Without question, the person on the bottom of our Big Brother 17 rankings this week was an obvious choice. After weeks of terrible game play, capped by several days of refusing to even interact with the other Houseguests (or attend the Veto Meeting), Audrey Middleton is smack dab in last place. There is no doubt she’ll be going home in the Big Brother eviction results tonight.

Big Brother 17 Audrey

On the other hand, trying to figure out who the safest Houseguests are left in the game was a bit more of a difficult struggle. Over the past week, it’s clear which alliances have been wielding the power in the house. The problem is, major power alliances between Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa and Jul/Liz are starting to show some big cracks

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

13. Audrey Middleton – Well, Well, Well, I have no idea what to even write here. Audrey has displayed emotional issues in the house and her time has finally come. Audrey was lucky to escape past week 2, but she did and now her time has come. No one trusts her in the game and never will again because her word is tarnished, which means she has no allies.

12. Liz/Julia Nolan – It’s the last week to strike at the twins, so I feel they are in the most dangerous position this week. If the other side gets into power (Jackie, Jason, James, Meg) they will no doubt try to boot them this week. Being dethroned was great because it gives them a chance to win HOH this week, but at this point everyone knows they are twins.

11. James Huling – Easy pawn and the Sixth Sense does not mind booting him anytime soon. I still go back to his HOH in week one where he made one alliance in the game and that’s the week to connect with everyone. James does not know much about the game and throwing HOH last week seemed to prove that. He has been lucking out on surviving, will that trend continue?

10. Austin Matlelson – Austin’s head does not seem to be in the game completely. I think his weird fascination with Liz is hurting him in the game, I think he cares more about the twins than actually winning at this point. He is a big target for the non-sixth sense alliance members next week, so he better wake up and get his head back into the game. Going personally after Jeff was not the best move for him last week.

9. Jason Roy – Jason is lucky to survive this week, but the point is he did survive! Jason is very smart and seems to be aware that he needs to boot the twins/Austin for his game. I think for Jason an HOH win is needed or he’s going to be up fighting for safety with the battle of the block. He needs a power move and this is the perfect week to do it.

8. Meg Maley – She’s basically Jason, but less smart. I think Meg is not fully aware of the dynamics in the house and this is her chance. Like Jason, an HOH week could really help her game. She’s really just hanging on by being liked in the house and being less of a threat as Jason.

7. Steve Moses – I still think his biggest problem is him looking like Ian Terry, however, Steve’s still in a good position. I thought he might be in trouble with him dropping a vote for Jeff, but Vanessa seems to have been FOOLED by Steve. I say it every week, but I think an HOH could really flourish his game and a chance to make more allies outside of Vanessa.

6. Johnny Mac – This week John was a pawn again, but he lost the POV and remain on the block. But he will be safe sitting next to Audrey, but I still look for him to make a power move in this game! I think he’s in a good position in the game right now based on the dominant alliance (Sixth Sense) and the other side not really targeting him.

5. Jackie Ibarra – Very similar to Becky in the terms of she is laying low and waiting when to strike. Jackie knows the dynamics of the game very well and her targets appear to be Austin and Liz which is smart. My only problem with Jackie is she is going to be a pawn for weeks because many do not see her as a viable ally in the house which is not a good position to be in.

4. Vanessa Russo – Vanessa using the POV on Jason likely buys her safety for at least two more weeks into the game. I think the problem with Vanessa is that someone like Jackie is onto her in the game, but only if she gets into power is Vanessa in trouble. Vanessa has game sense because she knows win to win competitions, when to throw them, but she needs to play more socially.

3. Becky Burgess – Becky may be the quietest player in the game, but she is not going anywhere in the long run. Becky is barely on the TV edited show which shows you how quiet her game is but in the early weeks if you lay low, you can become a dangerous player late on. Not only that, but she has won two competitions, but for some reason everyone ignores that.

2. Clay Honeycutt – Clay and Shelli are looked at as making decisions together. So Audrey going improves his trust with everyone in the house and he seems to be safe unless people wake up. Everyone trusts him in all angles of the house and like Shelli he has proven to be sociable. The only question I have is, will he be able to win competitions like Shelli?

1. Shelli Poole – I think Shelli’s playing the best game right now in the house and I believe taking out Audrey wins her points with the entire house. I don’t see her leaving anytime soon or anyone making a move against her. Shelli is not only proven to be sociable, but can win competitions which is a great gameplay for Big Brother.

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