After an eventful day of Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds on Friday, the Houseguests were a bit mellow in the overnight hours. The Detonators (+ Caleb) were in recovery mode after having their plans for this week’s eviction all shot to hell. Meanwhile, Victoria was in a wild state of paranoia about what might happen to her as a consequence of the Battle of the Block results.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

In our last Big Brother Live Feeds report, we left Derrick crying in the Head of Household room, although he wouldn’t tell Victoria why. She thought it was because he had to give his HoH photos of his family back, but things are a lot more complicated than that for Derrick right now.

12:00 AM – Zach gets to eat now that his Have-Not status is lifted. Donny has to wait because he gets called to the Diary Room. Zach stuffs his face.

12:10 AM – Victoria promises that if she wins the Power of Veto she won’t use it so that Derrick won’t be in danger of going up as a renom.

12:37 AM – Donny says anyone that wins the Power of Veto will use it that a renom will have to go up. Zach and Donny are thrilled to get to sleep in real beds. Donny lays out some things on a table and says if you have this person and this person and they are alone, you group them together and what do you get?

12:45 AM – Zach wants to know if Donny will vote to keep him if he goes up as a renom at the Veto Meeting. Donny says he will vote to keep Zach even if the rest of the house does not. Donny is trying to firm up an alliance between the two of them because he really has no one in the house right now. He tells Zach he doesn’t have anyone and he can’t keep doing it by himself.

12:55 AM: Derrick says that Donny knows Christine tried to throw the Battle of the Block. Cody talks about Donny asking about the Skittles colors at the draw for nominations. He obviously suspects something about how he ended up a nominee. They talk about how the BotB competitions are made now that only one person can win it. They suspect production has changed them that way because people were throwing their nominee partners under the bus by throwing the comps.

1:10 Am – Derrick is upset that viewers may be supporting Donny, especially since he thinks production is. The Houseguests could hear applause from production when Donny won the Battle of the Block by himself.

1:25 AM – Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie laugh about Donny trying to make moves to get some alliances at this point in the game. They talk about how Donny was trying to cozy up to Caleb because they were both country guys. Caleb wonders if he should ask Donny to use the Veto on him if he wins it. Derrick says not to talk to Donny at all.

1:40 AM – Zach and Frankie agree that Donny is a major threat if he makes it to the final Head of Household Competition. They also talk about how Caleb is really funny now and so much more a normal guy now that Amber is gone.

Derrick and Caleb talk in the Hive room. Derrick is worried Zach might say the wrong things to Donny. Caleb says they can always cover up by saying Zach is such a liar. They think there will be a buy back and Hayden will probably come back in the game.

2:00 Am – Derrick and Caleb talk about possibilities for replacement nominees. Derrick is trying to avoid his pawn girl/final 2 deal mate Victoria getting evicted. He pushes for trying to get Zach out again. Caleb is on board with this idea. Derrick says Zach will stab them in the chest, not even in the back. Caleb says if there is money in the Power of Veto contest, he will go for it. Derrick thinks Donny might go for money too since he is safe. Caleb says Frankie would be okay targeting Zach to go out. Cody comes in and they all agree Victoria isn’t really a threat.

Derrick and Christine talk about Battle of the Block and production telling Christine she had to use the puzzle pieces she picked up so she couldn’t just hide them to throw the competition. Production blocks the feeds briefly. Derrick says Donny is the fan favorite and that every year there are alliances America doesn’t like and they are it.

2:55 AM – Cody and Christine talk and Cody jokes about going home and pretending like he is still on the show. Christine hopes her family doesn’t hate her. Christine talks about how she’s said things about guys being hot and stuff and wishes she hadn’t. Random chatter and bed time.

Stay tuned for more in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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