Yesterday, the Big Brother 21 house was confident that Kemi Fakunle should be the next person out of the house. Leading the charge against Kemi was the new big eight person alliance, especially Christie Murphy as Head of Household and former Camp Director Jackson Michie. Jackson wants Kemi gone because she’s not in the power eight alliance, and by getting rid of her, he keeps his ally Kathryn Dunn safe this week. This also allows him to eliminate someone who would most likely go after him.

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Christie was on board until last night when she started having regrets. She realized that Kemi wasn’t exactly a threat to her game, and getting her out would benefit Jack Matthews and Jackson more than it would help her overall game. In a private conversation, Nicole Anthony and Jessica Milagros also expressed concerns about how it would look on the outside if they got rid of two African Americans back-to-back. They also didn’t understand the reasoning behind backdooring Kemi, when they could just get rid of Kat.

After winning Power of Veto, Sam Smith also didn’t understand why they were backdooring Kemi when they could get Ovi Kabir, who he saw as a bigger problem and threat, out the game. He was also okay with just not getting any blood on his hands and getting rid of Kat this weeK. He also made it known that if he did use the Power of Veto, it would be to save Cliff Hogg III. Cliff was kind of emotional all day from missing his family, and specifically missing his son’s birthday. The houseguests had a nice moment where they comforted Cliff and then sung Happy Birthday to his son.

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Jack spent most of the day trying to figure out his perfect final five scenario, either within the power eight or a separate five. He briefly mentioned calling the final five, Stage 5. Meanwhile, the women in the power eight continued to discuss plans to take out Jack in the very near future. Christie didn’t like that people were seeing them as a showmance or potential one. She also didn’t want to be labeled as someone who was playing the game for him and Jackson. This was one of the reason behind her potential change of heart with backdooring Kemi.

Holly Allen and Jackson spent sometime trying to comfort Kat after she lost the Veto, and to stop her from spinning out of control while being on the block. They both wanted and needed her in the Big Brother 21 game, though Jackson was worried that having her around would put a bigger target on his back. People were going to see them as a showmance.

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Showmance faeries were everywhere yesterday because people started to discuss Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang‘s butting potential romance, and Christie asked Jackson if he would be in a showmance with Holly or Analyse Talavera if Kat wasn’t around. He definitely said he liked both of them, but expressed the most interest in Analyse. Christie also said she wish Jack would try to showmance Analyse than worrying about a potential romance with her.

The Power of Veto competition took up most of the morning and early afternoon feeds, so we had a big outage for most of the day. Today should be a full day of feeds, as Christie tries to really decide between taking out Kemi or Kat this week. We expect the Power of Veto Ceremony to happen tomorrow but as always, we’ll keep you updated if it happens sooner.

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