It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house. Without competitions to play and nominations set for the week, the Big Brother 21 houseguests had the entire day to enjoy themselves by lounging in the backyard. It was nice for them, but not much game talk for us.

Big Brother 21 Live feeds-day 13

The main discussion of the day was feeling bad for Ovi Kabir, who found himself on the block without a Nightmare prize to use. Besides Ovi, the houseguests talked a lot about Jack Matthews. Jack has firmly planted himself as not only the villain in the eyes of the social media Big Brother 21 fans, but the houseguests as well. In addition to Christie Murphy and Kemi Fakunle, Nick Maccarone also wants to take Jack out of the game. However, Nick’s newfound “Jack must go” attitude seems to be based, at least partly, due to jealousy.

Nick spoke to Sam Smith about trying to let someone like Kemi win Head of Household this week, so that she could take the shot at Jack. He also told Christie, that if he wins HOH, he might backdoor Jack. He’s all about getting out Jack. The house seems divided on whether Analyse Talavera really likes Jack or just flirting with him because of her game. Analyse has been telling everyone that she has no interest in Jack. She likes Nick. The houseguests don’t seem to buy it because Jack and Analyse can be very cuddly.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Day 13-2

Despite many of the houseguests not thinking that Kathryn Dunn deserves to be in the game, they don’t want to vote her out. Some see her as an easy pawn, others see her as easy competition down the line. And many just don’t want to ruffle feathers during the first week of Big Brother 21. The house really wants to vote together.

Ovi continued to try to campaign, but he’s really not reading his relationship with Jack correctly. He thinks that he has him as an ally. He’s very wrong.

Late at night, the houseguests got some booze. Jackson also talked to Analyse about not being interested in Kat but being interested in Holly.

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