We wish the Big Brother spoilers had been wrong about who would be the Houseguests who got evicted on Big Brother 16 this week. We’re going to be a bit sad after the Big Brother 2014 eviction results tonight. But there is always hope that the newest Jury member might get a chance to get back in the game.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Frankie Grande (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 cast – Frankie Grande (CBS)

One of our favorite Big Brother 16 cast members is headed out the door this evening and it’s all Frankie’s fault. As the sole remaining Head of Household and the Power of Veto winner this week, Frankie had the ultimate power to pick and choose who would go home. Well, except for Donny and Christine, who won the Battle of the Block.

Frankie decided, along with the rest of The Detonators (+ Caleb), that now would be the time to get out his former BFF and snuggle buddy Zach. Thus breaking up Zankie and our hearts as well, sniff, sniff. Once Zach is gone, however, it could be a very tough week for The Detonators if they don’t manage to win the Head of Household Competition for their team.

Will Donny manage to pull off a win in the Head of Household Competition and have the chance to put up two of his enemies in the house as eviction nominees? Or will The Detonators continue to dominate and move forward with their plan to backdoor Donny into being the next one to go to Jury?

Stay tuned for our live Big Brother recap of the week 8 eviction results and Head of Household Competition show starting right here below right now!

Jury members Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole are on stage with host Julie Chen for the competition to determine which one of them (or possibly Zach) will go back into the house tonight. The double Head of Household ends tonight, and we are glad that is finally over.

It’s Day 63 inside the house and for the first time this summer, a member of The Detonators alliance will be evicted. But their game may not be over, because a Jury member will be returning to the house, and the Houseguests have no idea yet it is going to happen.

Zach is clearly upset that Frankie has put him up on the block and he’s been betrayed by his best friend in the house. Victoria is happy that “lunatic” Zach is finally up for eviction. Cody is feeling crappy being on the block and he just wants to make sure no one is going to flip on him.

Frankie says Zach cannot be trusted and this is a game, regardless of how he feels about him. Zach hopes Donny will have his back and Donny says he promises he will vote to keep Donny. Donny advises Zach to think about who he could get on his side. Zach says he has at least one vote, now he has to go out there and try to get two more.

Zach campaigns to Caleb and promises he would never put him up and never vote him out. Caleb isn’t going for it. Frankie tells Zach that he doesn’t believe him and he makes everyone in the alliance distrust each other. Frankie and Zach go at each other. Frankie says Zach had to go up because he wouldn’t go up on the block with Donny and throw the Battle of the Block. So they can’t trust him.

The Houseguests are on Neighborhood Watch because of Team America stealing stuff from the cast and hiding it. (And then basically blaming it all on Zach and saying he must be a saboteur.) Derrick, Frankie, and Donny manage to keep the Neighborhood Watch going for a full 24 hours and thus complete the task. So that’s another $5,000 each.

Zach taunts Victoria, who gives him a seriously evil eye. Victoria says Zach picks on her constantly and she is so over it. Victoria says the pink hat that Zach always wears is hers and he took it and never gave it back. She steals it back and asks for a knife and destroys the hat. We think it is really very mean.

Zach wants to know where his hat went. He goes looking for it and asks Victoria if she is going to give the hat back. She says it is her hat and she is not giving it back. Zach says it is pretty clear he doesn’t have Victoria’s vote this week. She says he should treat her nice. Zach says she is just doing this to piss him off. Victoria is thrilled with herself and says it is the most sastisfying thing she has done all summer. (It’s pretty much the ONLY thing she’s done all summer.)

Donny campaigns to Christine to try to get someone on his side. He’s trying to convince her that she’s basically the bottom of the totem pole and that Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria all have people. Zach doesn’t and Donny doesn’t. Christine says in Diary Room that it is worth thinking about. (But on the Live Feeds she was mocking Donny to everyone for trying to campaign to her.)

Zach wants to know what the difference is between sending him home and getting Cody out. Frankie says Zach is not as trustworthy. Zach says he has thrown him under the bus but he thinks it would be better for Frankie’s game if he stayed. Zach says Frankie will be the next target if he is gone. Frankie says he doesn’t want Zach gone, but he is lying through his teeth.

We get some footage of the Battle of the Block Competition that was all in the dark. We really wish we had gotten to see every minute of that comp because it was hilarious.

Caleb says he doesn’t know what went wrong with the Battle of the Block Competition. Julie says he couldn’t find Beast Mode Cowboy and everyone is like “waaaaa!” Christine lies that she couldn’t find the puzzle pieces in the competition because it was all dark. (Truth was she deliberately tried to throw the comp so Donny would lose and be able to be evicted.) Julie tells them that was the last Battle of the Block of the summer. The double HoH twist is now over as well.

For his speech, Cody gives a shoutout to his family and says it has been an unbelievable summer making great memories and he would like to make some more. Zach gives a shoutout to his family and says to “you fruit loops” that he says he hates all of them but that’s not the case. He strongly dislikes all of them, he only hates one of them, you all suck. He might not be walking out with 500k, but he’s leaving a winner and gives a shoutout of his Twitter feed.

Big Brother 2014 Eviction Results: Week 8

  • Derrick votes to evict: Zach
  • Christine votes to evict: Zach
  • Donny votes to evict: Zach
  • (Zach has been evicted.)
  • Caleb votes to evict: Zach
  • Victoria votes to evict: Zach

Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight: Zach Rance by a vote of 5 to zero.

Zach doesn’t even wait for the official announcement from Julie Chen. He grabs a bag of fruit loops and starts throwing them over the other Houseguests to laughter and applause. Everyone is pretty much sure there will be a Jury member coming back in just a few minutes though. Christine says “see you in ten minutes.”

Zach tells Julie that getting evicted was totally his own fault and he can’t blame anyone else. He says he wants to make it clear that the person he hated was Victoria. He says she stole the pink hat and there were a laundry list of other reasons he doesn’t want to talk about. He says he doesn’t know what happened to Zankie. He put all his trust and his game in Frankie’s hands and he didn’t see his betrayal coming.

Zach says he said a lot of sh*t about people and he did himself in. He hoped that if people hated him enough, they wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of going home. Obviously that didn’t work. Julie says when he and Frankie were the closest, it was like the best showmance ever on the show. Zach says Frankie is just a great person and they were the best of friends.

Christine calls Zach the biggest crybaby she’s ever seen and “see you never.” Donny says Zach was the most entertaining person in the house this summer and he will miss him so much. Frankie says he loves him so much and he’s Team Zankie all the way but he had to honor what the group wanted. He cannot wait to see him again, he misses him already. Victoria shows off the pink hat she ripped up and Frankie looks really sad and pissed. Zach says he had a great summer and he won the day he got the key.

Julie asks who Zach would be gunning for? He says he has no idea, he would throw the HoH Competition. Maybe Victoria. Julie says well he needs to decide because he might just be going back into the game. He’s thrilled at the chance.

We get some footage from Jury House with Jocasta and Hayden. They watch Donny win a Power of Veto Competition. Hayden says Derrick is a really good manipulator and Cody is a really good actor. He is set on getting back in the house. Nicole comes next and Hayden is both sad and excited. Nicole tells Jocasta and Hayden that Frankie revealed he is Ariana Grande’s brother and that Frankie won a Battle of the Block Competition all by himself while Caleb sat it out.

Nicole would really like to get back into the house and go after Christine. She says she is happy to see Hayden and they flirt and snuggle and kiss.

Now it’s time for the Jury Competition for someone to go back in the house! Julie Chen announces what they already know and are obviously not surprised by. The Jury members run back in the house and hugs all around.

Big Brother 2014 Jury Competition: “Come Back Fight”

Jury members have to get their disks through their gate before it closes onto a spinning table in each round to move on to the next round. If their disk falls off, they lose a point.

Round 1: Tie
Round 2: Tie
Round 3: Nicole behind everyone.
Round 4: Jocasta in the lead.
Round 5: Jocasta remains in the lead.
Round 6: Nicole, Zach, and Jocasta tied for first place.
Round 7: Nicole won!

Damn, bye Zach! Nicole will be back and The Detonators will be aiming to get her out once again.

Julie Chen has been challenged by her husband to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge live on Big Brother. She accepts the challenge and she challenges every single Houseguest ever that has played the game to do the challenge themselves. Will Arnett provides the bucket of ice to dump over Julie’s head.

Big Brother 16 Head of Household Competition: Week 9

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