In addition to the Big Brother 18 cast reveal on Tuesday, CBS also announced that the 2016 season would be the longest ever! That’s right, fans will have more time than ever to stalk their favorite Houseguests on the Big Brother Live Feeds, write scathing comments about them on Twitter, and come up with a dozen wild conspiracy theories about how CBS is rigging the whole competition. Awesome!

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother 18 will run for a whopping 99 days this summer, which will be the record number of days for any season of the show so far. If the show keeps creeping in extra days every year, by 2020 we’ll probably just be watching Big Brother all year, right? Okay, let’s not go that far. We might be rabid fans over here, but that’s more backstabbing, bitching, and ugly crying drama than anyone can handle.

The new Big Brother 2016 schedule kicks off on Wednesday, June 22nd from 8PM to 10PM ET/PT. Yep, that’s a two hour premiere day, so get that popcorn ready, because CBS says the “season’s new twists will be announced” during the Wednesday and Thursday night premiere shows. Probably involving those four or more returning veterans all the rumors are flying around about.

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After the two night premiere, the Big Brother 18 schedule will fall into it’s regular pattern of airing on Sundays at 8PM ET/PT, Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT, and Thursdays 9PM ET/PT. With the Houseguests being caged up for 99 days this year, that means the Big Brother 18 finale should air sometime around September 22nd. Although we are not mathematicians, so don’t quote us on that. CBS has not yet announced the ‘official’ end date for the season.

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