We have new Big Brother spoilers for the second Head of Household Competition! In a promo video for part two of the Big Brother 16 premiere, we get a brief glimpse of the challenge, which turns out to be totally different than the first one last night. And, wait, could it be that CBS may have also let slip a little Big Brother 2014 spoilers leak about who wins?

Big Brother 16 Premiere Night 2

Big Brother 16 Houseguests (CBS)

On the first night of the Big Brother 2014 premiere last night, we met eight of the sixteen Houseguests and found out who won the first Head of Household Competition of the season.  On the second part of the premiere this evening, we’ll have another HoH challenge to determine, for the first time in the show’s history, who the second Head of Household will be for week one.

Based on the CBS Big Brother 16 promo video just released, it looks like they decided to partially re-use the backyard competition setup from last night, but change things around a lot. Instead of trying to walk on a rolling beam while holding on to a kite like last night, it appears the Houseguests will be desperately clinging to the thing with hands and feet as it rolls back and forth. And the floor is lava!

In the very brief glimpses we get of the second HoH competition, we saw something very interesting that might just be a bit of Big Brother spoilers info on who wins. Near the end of the clip, we see a flash of what looks like Hayden Voss and Caleb Reynolds giving each other the high five and a big man hug. Could this mean that one of the two of them is going to walk away with the win? Check out the screen shots below.

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through.)

Does it look to you like either Hayden or Caleb probably won the second Head of Household Competition? Or do you think CBS is intentionally yanking our chain to make us think so with this promo sneak peek? They do like to do such things with their Survivor promos every season, so you never know!

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