It was the first truly excited day and night of Big Brother 21 Live Feeds in a while. The excitement started before the eviction, when Tommy Bracco and Jack Matthews tried to flip the vote. Jack was worried that the Six Shooters were officially done because Jackson Michie no longer thought that he could work with Christie Murphy. He thought she was trying to target him and slandering his good name.

Jack then decided to reveal to Tommy that Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen knew each other from before the show. Jackson had told him this in confidence. Tommy already suspected this was true and took Jack’s word as proof of his suspicion. They then tried to get Christie along for the vote flip against Kat to keep Sam Smith. The feeds cut before we could see how it all played out, but we got some more details filled in during the late night feeds.

Nicole Anthony revealed to Kat that Tommy, Jack, Christie, and Nick Maccarone pulled her into a room to get her to vote out Kat. They just needed one more vote to make it happen. Nicole told them that she gave Kat her word and didn’t feel comfortable doing that. Then Nick confirmed that they all mainly wanted Kat out because they didn’t want that voting block of three in jury together. Kat and Holly also found out that Jackson told Jack about them knowing each other.

Kat and Holly had to deny, deny, and deny. Nicole started to spread the seeds that targeting Jackson and Holly would just be doing the dirty work for Jack, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse Talavera. Head of Household Jessica Milagros needed to make a move against that four before just taking out Jackson or Holly. Jessica agreed and wanted to take out Jack.

Holly tried to save her game by distance herself from Jackson, and accept that he might be out this week. She told the remaining four that she trusted them and still wanted to work with them. She didn’t understand why Jackson would put her game in jeopardy. Kat told Holly how angry she was at Jackson for ruining their game, and she also vented about how Jackson just wasn’t a good guy, which led to Holly defending him a little. Holly also said he was naïve and immature. At the end of the conversation, Holly and Kat reassured each other that they still trusted each other and were each other’s ride or die.

Jess wasn’t too happy to find out about the six, eight, and nine person alliance that didn’t include her. She said everyone in the Six shouldn’t feel safe. She wanted one of them out but wasn’t sure the best way to make it happen. Jess confirmed that she didn’t plan to nominate Holly or Christie, but everyone else in the Six were vulnerable for the block.

After Jess gets her HOH room and everyone scatters, Cliff, Nicole, Jess, and Kat discuss nominations. They want to nominate Jack and Jackson to let them duke it out. If one wins Veto, Analyse or Tommy will go up in their place. They want the house to think Jackson is the target but as long as Jackson stays on the block,  they think they have the votes to send Jack home.

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