We’ve got our Big Brother 21 houseguests! Sixteen shiny new faces that will be all over our television and computer screens all summer long. It’s time to share my first thoughts on the eight women that are going to be a part of our favorite summer social experiment.

Big Brother 21 Cast-The Women

Yesterday, we discussed the Big Brother 21 men, so we’re ready to continue to dig deep with our initial impressions of the new women fighting for $500,000.

Analyse Talavera

Big Brother 21 Cast Analyse Talavera

She was very nervous during her interview with Jeff Schroeder, which made her slightly awkward, but there was something about her that I really did like. It was more apparent in her interview with Ika Wong that she’s fun and charming and has a bit of an edge to her. I thought she vibed with Ika better than most of the others, which is a good sign. Analyse seems to have the killer instinct and was one of the few (surprisingly) that says she didn’t care what people thought of her and wanted to win no matter what it would cost her. I personally appreciate this and would love to see her make an impact in this Big Brother 21 game. My biggest concern is that a showmance could distract her, but hopefully she keeps her wits about her and can make an impact on this game. I think she could really benefit from working with some of the other girls.

Christie Murphy

Big Brother 21 Cast Christie Murphy

There is something so familiar about Christie that I just cannot put my finger on. She’s going to be someone that’s bringing the entertainment for sure, she’s got a similar vibe to Kaitlyn Herman from Big Brother 20. From the moment she was crying in the Diary Room (the game hasn’t even started yet!), I knew we were in for something special. I hope she lasts because she’s going to be a character. I’m predicting she’ll be crying as soon as the feeds come on next Wednesday night. As far as the game goes, it depends on how she meshes with everyone else. It’s clear she’s a big fan so I hope she can make the bonds she needs to stick around but I worry she could be a bit of an outsider and her best chances might be banding together with others that aren’t in the “in” crowd.

Holly Allen

Big Brother 21 Cast Holly Allen

Holly definitely has a lot more to her than meets the eye, given her background of coming from Wyoming, and living on a ranch. She’s intelligent and well put together with maybe a tinge of hot mess potential. She’s been one of the hardest ones for me to get a gauge on from this crowd. I could see her being very well liked and in a tight, dominant alliance, or someone that could become an easy nomination target. It’s really difficult to say but I think there’s a wide range of possibilities with Holly and that why she’ll be one worth keeping an eye on.

Isabella Wang

Big Brother 21 Cast Isabella Wang

While she’s not really a fan of the show, I think she has good instincts. I think she’ll intend to do what she needs to in order to win Big Brother 21. She was a lot of fun in her interviews and brought something unique and different. I could see her being someone that annoys others, but I think she’ll definitely draw people in as well, because she’s very engaging. To go far, she’s going to need to tone it down a tad though. I think Bella would be a lot of fun to watch all summer long, but there are big concerns about her rubbing people the wrong way.

Jessica Milagros 

Big Brother 21 Cast Jessica Milagros

Jessica was very vivacious and had good energy throughout her interviews with Jeff and Ika. I think she had the best rapport with Jeff which is impressive. Perhaps her biggest drawback is that she’s a little older (although we don’t know how much) and she’ll be missing her husband and child. But I think if she falls into a house mom role that might not be bad for her, if she can be someone that the younger women confide in. I think if she’s able to last through the first three weeks, then she’ll probably go pretty far, as they likely won’t see her as a threat, but I think socially she could be one to watch if the other Big Brother 21 houseguests overlook her.

Kathryn Dunn

Big Brother 21 Cast Kathryn Dunn

I worry about Kathryn a bit. I could be totally wrong, and she could have a long successful run in this game, but I see warning signs that she’s going to kind of be a disaster. For a beautiful girl, she’s actually sort of socially awkward, and I get the vibe that she’s not going to be well liked by the other girls. I think she’s poised for an early exit but perhaps a strong showmance partner could make a difference. I just don’t see any real spark there and it makes me worry for her chances to even make the jury.

Kemi Faknule

Big Brother 21 Cast Kemi Faknule

She’s one to keep an eye on. I hope she’s able to keep her attitude in the Diary Room because I think she could be a really interesting one to watch. I’m not sure who I see her vibing with the best, but perhaps some of the girls like Jessica and Bella. She’s got a good sense of the game, even though she’s more of a recent fan. She also seems willing to do whatever it takes. She by far had the best bond with Ika from the interviews and that can say a lot about how charming she can be in a short period of time. I think if she’s able to find the right people to work with, she’s got a shot to make some noise this summer.

Nicole Anthony

Big Brother 21 Nicole Anthony

With Nicole, I’m finding myself on the fence. I didn’t really see anything great when she spoke to Jeff, but she had a lot of life breathed into her during the Ika interview. She was funny and quirky, and someone who seemed easy to like. I have concerns about where she fits in socially but I think there are enough potential “outsiders” for her to be with different groups of people. The best thing she has going for her is that she’s going to come off as non-threatening. I would be very shocked to see her go out in the first two weeks unless she’s a pawn that gets screwed over. If she can get her hands dirty and make no apologies for it, she has a real shot.

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