This Big Brother day started with the houseguests basically waiting around for the Power of Veto Competition, and their fate to be determined by the winner. Nerves, hopes, dreams, fears, and anxiety were at an all-time high pre-Veto.

Following the Veto, Jackson Michie needed a moment to himself. He thanked god for getting him here. He was overwhelmed and grateful to officially make it to finale night. He also mentioned that he was for sure taking his ride-or-die Holly Allen to the finals. Holly and Jackson then had a little private celebration, because they’re still maintaining the lie that Jackson plans to vote out Holly on Thursday.

Privately, Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III discussed the possibility of Jackson going back on his word and voting out Cliff over Holly. Later, Holly and Jackson discussed the possibility of him taking Holly off the block so that she gets some blood on her hands by voting out Cliff over Jackson. Jackon mentioned that it might help his jury votes.

We’re sure this was just talk, because then it would be pretty obvious to Cliff and Nicole that Jackson and Holly were going to vote out Cliff. Holly mentioned that it would be good for her game to vote out Jackson, but she couldn’t do that to him. She wanted to sit next to him in the final two, and he deserved to win.

When talking to Jackson and Holly, Nicole got a little emotional. She thought that they were such good people for sticking to their words and deals. When Nicole left, they both admitted that they felt guilty doing this to Nicole, but Jackson justified his reasoning for taking out Cliff. He also said that if Cliff asked him, he would tell him that he meant his word at the time, similar to a discussion Jackson and Cliff had a few days ago.

The Veto competition involved the final four launching meatballs at the face of the former houseguests. They had to use the meatballs to knockdown all the wrong answers, leaving up only the face of the correct answer. It sounds very simiar to the medieval themed “Knock’em Down” competition that happened as the second part of the final Head of Household Competiton in Big Brother 19. The final four discussed how hard the first question was and the competition in general. It was very physically exhausting as Holly had to rely on her inhaler a lot, Cliff nearly passed out, and Jackson’s blood pressure rose and he had a Diary Room anxiety attack.

Poptv sent Nicole a new blue owl onesie and they gave them some a tie dye set. The backyard also opened for the week.

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