The Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on Thursday were awesome fun and we could barely manage to go sleep last night with all the drama going on after the evictions. The whole house was turned upside down and everything was turning up roses for the guys. And then we had the second Head of Household Competition results.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Nicole

Big Brother 2014 cast – Nicole

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Our last Big Brother Live Feeds report left off with the Houseguests hitting the sack in the wee hours of Thursday morning. When production put out the wakeup call only a few hours later, the Big Brother 16 cast was quickly back to scheming for the Double Eviction they suspected was about to happen.

9:30 AM – Production wakes up the Houseguests and they gradually start moving about the house. We don’t really get anything interesting to report before the Live Feeds are blocked again for an extended period of time. We have no idea what was going on during that time.

12:30 PM – After the Live Feeds come back on, Derrick calms down a very pissed off Zach and tells him that he can’t let Hayden and Nicole in on what is going to happen at the eviction. He tells Zach again that he is safe, he is safe. Zach thinks he should talk to Victoria before Derrick goes after her to try to get her vote. Derrick says Zach should campaign for himself, yes. But don’t reveal that he knows anything that is going on.

Zach talks to Victoria and asks if she is voting to keep him. Victoria says that no one wants him to be evicted. Which is a lie, of course. He says he knows what is going on and she has to do what is best for her game. He says he will come after her if she votes to evict him and she’ll go on the block every week.

Victoria tells Derrick about her conversation with Zach. She wants to know if Zach knows he is being evicted this week (since that’s the last she heard). Derrick says that something is going on and he is waiting to find out exactly what when Cody and Frankie wake up. He tells her to be careful of what she says. The smooth-talking Derrick notes that it would be better if he did stay because then Victoria would be less of a target. Victoria says Derrick has some work to do. When she leaves, Derrick mouths to the camera, ‘I have work to do? Okay.’

2:00 PM – Christine tells Zach she can’t wait to see Nicole’s reaction when he isn’t voted out at the eviction. She really hopes they win the Head of Household Competition/s. She says Haycole is lying about all this stuff she and Frankie never said. (Or did they hmmm Christine?) She calls Nicole a b*tch and says she is jealous and talks about her and Cody all the time.

Zach says he is so pissed he is never going to talk to Hayden again and he’s going to make Nicole cry every day. Christine doesn’t want to be around Donny either. Zach says f**k all three of them. They agree it will probably be a 5 to 3 vote with Hayden, Donny, and Victoria voting against Zach. They think Haycole believes it will be an 8 to 0 against him.

3:13 PM – Live Feeds cut off for the live eviction show. Read our full recap of what happened during the episode here.

7:10 PM – Live Feeds return quickly after the show. We’ve just had Jocasta and Hayden evicted, and we don’t have a new Head of Household yet.

Victoria confronts Frankie about saying he wanted to get Zach out until last night. Frankie lies and says the plan was to keep Zach the whole time.

7:15 PM – Nicole tells Caleb she is shocked about what went on. Caleb tells her to move on. He can’t trust anyone  and he has to play the game for himself. He says Hayden and Nicole were probably a power couple and that is why they went up together and he knows she had Hayden’s back. She says of course she did, and she had Christine’s back and Frankie’s back and she wouldn’t have voted any of them out if they’d been up.  Zach asks Nicole if she wants to start an alliance so they can make up lies about everyone. Nicole tells him to leave her alone but he won’t.

7:20 PM – Nicole has a full meltdown in the Hive room with Christine. She doesn’t know what happened and feels like she can’t trust anyone. She tells Christine that Cody, Hayden, and Derrick made an alliance with her with a name and everything. But now it doesn’t mean anything. Christine talks about how Cody stopped touching Nicole and stuff all week and then suddenly started up again last night.

Christine tries to lie all over the place like the guys totally pulled the wool over her eyes and she doesn’t know what happened either. She says they played Victoria too. She says everyone was telling her lies about Nicole and made her feel like she couldn’t trust her. Nicole says she cried in Diary Room when she found out Christine had turned on her. Nicole says she is going home next and it’s fine, she doesn’t want to be in the house with Zach anymore.

Christine tries to make it like she’s totes Nicole’s bestest ever friend. She is all like I didn’t know what was really going on until ten minutes before the eviction and I’m so scared, wah wah wah. Nicole pretends all is well between them, but she doesn’t trust Christine one bit.

7:35 PM – Nicole thinks Cody and Derrick are behind the whole plan to blindside her and Hayden at the eviction and keep Zach. She’s half right.

Meanwhile, Cody, Frankie, and Zach talk about the eviction and everything that happened. Frankie and Cody are confessing to some — but not all — of what they did and said. They are all trying to get everything back to one big happy alliance family. Frankie tells Zach that Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, and Hayden were all working together. Zach says Donny is dead to him now. They all agree that Christine is playing both sides of the house. Well, Frankie is still trying to kind of defend Christine. Caleb notes that Christine is with Nicole right now and not them.

7:40 PM – Knowing she is pretty screwed in the house right now, Nicole tells Christine that she is the only person she can count on in the house now. She tells Christine she is sorry for previously throwing her under the bus.

7:52 PM – Caleb does not like that Christine wanted to talk to Nicole and he doesn’t trust her. As well he shouldn’t.

8:00 PM – Caleb, Cody, and Derrick tell Zach that Nicole wasn’t actually lying about Frankie and Christine wanting him to be evicted. (Victoria is listening in the background, they don’t even care.) Cody says they wanted him and Zach on the block. Derrick says Christine and Frankie were working with Haycole. He says that Frankie tells them everything and they know that Zach tells Frankie everything. Zach is now pissed at Frankie and thinks he is being played.

8:08 PM – Derrick tells Zach he has his back until the end. He says he is here for his family and he is playing an honest game and he won’t burn Zach. They exchange mutual I love yous. Cody comes in and says Christine blamed everything on him to Nicole and he so done with Christine. Frankie comes in and Cody tells Frankie that Christine is blaming everything on him.

8:13 PM – Caleb tells Frankie he believes that Nicole was telling the truth about him and Christine wanting Zach out.

8:17 PM – Derrick cozies up to Donny talking about how strong a player he is. He says he doesn’t understand why Caleb put up Donny when he is always saying he wants the strongest players in the game.

8:20 PM – Zach doesn’t know what to believe because everyone is telling him different stories about what happened. He says he needs to start thinking about his game. Cody tells him that Frankie and Christine wanted him up on the block from the start of the week.

8:40 Cody and Derrick congratulate each other on making a big move and getting Hayden out. Christine comes in and they both tell her they have her back. Christine says Nicole doesn’t trust Cody but she is more angry at Frankie.

8:50 PM – Zach tells Cody and Derrick that Christine and Frankie came to him for a final three. Derrick says they said he came to them. Cody and Derrick tell Zach if they didn’t trust him, he would have been evicted. Nicole comes in and Zach starts mock-flirting with her saying they should have a showmance. She says he is mean.

8:55 PM – Victoria says she knows she will have to go up on the block this week because there are only seven people that can and four have to be nominated. Meanwhile, Nicole packs up Hayden’s stuff since he didn’t get the chance before he was evicted.

9:10 PM – Zach tells Cody he was torn between him and Frankie but now he knows he should have been with Cody this whole time. They decide that Nicole is more trustworthy than Frankie and Christine. My, my, my.

9:30 PM – The Live Feeds cut out for the Head of Household Competition.

10:35 PM – The Live Feeds are back and it’s not good news for The Detonators. Christine and Nicole won. Cody thinks he is absolutely going to be going up on the block now.

10:43 PM – Nicole tells Zach that he is not her target. Zach has been weirdly flirting with her all evening. Now he tells her a love poem.

11:20 PM – Caleb gets his Head of Household basket but he’s mad that he doesn’t get any candy. He is a Have-Not for two weeks as a punishment from a previous competition. His HoH letter is from his mother.

11:45 PM – Christine and Nicole talk about nominations. They mutually agree that they will not attempt to backdoor the other person no matter who loses Battle of the Block. Frankie interrupts them and tries to explain what happened with Zach to Nicole. She doesn’t trust him at all. He wants to work with her and Christine. He leaves.

Christine and Nicole say they have to stick together or the guys are going to run right over them. They decide together that Christine will put up Zach and Donny, Nicole will put up Victoria and Caleb. Cody can be a possible backdoor option for both of them.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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