The Big Brother house division started early in the game when Gr8ful was formed. This made it those eight (Isabella Wang, Nick Maccarone, Jackson Michie, Jack Matthews, Holly Allen, Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, and Tommy Bracco against the outsiders Ovi Kabir, Cliff Hogg III, Kathryn Dunn, Kemi Fakunle, Nicole Anthony, Jessica Milagros, and Sam Smith. These seven players suspect that at least some of the Gr8ful players might have an alliance, but they have not really come together to form their own.

If the other side doesn’t form something soon, this makes it easy for Gr8ful to dominate. Right now, the power eight have set their sights on Ovi. Kat and Ovi are both not in their alliance, but Kat has a close relationship with Holly and Jackson, two of the core members of the eight. Jackson also has a very loose bond with Ovi. Gr8ful sees Ovi’s potential as a player who could damage their game in the long run.

However, Kat is a wildcard. She’s a loose cannon that could end up doing her own damage, especially to Jackson’s game. Holly, Christie, and Jackson just trust their abilities to control her more than they trust Ovi. Ovi and Kat are both being told by HOH Christie that they are safe, but Kat is the real safe one. However, we suspected that Kat might hurt her own game with paranoia.

She’s been thinking all week that the Big Brother 21 players are out to get her. Many players would prefer Kat to leave the game over Ovi, but they want to vote as a unit this first week. Even if the half the house decided to flip, as long as the eight stay true to each other, the other players won’t have the votes to save Ovi.

Gr8ful has questioned Bella and Nick, and they have questioned some of their alliance. But none of the eight wants to make waves within the alliance too fast. They know that’s how people lose the game. Nick also kind of got his way this week by keeping Kemi off the block. He doesn’t want to push his luck with the alliance too soon.

In the end, despite a brief glimmer of hope for Ovi, we see it being an unanimous vote to evict Ovi. Then we expect him to have to battle David Alexander in the first round of the Big Brother 21 Battle Backs.

Do you think Ovi or Kat will be the second person evicted from the Big Brother 21 game?

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