Jack Matthews won the second Head of Household for the Big Brother 21. Last Wednesday’s live eviction episode included the HOH comp which came down to the wire between Jack and Jessica Milagros. Now, the Gr8ful alliance remains in control of the Big Brother house for another week.

Big Brother 21 Jack Matthews

Tonight, we will watch as Jack makes his block nominations. Certainly, he won’t nominate any of his own alliance members and will target the “other” side of the house. We will also get to watch the Whacktivity competition and see who will win the second prize from this Big Brother 21 twist. Finally, we will get to see how the new and latest twist, Camp Comeback, has played out inside the house with Ovi Kabir staying put and David Alexander returning to the house.

Camp Cameback Fallout

Former HOH, Christie Murphy, is clearly worried about how she treated Ovi during her reign as HOH: She lied and promised that he was a pawn. Jackson Michie is also very concerned about his game as he was responsible for sending David out the door as Camp Director. Both are doing their best to cover their butts at this point in the game.

Nicole Anthony confides in Ovi about where exactly he stands in the Big Brother 21 house, especially since he was evicted by an unanimous vote. She explained to Ovi that the “Jacks” (Michie and Jack) were playing him for a fool. They never intended to save Ovi, and it was their intention to have him evicted from the start. Ovi is upset with this information and now must decide how to proceed in a manner that best suits his game.

Whacktivity Competition

The time has come for the Chaos Whacktivity. The houseguests that will participate are Jack, Michie, Tommy Bracco, Holly Allen, and Sam Smith. This competition puts the houseguests against one another matching snakes of the same kind.

The comp is called Goodness Snakes. After looking through the tank filled with snakes, they must find the three that match the three snakes in the special tank. The houseguest to correctly match all three snakes with the fastest time wins this Whacktivity competition and prize.

Big Brother 21 Tommy Bracco

Jack won the Chaos Whacktivity with a time of only 49 seconds. Jack does not reveal to his alliance members that he won the comp. The Chaos Power forces a new Veto picking player’s draw. If Jack doesn’t like the players drawn to compete in the Power of Veto comp, he can immediately force a new draw. In addition, this power is good up until only six players remain in the Big Brother 21 game.

House Happenings

A few former Big Brother houseguests visited via satellite to promote the new CBS show Love Island. After the cheesy plug, they announced that the winner of the next veto competition also wins a trip for two to Fiji. Needless to say, the houseguests are excited about the next POV.

Jessica is big on forming an all-girls alliance to take down the boys. Isabella Wang, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica, and Nicole form the Black Widow alliance. However, they do not know that Isabella is already in the house majority alliance Gr8ful. Will Isabella keep this all girls alliance to herself or rat them out to Gr8ful?

Big Brother 21 Black Widows

Almost immediately, Isabella ran to HOH Jack and spilled the beans. Jack knows these must be his targets now for eviction. In return, Jack told Jessica that he was told about the all-girls alliance, and Jessica was, in fact, the mastermind. Which of the three remaining Black Widow members will Jack nominate to the block?

Week 2 Nomination Ceremony

At the nomination ceremony, Jack decided to nominate Jessica and Kemi to the block. He explained that they formed an alliance behind his back. In addition, he has heard they would both put him on the block for eviction if they were to win HOH. Both Kemi and Jessica vow to win the veto.

Big Brother 21 Nominations

Join us again Wednesday night at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 21

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