The Big Brother spoilers coming off the Live Feeds the past few days have been such a tease. We were all excited about what would happen at the Power of Veto Meeting, only to end up being extremely disappointed. Once again, we had the possibility of an awesome backdoor plan of a major player, and then it just fizzled out. Now everyone is just basically sitting around waiting for the next eviction and not much else is going on.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Frankie & Derrick (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 cast – Frankie & Derrick (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Not much exciting to report from the daytime hours on Tuesday. The Detonators are obviously starting to implode as they get closer to the end of the game. The only question is which one of them will be the next one out. Right now, it is looking like a close call between Christine, Cody, and Frankie, depending on who wins the next Head of Household Competition.

3:00 PM – Derrick and Caleb discuss getting Christine to put Frankie on the block if she wins the HoH. When Frankie joins them, he talks about stuff Christine has been saying and he wants her to go on the block. Ah, such a tangled web…

3:15 PM – Christine slams Frankie and how much she hates him. She and Cody think he needs to be evicted before Victoria. Convincing her to put Frankie up on the block if she wins HoH doesn’t look like a difficult task.

3:25 PM – Frankie and Derrick talk about Cody and Christine whispering. Derrick says Christine is trying to get Cody to be her number one ally.

4:35 PM – Caleb says it is obvious that Christine is totally in love with Cody. He says that it’s crazy and bad and Christine is just “melted” into Cody. He talks to the cameras and tells Christine’s husband to just “sign the divorce papers” because “they are in love” and there is nothing he can do. Nothing anyone can do. Derrick tells the camera that he loves his wife Jenna and he has his ring on! Caleb says yeah, you notice Victoria isn’t wandering around wearing Derrick’s ring like Cody has been with Christine’s ring.

5:30 PM – Caleb can’t wait to get out and meet some chicks, hot Big Brother fans. Frankie says he doesn’t sleep with fans because it doesn’t turn out well. Caleb says he liked Jessie from BB15 because she had a nice butt.

5:40 PM – Christine tells Derrick she is thinking about going after Frankie and putting up Victoria as a pawn. Derrick says not to go after Victoria because she is not a threat. (When is that going to get old to people and they will figure you out Derrick?) Christine says it is hard to guess who will win in the end because, like, Ian did nothing to win Big Brother.

5:45 PM – The Houseguests are on indoor lockdown after what appears to be another incident of fans yelling into the backyard. Nothing on what they said except perhaps they might have yelled Derrick’s name.

6:15 PM – Cody yells about pooping. He says he is sooooooooooo bored. So are we dude, so are we.

7:50 PM – Christine talks about taking too many birth control pills and feeling weird.

8:48 PM – Christine sighs and says she misses her husband Tim to the cameras. Yeah, you better suck up girl. She talks about being on antidepressants and how they killed all her emotions. She says she got off of them and then she got pregnant… and the feeds cut out. (This has happened several times when Christine has mentioned being pregnant… she does not have a kid that we know of.) Feeds flip back and forth as Victoria and Christine talk about antidepressants and whether or not Big Brother gives them to people… and then the feeds flip totally off them.

9:45 PM – Victoria and Nicole have a long talk. They smack talk about Christine. Nicole thinks that Frankie will go home if he doesn’t win HoH or PoV. Nicole tells Victoria not to fall for Cody’s fakeness. They both love Derrick. Derrick pretty much has this Jury locked if he makes it to final two.

10:45 PM – Frankie talks to Cody and wants to know if Cody is concerned he might put him on the block if he wins HoH. Cody says he trusts Frankie and wants to know if Caleb told Frankie otherwise. They mutually promise not to go after each other, which means nothing.

11:40 PM – Christine smack talks Frankie to Derrick again. She pretty much says she will go after Frankie if there is a Double Eviction (which there is).

12:10 AM – Frankie says he would have been destroyed if the guys had backdoored him this week. Lucky for him, Caleb didn’t have the balls to do it.

1:30 AM – Derrick and Cody agree that they think Frankie and Christine will target each other if one of them wins HoH.

2:05 PM – Caleb and Frankie talk about Derrick and it’s obvious they just don’t get how much of a threat he is in the final game. Frankie wants to know who suggested that should be backdoored this week. Caleb tries to wiggle out of talking about it. He pretty much places the blame on Cody because he wanted to keep Nicole in the game on his side.

Frankie is worried that Derrick may try to sneak Victoria to the end so he can win over her. Caleb says Derrick is the most trustworthy person in the house. Really guys, he is so going to steal this game from you!

3:00 AM – Frankie is concerned that Christine will come after him. He tells Derrick that he thinks Christine has stolen Cody’s loyalty.

3:50 AM – Frankie campaigns to Victoria for safety and she promises she would vote to keep him. Actually, she’ll vote however Derrick tells her to.

Derrick talks to the cameras and says he is the only parent left in the house. He hopes he is making everyone proud and gives shoutouts to Helen, Shelly, and Elissa. He says he needs to keep playing up the ‘weak’ persona.

Derrick and Victoria talk about having each other’s backs and what would happen if one of them left before the other. She leaves, he talks to the cameras a bit more before going off to bed.

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