We may already have the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on the Power of Veto results this week, but we can’t wait to actually watch the PoV Competition tonight. We admit to being total geeks who adore comic books, and this week’s Big Brother Power of Veto challenge is all comic book-themed!

Big Brother 16 Cast - Donny Comic Book Cover (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Cast – Donny Comic Book Cover (CBS)

We love it when CBS Big Brother gives us something a little extra special for a competition, and it looks like that’s what is going to happen with the Power of Veto challenge tonight. From the Big Brother 2014 spoilers we heard on the Live Feeds, it’s going to be quite the fun event — for us, not for the players. We actually got an audio sneak peek of the last part of the comp on Big Brother After Dark this past weekend and there was a LOT of yelling and cussing going on.

In the PoV Competition, the Big Brother 16 cast will be strung up on zip lines and have to memorize a scene as they zip past and then complete a puzzle based on it from memory. We had a competition like this last year and it was one of the best of the season. Check out these awesome comic book covers featuring some of the Big Brother 2014 cast made for the challenge tonight:

(Click the thumbnails for bigger versions or to scroll through.)

After we find out who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight, it will be on to the Power of Veto Meeting, where we will find out if the PoV gets used and what that will do to the current eviction plans in the works. Join us right here below for our live Big Brother recap of the week 6 Power of Veto show!

We kick off tonight as usual with a brief recap of the events leading up to tonight’s show. Including Nicole starting to doubt BFF Christine, Nicole and Donny winning HoH, and Nicole thinking about backdooring Frankie. We are also reminded that Caleb and Victoria took three punishments in the Battle of the Block, including Caleb shaving his head, and Victoria and Caleb being chained together in Adam and Eve costumes.

The Battle of the Block is over and Nicole is now the only Head of Household, with Zach and Jocasta still on the block as the eviction nominees. Zach is very pissed off at losing the BoB, especially to Victoria, who is notably one of the weakest players in the house. Frankie tries to talk to him but Zach tells him to leave him alone right now and stomps off alone to the Have-Not room.

In Diary Room, Zach says the game he plays puts a huge target on his back. It all comes down to the Power of Veto Competition this week.

Jocasta says in Diary Room that she’s been on the block four times this season so far. But she has to smile and be happy about it. She says she is going to keep pushing and isn’t headed out that door any time soon.

Caleb is glad he is safe this week but having to shave his “beautiful hair,” having to eat slop for two more weeks, and be chained to a “nincompoop” for 48 hours sucks. Frankie tells Caleb he is going to want to have sex with him even more now. Caleb just stomps around and ignores him.

Nicole and Victoria celebrate the Battle of the Block results. Nicole tells Victoria “good job” on winning and that she is so proud of you. Nicole says in Diary Room that she’s super excited she is still Head of Household and her nominees are still on the block. But her real target is Frankie.

Caleb moans over the food Zach is making in the kitchen. Zach says he chose to be on slop for two weeks. Caleb retorts that no, he chose to be a winner and Zach chose to be a loser. Zach says he chose to be a winner too, he just failed at it. Caleb says and he won and he’s in a worst predicament than Zach is. Christine looks at them like… ouch! Caleb complains that his hair won’t be back to normal for at least two months after being shaved.

In Diary Room, Zach b*tches that Caleb is not in a worse situation than him. He would shave his head, legs, and toes not to be on the block! He says surviving is what counts, not your pretty boy looks you boob! He tells Caleb that he is on the block because of Victoria and that is awful. Caleb agrees that is true.

Frankie asks Nicole what she wants to happen this week. She hesitates to answer. She says she wants Zach to go she guesses. Frankie says yeah, because he is the only one coming for you. He says that people are on board with Zack going out this week. Frankie wants to know who she would pick to play Power of Veto if she draws Houseguest choice. Would it be Hayden? She tells him she doesn’t know.

In Diary Room, Nicole says all Frankie is trying to do is get information out of her. He’s trying to feel out what she is going to do and be buddy buddy with her. But she doesn’t trust him. Back in the HoH room, Frankie says he would keep the nominations the same. Frankie says he doesn’t know if it will be this week, but there is going to be an all out war soon. He can smell the blood. Nicole says in Diary Room that if there is going to be any blood this week, he hopes it is his on her hands come eviction time.

Victoria and Caleb are called to the Diary Room and everyone knows it is time for them to dress up in their Adam and Eve punishment costumes and get chained together. The outfits are actually kind of cute, but we feel really bad for both of them to have to be chained to each other. Caleb never bathes or brushes his teeth. Victoria won’t stop primping in mirrors every five minutes.

Frankie says it is going to be a double murder with the two of them chained together. In Diary Room, Frankie says the two of them absolutely hate each other. This is going to be way more like hell than Eden. When the two of them come out, Caleb says he is Beast Mode Adam and Victoria says she is Princess Victoria.

In Diary Room, the two of them are already at each other. Victoria asks Caleb doesn’t he want to lotion himself before he walks around. Caleb says no, Adam and Eve didn’t have lotion or wedges or makeup or sparkles for your face. She complains his skin is dry, doesn’t he want to look hot? Then we get to see Caleb having to go to the bathroom chained to Victoria through the door.

Next it’s time for Caleb to get his head shaved. Victoria says Caleb volunteered to shave his head, but he says he did not. Caleb promises his beautiful hair that he loves it and will use whatever Miracle Gro he has to to bring it back to life and he will see it again soon.

Zach says watching Caleb get his head shaved is “erotic” and “so hot” — typical Zach. Victoria shaves it down the middle first and then whacks the rest of it off. In Diary Room, Frankie says watching a practically naked man get shaved with this vibrating clip passing through his thick, manly hair, and it reveals this perfectly round skull…

Derrick talks in Diary Room about Nicole talking to him about backdooring Frankie and making an alliance with him, Hayden, and Cody. They get together to solidify the deal so that Nicole won’t think they are threats to her game. She tells them that if the Power of Veto is used, she will put Frankie up. Derrick says if they stay loyal to each other, they should be able to get everyone else out before they have to think about each other.

In Diary Room, Derrick says he now has The Hitmen, The Detonators, and now this alliance as well. Cody and him are trying to cover all sides but if Frankie goes up, that could show their cards. Nicole says she has been waiting her whole life to form an alliance on Big Brother in the HoH room.

Hayden says in Diary Room that he is happy to finally be making some moves. They talk about names and Hayden suggests Quadtropolis. Nicole says she can’t even pronounce it. They settle on The Rationale, which Derrick says is totally silly. They all think it is kind of dorky. Derrick says in Diary Room if Frankie goes out, he will be Team Rationale, if he doesn’t, he’s Detonators all the way.

Christine tells Nicole she doesn’t think Zach is going home and he thinks he is completely safe. In Diary Room, she says her and Nicole have been drifting apart and she needs to know where Nicole’s head is at. Nicole says what if she put someone else up and didn’t put up Donny. Christine says she should put up one of the other guys. She tells Nicole that Zach says she wants Hayden to stay and that Hayden has been talking a lot to Victoria. She says Zach thinks they made out. In Diary Room, Christine says she doesn’t know if that may have happened or not, but a little doubt in Nicole’s mind is a good thing.

Nicole tells Hayden about her conversation with Christine, including the thing about him making out with Victoria. Hayden says that is 100 percent not true. Nicole says that is so mean that she would say that. Hayden mocks Christine in Diary Room for making this stuff up and saying they were “disgusting, so disgusting.” Nicole says Christine is not very smart with her game thinking she can manipulate her like that. In Diary Room, Nicole says she could easily make Christine her target this week instead.

Nicole tells Cody that Christine said she should put up him or Derrick and the whole bit about Hayden allegedly making out with Victoria and Hayden wanting Zach to stay. In Diary Room, Nicole says she really can’t trust Christine anymore at all.

Cody tells Derrick that Christine told her to put up Derrick or Cody. Cody says they are being played by their own alliance member. In Diary Room, Cody says Christine just threw them under the bus and she is obviously working with someone. He and Derrick agree that Frankie needs to go up and go home.

Time for picking the Veto Competition players. Nicole hopes that this will lead to Frankie going up on the block, and if not, then maybe Christine. Nicole draws Caleb’s name to play. Zach pulls Christine’s name. Jocasta pulls Victoria’s name. Nicole says in Diary Room that it sucks none of the players she wanted got picked. In Diary Room, Zach says he is playing against all losers and if he doesn’t win, you can call him the biggest fruit loop dingus in Big Brother history.

Caleb whines about being chained to Victoria and how it is the worst two days of his life. He b*tches that all he does is stand in front of mirrors while she does her makeup and her hair. It’s true. We’ve watched on the Live Feeds and she is ALWAYS in front of a mirror. The only good part is that they get to be the first people to do it this season.

Frankie says this is a really crucial week and they need to get all the Detonators together to make sure they are on the same page.  Zach talks about how he has all the votes. In Diary Room, Christine says he doesn’t have her vote! Zach says as long as Jocasta stays on the block, he’s good. Derrick says in Diary Room that the Detonators are clueless about what’s going on with The Rationale behind their backs.

Time for the Power of Veto Competition. This competition will be played one at a time. Everyone must go to separate rooms for the competition to wait to play. Caleb and Victoria are allowed to separate for the competition but must resume their punishment afterwards. The competition is comic-book themed and the Houseguests have to complete a puzzle based on a scene they zip-line past and have to memorize. They have to arrange the comic book covers in exactly the same way they see. There are covers that are almost identical but not, making it even more difficult.

Caleb says he would buy millions of Amber’s superhero comic book. In fact, he might have to sneak that thing into his room later… Ewwwww. Victoria loves her Fashionista comic book but complains that this competition is so out of her element. She is afraid of heights and she is afraid she is going to pull her arm out of her socket or hurt her knee. Finally, she just runs out of time and she is glad she is safe this week.

Jocasta says she can save your city, or she can save your soul! She wants to show her family that she is a superhero and she completes her puzzle before she runs out of time. Christine wants to make sure the nominations stay the same and Zach goes home. Zach gets realy pissed that he can’t get right. He can’t figure out what the hell is wrong. He starts holding up the comic book covers and he throws them around yelling and cussing. He b*tches that unless he is missing a piece, he finished it!

But he has two wrong and can’t see it. Finally he goes back and sees he has two out of order and finishes it while screaming damnit damnit! In Diary Room, he says leave it up to Victoria to mess up his game. First he tells Nicole to put him up on the block, idiot. Now he’s ruined his chances at winning Power of Veto. He is basically in tears.

Big Brother 2014 Power of Veto August 6 1

At the end of the competition, the scores are revealed and the winner is… Christine! She says she may or may not use the Veto, but she wants Zach to go home. Victoria is the only person who timed out. Caleb is not surprised because it takes her 35 minutes to do her makeup, her hair, etc. Jocasta is very upset that she didn’t win but she was glad she did a good job.

In Diary Room, Christine mocks Zach hugging her after the competition and says awwwh, don’t worry, you are going home! Zach says losing this Veto is the worst thing that has happened to him in the game. Christine may now be the only person who can save the Zach Attack from devastation.

Christine, Frankie, Cody, and Derrick talk about making sure Zach stays on the block. Then Zach comes in and he tells Christine he has never loved her so much as right now. Christine says she has to decide if she should not use the Veto and make sure Zach stays on the block. Or if she should use it and hope Nicole puts up a pawn on the block that no one wants out.

Caleb and Victoria are so over being chained together. Finally their 48 horus are now over and they can remove their chain. They are so glad no to be stuck together anymore.

Hayden and Nicole, however, are very happy to be cuddling together in the HoH room. Hayden tells her he can’t believe the lies Christine was trying to feed Nicole. He calls her a squid. Nicole says in Diary Room that if Christine is stupid enough to use the Power of Veto, she will put up Frankie and he will go home.

More coming soon… stay tuned… please refresh this page frequently for the latest updates in our live Big Brother recap!

Time for the Power of Veto Meeting. In Diary Room, Zach says he and Christine are both in The Detonators and it is in her best interest to make sure he stays safe this week. He says Jocasta don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Jocasta says she has no earthly idea what Christine is going to do. If she doesn’t use it though, it could still be good for her because she is sitting next to freaking Zach!

In his defense, Zach tells a lame joke about a grasshopper and then sits down. Everyone is just incredulous. Jocasta says she doesn’t know how to top that. She says she would love if Christine uses the PoV on her, that would be great, but no hard feelings either way. Christine says she has decided not to use the Power of Veto.

In Diary Room, Christine says it would have been too risky to possibly end up with two Detonators on the block. But she is going to make it her mission to convince them that they are much better with Zach gone. He has got to go.

Nicole says it is a bummer that Christine didn’t use the Veto because she can’t backdoor Frankie. But that’s okay, because fruit loop dingus Zach is still on the block and he has to go. Derrick says Zach probably thinks he is safe but what he doesn’t know is that his own allies are plotting against him. Zach says all he has to do is not mess up and he will be safe.

Join us again tomorrow night for a special Double Eviction episode!

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