leverage against him.

2:40 AM – Nicole talks to Derrick again and tries to swing his vote. He tells her that she is dangerous with how many competitions she has won.

2:50 AM – Nicole talks about how their season sucks without any showmances. Derrick and Zach say there was so because of her and Hayden. Nicole swears again that they two of them never even kissed. (Which they did, more than once.) Zach says, well, she’ll get to do it in Jury house then! Nicole says he is such an a**hole. Nicole accuses Zach of being the reason she is on the block. Zach laughs at her. They have a lovely lit spat back and forth that is well worth rewinding on the Live Feeds for.

3:10 AM – Another discussion about how Christine and Cody being so physically affectionate with each other is really weird considering she is married.

3:20 AM – Nicole chases and tackles Zach in the backyard and pulls up his underwear for a big wedgie.

3:45 AM – Zach pumps Nicole for information in the guise of saying he wants to keep her in the house. She thinks maybe she has gained a major ally in her efforts to stay… but she’s wary that he’s just trying to get her to tell him things.

Nicole tells Zach that if he helps save her that she will never, ever put him up on the block. Not even as a renom. She tells him that Donny wants Cody out. Zach says he can use that info and say Donny told him that directly. Zach tells Nicole that everyone thinks she is the biggest liar in the house. She is very upset by this and doesn’t want to go out of the game looking like a liar. She says she will blow up at the eviction to keep that from happening.

Zach asks about the alliance Hayden and Nicole made with Derrick and Cody. She won’t tell him the name of it. She tells Zach that it was Frankie and Christine who were behind the move to get Zach out. Nicole says Zach won’t make it very much further in the game without her support.

4:10 AM – Victoria tells Nicole to start making deals with people to stay in the house. She briefly talks about trying to get Caleb pissed at Frankie again about the stuff he said about Amber. Victoria says Caleb already knows all that. Nicole tells Victoria that she and Derrick have been working together since week three and now he’s voting her out.

5:00 AM – Victoria, Zach, and Nicole talk in the Hive room about plans to save Nicole. Zach is trying to find out everything Nicole knows about everything. He promises he will be working to keep her in the house, but it seems like deception to us to just get ammo for him to use against others in the future. Derrick gets dragged in to talk about a potential plan to save Nicole. Derrick only says if she has the votes to stay, he will vote with the house.

Derrick goes off and tells Christine he is going to “squash” this whole vote flip plan. Meanwhile, Zach talks to Cody about keeping Nicole. He says Nicole is not a danger but they don’t know bout Donny. Seems like Zach is kind of actually really campaigning for Nicole. Maybe he has realized that he is kind of on the outside of the ‘pack’ and is in serious danger once Nicole and Donny are gone. Maybe even before Donny is gone.

Derrick and Cody move quickly to smash any of this vote flip talk. They tell Zach that Nicole is a big liar and Zach doesn’t resist the push much. He concedes and says he will vote out Nicole as planned. Derrick, meanwhile, is smart enough to know they need Nicole out just in case Hayden comes back in the game so they can’t team up again.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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