We have been waiting anxiously to find out who won Head of Household on Big Brother 16 for week two. With the crazy twists this season, there are two new HoHs every week, which makes things very unpredictable indeed in the house.

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Big Brother 16 cast (CBS)

Would we get two Bomb Squad members as HoHs and end up with the alliance ruling the house totally once again? Or would we get two underdogs in power that would shake up the whole power structure of the house?

After a very predictable live eviction vote on Thursday night, we were itching to see the new Heads of Household Competition. First off, we were curious how it would all work with crowning two HoHs in one night. We theorized that CBS Big Brother would make it a combo competition this time. So the two winners would either be the two who finished the challenge first, or lasted the longest, depending on what kind of comp it was.

The Heads of Household Competition turns out to be two identical challenges given back to back. First the girls compete, then the guys. So there will be one male HoH and one female HoH. The Houseguests have to cross back and forth across a balance been carrying beer kegs. The first to get all their kegs across in the BB Rager Competition wins.

In the first half of the competition, Amber runs away with the lead and never lets go, ending up as the first Head of Household for the week — a major boon for The Bomb Squad alliance.

And now we have the guys’ results! Hayden almost wins but mucks it up and the end, leaving the way open for Cody to walk away with the win! However, we break for a commercial to “review the tape” because there may have been a foul…

Oh dear! It seems that Cody fouled by his foot hitting the ground before he hit his button. So he is not the HoH. Instead, it is the person who was closest to finishing before him, which ends up being Devin. Well… that is certainly going to change a lot of plans in the house unless he loses the Battle of the Block. Even his own alliance, The Bomb Squad, was planning on booting him next!

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