Who won Head of Household on Big Brother 17 tonight? We have the spoilers for you on which two Houseguests walked away with the title of HoH for week 4!

Big Brother 17 Head of Household Results

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you have not seen it yet and do not want to know!

After Audrey’s sad eviction on Thursday night, it was time to move on to the Head of Household Competition and find out who would start out in power for week 5. This is a very vital week for the #TwinTwist pair of Liz and Julia. They only have to survive one more eviction, and then both sisters can play in the house as individuals.

Austin, however, has already told Jason (who then told Shelli, Clay, etc.) that he wants Julia out so he can have Liz all to himself. Hopefully to Jury house and behind. This has caused tension with the major alliance group in the house, and so Austin could find himself targeted by his own allies this week if he doesn’t end up in a power position.

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In the “Pop Til You Drop,” Head of Household Competition the Houseguests heard a short pop song describing one of the competitions from this summer so far. Two Houseguests faced off in a dual to the death. The correction answering person stayed in the game and picked the next pair up. The first randomly selected pair were Steve and Jason.

Head of Household Competition Results:

  • Jason and Steve: Jason rings in Battle of the Block first (correct)
  • Johnny Mac and Austin: Austin rings in first with Battle of the Block first (correct)
  • Jackie and Becky: Jackie rings in first with Head of Household (correct)
  • Liz and Vanessa: Vanessa rings in first with Veto Competition (correct)
  • Jackie and Meg: Jackie rings in first with Veto Competition (correct)
  • James and very much taller Austin: James rings in with Battle of the Block (correct)
  • Vanessa and Clay: Vanessa rings win with Veto Competition (correct)
  • James and Jackie: James rings in with a Head of Household guess in one second (wrong)
  • Jackie is the first Head of Household.
  • Vanessa and Jason: Vanessa rings in with Veto Competition (correct)
  • Vanessa is the second Head of Household.

So Vanessa and Jackie are the Heads of Household for week 5. We’ll have to wait and see if they work on nominations together, or aim toward opposing goals. Should be interesting!

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