We admit we have been slacking on our Big Brother Live Feeds reports a bit recently because frankly there just hasn’t been much going on. Last night, however, we did have some almost fun Big Brother spoilers to report. We say “almost” because it all went to sh*t in the end and just left us right back where we started again.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

3:40 PM – Frankie tells Caleb he feels weird about evicting Donny. Caleb thinks it sucks that Donny will go home before Victoria because he has earned his way this far and she hasn’t. Some of the Houseguests are practically convinced there will be another double eviction tonight, especially since they still don’t know they are going to be in the house an extra week for a later finale than they thought.

4:20 PM – Cody and Christine snuggle and hold hands. We think her husband is probably clenching his teeth a lot right now, if he can even stand watching them anymore.

5:40 PM – Derrick, Christine, and Cody talk about how gross Frankie is. He cuts his toenails in the living room, he pees on the toilet seat, he is totally unsanitary. Cody thinks production should show how gross Frankie is and that he doesn’t even really wash the dishes when he does them. Derrick says Frankie said he can’t wait to get back to hotels where people clean things for him.

5:50 PM – Frankie tells Derrick they will find out during the live show if their Team America mission was a success. Julie will ask them what they would want for a Have-Not food. They are supposed to say Apple Pie. If she says wish granted, they succeeded. If she says wish denied, they failed. Frankie leaves and Derrick talks to the cameras and says he is nervous they put their trust in Frankie this week and he hopes it worked.

6:10 PM – Caleb rants against Obama and how he only got voted into office was because of all the kids turning 18 who voted for him because he was black. Yep, that’s pretty much the gist of it. He also says it was entirely Obama’s fault that soldiers didn’t get paid when the government was shutdown. Caleb seems to believe there was something really fishy going on that Obama won the second election. Frankie tries to educate Caleb on how the government and electoral college works… but Caleb doesn’t really care about anything except how Obama is evil and stuff.

6:40 PM – Frankie and Derrick tell Donny about how Julie will let them know if the Team America mission succeeded. Donny says Caleb told him he would vote for him if the house majority did. Derrick says that same thing happened to Nicole that people lied about that. Frankie says he thinks they will get the 5k for the mission this week. He leaves.

Donny still hasn’t given up on not going home this week and campaigns again to Derrick to help save him. Derrick blames Frankie entirely for Donny being the big target and says the house is decided and there is nothing he can do. He thinks they will fail at the Team America mission this week. Donny says they could have more missions and he’s trustworthy as anyone else. Derrick says Cody is in charge and he can’t do anything.

7:00 PM – Caleb defies the rules and talks about production. He thinks CBS has been manipulating competitions so that they turn out how they want, specifically as it relates to Donny still being in the house.

7:16 PM – Derrick talks to the cameras and says he could flip the house vote if he wanted to. He’s very full of himself at this point.

7:20 PM – Now Caleb is actively campaigning to keep Donny in the house instead of Nicole. He thinks Donny can’t win an endurance or physical challenge but that Nicole might. So she is more likely to possibly win Head of Household this week and put the guys in a bad place. Frankie is on board with this but thinks Cody will get angry over it. They decide to discuss it with Cody.

7:30 PM – Caleb talks to Cody about the eviction. He says they are targeting Donny because that is who Cody wants but Nicole could be more of a threat in an endurance competition. Derrick and Frankie join in and argue for the pros of keeping Donny over Nicole. Cody will not budge even though earlier in the week he didn’t seem to care that much about Donny going out and, in fact, had wanted to target Frankie as a renom. (Of course, Frankie doesn’t know that.) Cody says they have a better chance of getting a good result out of Nicole being HoH than Donny being HoH if it comes to that. Cody says there is no way he is going to flip.

7:37 PM – Donny tells Derrick he would never put Team America on the block and he wouldn’t want to put up Caleb either. Derrick says he will try for him but he’s not feeling good about it.

7:55 PM – Frankie hardcore now wants Nicole to be evicted rather than Donny. Cody wants exactly the opposite. Derrick and Caleb won’t defy Cody and they decide that it will have to be Donny who goes to Jury this week. Frankie is not pleased.

8:20 PM – Frankie tells Derrick that Cody is saying he controls Nicole and Christine. Frankie absolutely thinks Nicole is going to put him on the block if she wins Head of Household and then she will get Christine on her side and it will be curtains.

8:30 PM – Derrick and Caleb discuss what will happen if Nicole wins Head of Household. Frankie joins them again and he’s still pissed they won’t listen to him. Frankie says Cody wants Nicole to stay because he has her in his pocket. Derrick and Caleb say they have to vote with the house.

8:50 PM – Derrick and Caleb agree Donny will go home.

9:15 PM – Derrick is manipulating Nicole into making sure she puts up Frankie on the block and not him if she wins Head of Household. He’s making sure she knows Frankie is campaigning against her but that she is safe and has his vote and won’t get evicted.

9:28 PM – Nicole gives a long pep talk to herself and talks to the cameras in the Fire Bedroom.

9:40 PM – Caleb says that if Nicole wins they can probably control at least one of her nominations but Donny will probably target two of the guys.

10:30 PM – Frankie goes skinny dipping in the hot tub and says he tried all he could to save Donny.

11:20 PM – Caleb tells Donny he would like him to stay but he is only one vote and can’t go against the house.

11:40 PM – Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie think Cody doesn’t want Nicole to be evicted because none of the girls will target him so that gives him more numbers.

12:10 AM – Caleb and Derrick still talking about the idea of keeping Donny over Nicole but nothing happening with that.

12:50 AM – Victoria tells Derrick that if Nicole won Head of Household, she would probably nominate Frankie and Christine, and not Victoria or Derrick. She leaves and Frankie comes in. Frankie and Derrick beg to the cameras to vote for them to win the Team America mission. Derrick appeals to all the Ariana Grande fans to vote for her brother. They promise to follow people on Twitter who take screenshots of themselves voting for Team America to win.

Meanwhile, Christine and Cody snuggle in the kitchen while the cameras zoom in on their every move.

2:00 AM – Frankie, Derrick, and Victoria talk about Christine and Cody snuggling up in the HoH room. Frankie says condoms are vanishing and they talk about how the show would get high ratings if they were bumping uglies. Caleb says it certainly would be if Christine ends up getting divorced over it. Caleb says Cody and Christine hold hands all the time. Derrick says Christine’s husband is going to snap. Caleb says yeah, if he hasn’t already moved out. Caleb says Christine gave Cody one of her rings to wear on his pinky, not her wedding ring though.

2:40 AM – Cody is freaked out by the vote flip almost happening. Christine comforts him and says they have to evict Donny. The two of them seem closer than ever despite the Zingbot warning that Cody may be making an enemy out of Christine’s husband. Christine leaves to go to bed and they exchange I love yous.

That’s pretty much a wrap for the night. We got all excited that the ‘save Donny’ movement might actually bear some fruit, only to have it fall apart and die out. Bummer!

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