Here we are in the third week of Big Brother 23, and there are so many alliances in the Big Brother house that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Typically when houseguests can’t fully trust their fellow allies, they form more alliances. This is certainly the case this season with the cast of Big Brother 23.

Big Brother 23 alliance sheet

Rather than one large house majority alliance, which makes for a very boring and predictable play, this cast has created several large alliances in the Big Brother 23 house. This should make for a very entertaining season as the numbers in the house dwindle down, and the houseguests must choose where their loyalties lie. We are here to help you sift through all of the madness with the alliances in Big Brother 23.

The Slaughterhouse Hangs In There…For Now

The Slaughterhouse alliance was created by evicted houseguest Brandon “Frenchie” French during his first week in the Big Brother house. The group has managed to keep up the alliance primarily due to the target for the week, Brent Champagne. Current Head of Household (HOH) Xavier Prather is trying his best to convince Brent he is just a pawn this week inside the Big Brother 23 house when he is, in fact, the target. This group probably won’t last much longer.

The Cookout Keeps The Party Going

The Cookout is another alliance that has been around in the Big Brother 23 house for a minute now. Being that the current HOH is a member of this group, Xavier has kept things rolling with them this week. As with many of the alliances in the Big Brother house this season, there are several members that are together in more than one alliance. More on this in a moment.

The Royal Flush Has Great Potential

Considering all of the larger-sized alliances in the Big Brother 23 house, I like this one the most. Again, HOH Xavier has his hand in this pot as well. This group came together as a merger of the Kings and Queens. In addition to those houseguests, Derek Xiao was added to the group. He is a member of the Aces.

Big Brother 23 Royal Flush

The Royal Flush has some great potential due to the quality of its members. In addition to Xavier, Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell are members of this group. They are very astute players that seem to have a good handle on the game. As we know, Kyland has HOH experience with this reign over the Big Brother 23 house just last week. I expect them to go deep into the game together.

Other Notables In The Big Brother House

The big twist at the beginning of this Big Brother season was the creation of teams on night one. These four teams were named the King, Queens, Aces, and Jokers following with the gambling/casino theme inside the Big Brother 23 house. During the first week or so in the game, these allegiances towards one another didn’t seem to be that strong, but that seems to have changed as the weeks progress.

The more Big Brother that is played, the more the teams are committed to aligning with one another. In addition to that, teams are aligning with one another to form larger alliances. The Royal Flush was formed from the teams. Now, we have the Mafia alliance that consists of the Queens and Aces. In addition, the Kings and Aces have come together to form the Radicals alliance. The Jokers have never been much to speak of due in part to Frenchie and his week one drama.

Doubling and Tripling Up For Safety

There are a few Big Brother 23 houseguests that seem to be included in so many alliances that it’s crazy they can even keep their allies straight. Kyland is a member of four alliances, Slaughterhouse, Royal Flush, the Cookout, and the Mafia. That doesn’t include his team alliance with the Queens, nor does it account for the final two deals he has with Tiffany and Derek Frazier. The only houseguest he is not allied with is Britini D’Angelo who is on the block with Brent this week.

Big Brother 23 Kyland Young Tiffany Mitchell

Just during the last couple of days, there is another alliance that seems to be taking hold that also includes Kyland. They have named themselves the Detectives. They include Kyland, Tiffany, Derek X., and Claire Rehfuss. This group is essentially the Queens with Derek X. added to the mix. Time will tell if they can hang in there together.

Final Thought

I love a season where you have several alliances all trying to outplay one another. If the houseguests truly trusted their allies, they would not keep developing new alliances with other Big Brother 23 houseguests. When a house majority alliance is in the mix, they just take out the outliers each week until they have to start targeting their own. That makes for boring gameplay.

So far, this season does not have a large house majority alliance that is taking shots each week at the unfortunate few Big Brother 23 houseguests that are not a member of the group. Let’s hope it stays that way. As this season progresses, houseguests will have to start making some difficult choices and show their hands. That’s when Big Brother gets exciting. Stay tuned.

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