Every year Big Brother airs one episode that involves a pre-recorded eviction. The next live eviction soon follows it. Tonight’s Big Brother 2014 episode is that one, which may cause some confusion to those fans new to Big Brother. So we wanted to take the time to clarify when the Big Brother 16 live feeds will return to their regularly scheduled program.

Big Brother 2014 TV

The Live Feeds are currently still down as CBS films for Tuesday and Wednesday’s eviction shows. On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Frankie or Victoria will walk out the door to a small audience, possibly filled with CBS employees and friends. Frankie’s time on Big Brother seems near its end, but who knows what could happen in the last hours leading up to eviction. A few Big Brother 2014 contestants have been saved during the final hours.

A popular question floating around Big Brother fans’ heads is when will the Live Feeds return? The Live Feeds are currently set to return after Tuesday’s episode. By then, the eviction, Head of Household competition, and Veto one will already have taken place. Besides some last minute strategizing, these feeds probably won’t provide for much entertainment. Then the Live Feeds will shut down again to allow the final four to get ready for Wednesday’s Live Eviction episode. Fans may find joy in knowing who’s next to walk out the Big Brother door.

The Big Brother 2014 season nears its close, which means the episodes’ schedule, competition schedule, and Live Feeds footage will be a little hard to remember. We posted about the new Big Brother schedule last week, but we’re just going to repeat it in case you missed it. Right now, Big Brother will air tonight, Wednesday night, and a possible Friday highlights/things that didn’t make the edited episodes show. Then the Big Brother 2014 finale will air an hour and a half after its normal Wednesday slot on September 24.

It’s been a long Big Brother season, but we’re really close to crowning the winner of Big Brother 2014.

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