Tonight, Big Brother returns to either make or ruin your summer. It’s been a wild preseason with lots of rumors, speculations, and possible spoilers. All the speculations should come to an end tonight when we finally get some answers about Big Brother 21.

Big Brother 21 Julie Chen

Before we can officially dive into the new season, we want to get you guys prepared for the Big Brother 21 premiere episode. Every year, there are certain expectations, standards, and things that you can expect to see during the two-night premiere. Here are the some things to expect during tonight’s Big Brother 21 premiere:

Answers to all those rumors

Usually during the Big Brother preseason, we have at least one person to leak some spoilers. This season was kind of a spoiler desert. Most spoilers, if any, were proven false or just ignored. We might have finally had a legit spoiler with the news of a night one eviction. However, we won’t know if any of the rumors about evictions and returning players are true until the end of night two.

An Introduction to the big season twist

We all know there will be some sort of twists. It’s in the BB DNA. Most likely, there will be multiple twists throughout Big Brother 21. Tonight, we’ll find out the first one or two. The Big Brother 21 team has already hinted that there would be a twist unlike any seen in Big Brother history. Big Brother 21 fans should be very afraid.

An Introduction to the Houseguests

It happens every year, so expect fans to meet the new Big Brother houseguests by seeing their hometown/life introduction videos. Hand them the keys!

Hints of Showmances

It happens every season, so expect people to discuss who they think is cute or hot. It’s very rare that these are the people that will actually get into a showmance, but it lets fans know who is single and ready to mingle. The official showmances will probably revealed when the Big Brother Live Feeds start on Wednesday.

The Start or Conclusion of a Competition

Unless there are two HOH’s this week, most likely we won’t see the Head of Household competition playout until night two of the premiere. We’ll see some other competition in its place. Maybe rounds to get to the final HOH competition, similar to what happened on Big Brother 20? We’ll have to wait and see.

Are you excited for this season of Big Brother? We definitely are! See you guys tonight!

Join us later tonight for the first recap of Big Brother 21 at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST.

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