We hoped to bring you exciting Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on Monday, but mostly it was just another day of the Houseguests failing to make big moves and spice up the game. Instead of having a dramatic, awesome backdoor move at the Power of Veto Meeting, it was just more of the same boring routine.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

At the Power of Veto Ceremony on Monday, Head of Household Caleb missed a grand opportunity to make a big move in the house by backdooring Frankie onto the block and then out the door on Thursday. Instead, he was convinced to hold back and put up Victoria as the replacement nominee instead.

Nicole and Victoria aren’t the only ones who think Caleb passed up a chance to do something huge for his game and get Frankie out. We pretty much think he made the wrong move as well.

5:00 PM – Victoria and Nicole have been talking on and off all day about the Veto Meeting and the upcoming Head of Household Competition. Victoria says she is really displeased with Cody and Derrick being so close. She wants to put Cody up on the block if she wins Head of Household. (Don’t nobody get between Victoria and her man!)

5:25 PM – Cody and Christine whine about how they will never get to hang out after the show is over. Christine complains that she lives in a terrible town. We are betting Christine’s husband and family will be VERY glad if the two of them never ‘hang out’ again.

6:20 PM – The Big Brother 2014 cast are almost entirely delusional about which Houseguests are America’s favorites and might win favorite player. In particular, no one seems to think the viewers liked Donny all that much. Well, except for Nicole, who seems to have a clue that Donny was liked by America.

6:45 PM – Cody talks to Derrick about eviction order and he wants Caleb to go before Christine. He says Caleb is an idiot and tells Frankie everything. Derrick says he is also not fond of Christine. Derrick says they probably should have sent Frankie to Jury.  They talk about how Caleb may have chosen not to backdoor Frankie because of the ‘celebrity’ thing and Frankie’s sister. Because maybe it would screw up his hopeful future country music career. (LOL)

7:10 PM – Frankie and Derrick talk about the backdoor plan that didn’t happen. Derrick tells Frankie he didn’t know about it last night… Yeah, right. Derrick says he talked Caleb down about putting up Frankie (hahaha) and argued that Frankie was an ally. Derrick claims Caleb was just speculating and talking about scenarios, it wasn’t really a big plan or anything. (hahahahahahah)

7:25 PM – Nicole says if they don’t evict Cody soon, he’s going to go to the final two with Christine.

7:30 PM – Derrick and Cody speculate on whether or not Cody is gay because he would rather hang out with the girls than the guys. (If that logic was true, then Frankie must be the straightest man alive, because he is ALL over the guys, all the time.) Derrick says Frankie thinks Cody could be gay.

7:50 PM – Victoria gets pissy with Derrick because he was whispering for a long time with Cody. He gets pissy right back.

8:45 PM – Christine and Frankie talk about what an “idiot” Victoria is and how she’s stupid and doesn’t understand stuff. It’s not very nice.

9:15 PM – Christine and Cody talk about previous Houseguests. Christine hates Evel Dick Donato and is amazed Dan made it so far on season 14. Cody says Dan got lucky. Christine thinks Danielle was a great player.

9:30 PM – Victoria tells Nicole she would never let Derrick leave over her. She says she would be a mess if Derrick left. Victoria starts to cry when Nicole says the house would send Derrick home before her because that would be the best game move. Nicole says Caleb wants to take Cody to the final two.

9:55 PM – Extremely codependent Victoria cries some more over the thought that Derrick might get evicted before she does. Derrick tries to comfort her. She is so attention seeking, geesh. He’s married honey! With kids!

10:20 PM – Nicole b*tches about her fate and says trusting Cody was her biggest mistake in the game.

12:00 AM – Nicole says Caleb was a wimp for what he did at the Veto Meeting. Meanwhile, Derrick and Christine speculate on a possible Double Eviction week.

And honestly… nothing else very interesting happened the rest of the night. The eviction is pretty much set and we aren’t expecting any sudden attempts at a vote flip this week. So it’s all about the next HoH and the Double Eviction coming up — although the Houseguests don’t know for sure about that happening yet.

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