Big Brother 16‘s final two Team America members were revealed last night and it was hilarious watching them figure out who the others were in the secret alliance. They were so obvious in trying to feel each other out with their ‘code words’ that we thought someone would surely catch on. Apparently not, however, and now our Team America alliance is ready to start out on their first secret mission!

 Big Brother 16 Team America (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Team America (CBS)

Frankie’s reaction to being chosen as one of the secret alliance members was absolutely priceless. We thought he might actually pass out or his head might explode. Derrick’s reaction was more subdued but we loved what felt like the quiet awe of having been chosen to be special by the voters. And, of course, the hilarity of all of them trying to figure out who the other team members were with their “apple pie” and “eagle” code words was awesome.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Team America come together on Big Brother 16 last night, we must urge you to watch the video below and enjoy the fun.

What do you think of the picks for Team America? Do you think they will be able to succeed at their first secret mission of the season? Tune in tonight to find out what it will be!


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