After the dramatic Battle of the Block Competition on CBS Big Brother 16 on Sunday, Frankie apparently decided it was time to spill all his secrets to the rest of the Houseguests.

Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande (Instagram)

Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande (Instagram)

We know from Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds how the rest of the cast reacted to his news about famous sister Ariana Grande and how he’s so rich he wants to give his BB16 money to charity. Now we’re curious to see how CBS will edit it all down for this week’s Power of Veto show.

In addition to Frankie gloating about how much money he has and how many YouTube followers adore him, we’ll also have the results of the week 7 Power of Veto Competition and Meeting. Of course, if you just can’t wait to find out the Big Brother 2014 spoilers on those, you can check out the results here right now.

Join us for our live Big Brother recap below of the Power of Veto episode for week 7 starting right now!

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We start off the evening with a mini-recap of events leading up to tonight’s show, wrapping up with Frankie’s amazing solo win at the Battle of the Block Competition while his teammate Caleb just sat and watched.

With the whole house against him, Frankie thinks now is the time to pull his “ace card” and reveal that he is brother to famous pop singer Ariana Grande. Oh, and that he’s rich and has millions of adoring YouTube fans and stuff.

Nicole says this is the worst possible scenario to come out of the Battle of the Block. She’s been dethroned, Frankie is safe, and she can only hope that Christine will honor their deal not to backdoor each other.

Frankie and Zach get into it with Zach accusing Frankie of lying to him this whole time. In Diary Room, Zach says Frankie was his best friend in the house and he is feeling very angry and betrayed.

Frankie says it is Big Brother, of course people lie. They go back and forth yelling at each other. Frankie says he is the reason Zach is still in the house. Zach says that is a big lie. Caleb confronts Frankie with telling the girls that he wanted to put up his Detonators allies. Zach says he is done with Frankie and it is over.

Zach says Frankie is a manipulator who turned on the guys who were supporting him. Derrick tells them all to stop yelling and take the conversation to a private room so they don’t spill everything in the world to all the Houseguests.

Frankie says he has been lying to everyone the entire game. He says he was on Broadway but he isn’t anymore.  He is a “media mogul” and “YouTube personality” with 1.5 million followers. He also tells them his sister is pop star Ariana Grande. The faces Cody makes through all this are hilarious.

Frankie says he was playing the game really paranoid and that’s why he threw them all under the bus. In Diary Room, he says he hopes telling everyone the 100 percent truth will distract them from hating him and he can reform relationships in the house to get to the end.

We have to grin a bit when Zach says all of the guys are who they say they are out of the house… and the camera pans to Derrick, who has been lying the whole time about his job and not telling anyone he is a cop. He has, in fact, directly denied it.

Frankie denies he is a millionaire (although recent reports argue otherwise), and says he is playing the game to give the money to a charity he is involved with for kids in Africa. Caleb asks Frankie if he is even gay. Frankie, who looks like a glittering pink and blue fairy, says yes, he is VERY gay.

In Diary Room, Zach says Frankie has built a house of likes, who is he? Frankie swears that he loves all of them.

After telling the guys, Frankie goes to have a “fun time” to tell girls. Especially since he hasn’t done anything bad to any of them so he doesn’t have to apologize. Victoria literally loses it and starts screaming she is so excited. Nicole says she is going to kill him. Christine looks less impressed. In Diary Room, she says if Frankie thinks he is going to win the whole house over with this, he is sadly mistaken.

Victoria says in Diary Room that Frankie is using his sister’s fame as a scapegoat and that isn’t going to work. Zach says that it is very relevant that Frankie is going to donate all his money to charity. He and Derrick think this is totally strategy to try to divert attention from all his lying.

Zach is very upset in Diary Room and in tears over Frankie. He yells why is he even wasting his time trying to compete against someone who has probably already win America’s Favorite because he’s famous and he’s competing to give the money to kids in Africa. Why not just go ahead and give him the money!

Victoria and Derrick talk about Frankie’s reveal. Derrick says they shouldn’t treat Frankie any differently. It’s not like he’s going to take her to meet Ariana Grande or something after the show. Then we get a montage of clips of Victoria crying and Derrick comforting her to make sure he has her vote in hand. He has a final two deal with Victoria and another one with Cody, so he has his back covered two ways.

Victoria asks if Frankie is still everyone’s target and Derrick says yes. Derrick says that is why Frankie decided to do his big reveal, to try to get people to fawn over the celebrity thing and turn back to his side.

Time to choose the Power of Veto Competition. Zack says in Diary Room that he doesn’t even care what happens after his best friend in the house has betrayed him so badly. Christine pulls the first random player to join her, Zach, and Donny in the competition and it is Derrick. Zach pulls Caleb’s name. Donny grabs Nicole’s name.

Big Brother Power of Veto Competition:

Time for the Veto Competition and OTEV is back! In each round, the Houseguests have to slide down a waterfall and search for a drink named after a formerly evicted cast member. They have to collect the drinks fast because each round there will be one less spot for a Houseguest in the competition.

The competition comes down to Zach, Caleb, and Derrick in the final three. Zach says he has to win the Veto because you never know what’s going to happen. His own bros tried to get him out last week, so there is no safety for anyone. Derrick gets eliminated and Zach tells Caleb in a whisper that he can throw the competition because he can’t go up this week. Caleb laughs in Diary Room and says he is done throwing competitions. That’s okay though, because Zach manages to nab the win anyway.

After the win, Frankie goes to hug Zach and Zach tries to refused but Frankie makes him do it anyway. Donny says Zach won the Power of Veto and that’s not good for him. Now his fate is in what OTEV called “those moron’s” hands and that is not a very safe place to be. Christine is also not happy because this is the worst outcome and it means more blood on her hands. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do this week.

Frankie says now that Zach is safe they should have a conversation. Zach says yes they should. He says he loves Frankie as a person but he hates him as a game player right now. Frankie just wants it all to be in the past so they can be best friends again. Zach says they are best friends and Frankie is the smartest, funniest person he has ever met in his entire life. He says he was hurt bro and he feels like his wife just cheated on him.

In Diary Room, Zach says he can do some acting himself. If Frankie wants to cozy back up to the Zach Attack, then he can do that and make him think all is fine between them. If he gets a chance though, he is so getting Frankie out.

Victoria and Zach talk and she says she is so happy for him. He talks about how Frankie was all sucking up to him. Victoria asks if Zach trusts him again. Zach says Frankie got paranoid about playing the game and that’s what happened between them. Victoria is like, really? Zach tries to pump Victoria for any information he can. He decides to tell her all kinds of things about the alliances he has been in to try to win a new ally to his side. He spills all about The Detonators and she says wow.

In Diary Room, Victoria says she feels betrayed by Derrick and her heart is broken right now. Zach tells Victoria to just keep everything between the two of them and don’t tell Derrick no matter what.

Victoria tells Nicole that Zach just put all the cards out on the table. Victoria cries and says she feels so stupid for trusting Derrick. In Diary Room, Victoria says she just feels confused and alone.

Victoria tells Zach that she feels like she was cheated on by Derrick from what he told her. He says he told Derrick everything in the house. Zach says he hasn’t betrayed her, they weren’t in an alliance. Victoria says if Derrick finds out he told her all that stuff, they would both be targets. In Diary Room, Zach says he was an idiot and he needs to cover his butt.

Zach goes and tells Derrick that he told Nicole a bunch of stuff and she revealed The Detonators to Victoria. So, basically, lying through his teeth. Derrick says in Diary Room that he doesn’t trust Zach and he needs to protect his relationship with Victoria. Zach says Victoria was crying that he betrayed her and Zach tried to reassure her that no, he still has her back like he always has.

Derrick tells Nicole and Victoria that Nicole told Victoria a bunch of lies about him. Nicole says Zach is totally lying. Derrick says that what was said is not true and that he is not in an alliance with Zach. He says he has been nothing but loyal to Victoria and like a big brother to her. He says the last person he would tell anything to would be Zach.

To cover his tracks, Derrick actually calls Zach and the guys up into the HoH room with Victoria and Nicole. He says he confronted Nicole about what Zach said about what Nicole said to Victoria. Zach admits that he lied and said Nicole said it but it was actually him that told Victoria. Derrick says he respects him for telling him the truth. Victoria and Zach start yelling at each other and Derrick couldn’t be happier because now all the blame has been totally distracted from him.

Team America’s mission this week was to convince a pawn to go up on the block and then vote them out. With Donny on the block, Derrick says, that’s just too risky. So Donny is in no position to complete this mission and they agree they are going to have to give it up, including Frankie.

Derrick talks to Cody and Caleb. He says it is a huge problem that Zach told Nicole they were working together. That makes Nicole dangerous and she might put them up. Caleb says he will go up to Christine and tell her that Nicole made a deal with him to throw the Battle of the Block so she could backdoor Christine.

So Caleb goes up and tells Christine that people are talking and saying that she and Nicole made up and are working together. She’s like, what is happening? Christine says they only made a deal that they would not backdoor each other. Caleb says Nicole told him that if he threw the BotB, she would backdoor Christine. He and Zach tells Christine that Nicole has lying to everyone and that if she doesn’t put Nicole up, then everyone is going to think she really is working with Nicole.

Zach and Caleb basically are like, you can’t play in the next Head of Household Competition. So if you don’t put up Nicole… well, you are screwed, In Diary Room, Christine says she doesn’t know what to do.

If she doesn’t put up Nicole, The Detonators won’t trust her. If she puts up Nicole, she loses her best friend in the house. (Actually, they haven’t been friends for weeks based on what we’ve seen on the Big Brother Live Feeds and have been backstabbing each other repeatedly.)

Big Brother Power of Veto Meeting:

At the Power of Veto Meeting, Zach uses the PoV on himself, of course. Christine says things change hourly in the house, and she is going to return it to it’s owner, knowing that it can’t be used again. Christine decides to side with where the numbers are and puts up Nicole on the block, betraying her deal with her.

Donny is worried that he might be in trouble up against sweet little Nicole. Derrick isn’t sure who they should send home, since they are both good at competitions. Nicole cries in the Diary Room and says she doesn’t know what Christine was talking about and she doesn’t even want to be around these people anymore.

That’s a wrap! Join us here on Thursday night for our live Big Brother recap of the week 7 eviction!


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